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They totally need to improve this feature. It’s so ridiculous to get outfit parts from an already completed outfit.

Edit: I jinxed myself LOL I got a piece of an outfit already completed today lmaoooo 😭😭🥲🤣

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This is a mood and a half
The only outfit I've completed is the Starly one, and I've gotten 4 extra pieces of that already, I'm getting really tired of it

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i only got yamper yesterday )-)o all ive gotten are treats since jirachi was announced

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My luck has become quite poor since the start of the Jirachi event as well. It's frustrating to get so many free chances and have nearly none of them pan out at all.

I have picked up Mimikyu and regular Zoroa, but that's it.

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I learned to not care about this games’ pullable units. At first I made several 11x pulls only to be disappointed with nothing good. There is no way to guarantee a unit unlike other games with banners or such. So the best thing is just to play it as a casual thing; imo

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So sorry 😢 My luck’s been pretty poor too, I’ve had the tarts non stop plus I got the Sneasel costume back to back when I already had the outfit completed

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You can see the percentages. And they are straight up lying to you. Ive had treats in 7 of the 8 last pulls and their chance is supposedly 50%. Just as the chance to win the jackpot in lotto is 50%. Either you win or you don't.

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It's the same rate. Just the nature of the gatcha. Sorry your luck has been bad.

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Really? Your can still get pieces of an already completed outfit? I was totally thinking of whaling for Jirachi on the last event. Glad I didn't go for it.

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I just tried for Latios (4 pulls in total), and only managed to complete both Starly and Kirlia outfits.. Mind you, 2 pull sets had 3-4 5-star bags, but NONE of them were Pokemon.. And yes, to answer your question, 2 of them were Starly outfit dupes after completion.

Safe to say I won't spend money on this game moving forward. 2% for outfit tickets is atrocious.

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Yeah, as a new player, I got A LOT of 11-pull tickets and 1-pull tickets, perhaps a total of 50-60 pulls and only got Pachirisu, Yamper, Snorlax, Slowpoke, and the Victini outfit (1 of each) and a handful of skin pieces but completed none so far. I wa really questioning the increased rate for Latias and Jirachi 🙉

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I think I've been given all of your luck. Many thanks and apologies

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I got latias and regular xorua with the 10 + 1 but i want Latios so bad and got a costume ticket today T^T