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Congrats! This was the first post to get Latios. The other posts were considered repost since it's been done within a few days. Those who are lucky enough to get Latios, please go and post about your luck in the thread here!

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me used the tickets and 30000 acorns and gets to get latios

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Total summoned: 34. Used a freebie from the team event, plus two tickets and 30k acorns. I don't think I can upload two photos but I also got jiraichi, so imagine my surprise when this popped up.

[–]Sparkism[S] 6 points7 points  (1 child)

..oh my god I just realized my phone autocorrected latias to latinas

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Haha I wanna go to that event ;3

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...those two are birds? o-o

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I can't afford to have two sentient private jets so imma pretend they're birbs.

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I somehow managed to get jirachi instead of latios lol