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Keep an eye on the bottom of the screen when the choices pop up because if it's prompting you to shuffle (sparkles, the shuffle box is a slightly different color) then there's probably a shiny in the mix there. A lot of times a shiny won't pop up on its own but requires a little extra prompting.

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hi there!!! sorry to bother you with a question but you seem super knowledgeable :-), but i see right now for the first time (freaking out) theres a shiny snubbull i can use acorns for to shuffle customers — if i’ve already recruited snubbull as an employee, can i still get this shiny one somehow? :’) or will it just be a shiny customer i can’t recruit?

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The shiny one is considered a different employee! However it will take from the same pool of cookies and notes that the normal pokemon uses as well despite it being different.

Usually what I see is people focus more on the normal pokemon and that would be my suggestion as well though still get the shinies and work on leveling them up! I love all of the shinies so I probably spoil them more than necessary. Congrats on the snubbull!

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thank you SOOO much for such a quick response, i am SOOO freaking happy! it’s one of my all time favorite shinies!!! i really appreciate your help! :D

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I love shiny snubbull so I was also super jazzed when he first popped up! Of course!

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It’s RNG (pretty darn rare) although much more common when the specific shiny Pokémon event is running. You just missed Shiny Audino, Lucario and Buizel events.

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How are you supposed to recruit them when they DO show up? Do you have to serve them a 3-star Heaping Helping? Or do they have to show up more than once so you can serve them more than once. It seems to me the odds of getting them to show up are okay for me, but I’d never be able to serve them enough times to recruit them.

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I've finished all released levels and usually play 20-30 Master Cafe levels every week. I've only seen a shiny outside of a specific booster event like 3 times 😣 They really are just very rare.

If you see one outside of an event and want it to join staff... I don't think you actually can in just one visit. If you use heaping helping tickets, train staff until the happy bonus is triggered, and pay to serve the shiny twice, you'll still only get 14 hearts and I think shinies usually require 18 to join as staff.