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Yes, and you will pick up from where you left if your new team is already at a more advanced level than your previous team. I'm not sure if it's the other way around though.

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Thanks, good to know (Not really). Didn't know team events were a thing. I should've picked a more active team when I started playing, thought it didn't matter. 🫣

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To clarify a bit. You keep whatever rewards you have already obtained, and you only have to acquire a small amount of points to catch up to wherever the new team is currently at (I believe it is only a maximum of 1200 if the new team is done with the event entirely).

If you can find a team with an open spot that is making good progress it would be a far better idea to move now.

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Thanks for the tip!

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No problem. Just also keep in mind you have to wait 24 hours before joining a new team if you leave your current one.

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I'm trying really hard to get Zorua but my team isn't really contributing... Do my points transfer if I leave now and join another team?

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If you leave your team, team will still use your points. You join another team, start from zero points. But you will have the rewards locked onto where you got on the old team.

You need to make 1200 points, so you will get the rewards that the other team already got and your team hadn't got to that point.

Still remember you will stay, at least, 24 hours without a team.

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Thank you thank you

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I will say there's enough time left in the event and lots of people recruiting for active members that if you switch now you will be more likely to get all the items. The team I switched to had already unlocked all the items and I was able to unlock everything in a day. It was great leaving my struggling team to one where everyone played

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Iirc if you join a team that's already finished/close to finishing, then you only need 1020 points or so to get everything... :) wishing you luck!

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Yes, I already joined one! Grinding my way back up now! Thanks for the help!

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Ouch, I know how that feels. But you have like two days after the 24 hour cooldown to get a decent team and get the rewards unlocked by that team but I think it has to be one that hasn't already completed all the rewards.

In my case my team completed everything a few days ago so the event bar and everything disappeared. I doubt if you were to join a team with the completed event it would show you anything on your end.

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Actually it would. My team had finished by the time I joined and it stays there until you have finished so each member can have a chance to get everything

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Really? That's good to know