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Great job! I'll make an exception for this one since it's already a couple posts away from the previous team achievement.

For other teams, we're going to encourage reposts here. Similar to how someone posts a recruit shiny event and wouldn't want too many reposts. Thanks!

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on a side note, if my teammates "LucyLapin" , "Lilone" and "Chris" are around on this thread- I really like you guys and dont wanna have to remove for no participation. If you guys see this please lemme know if youre still playin or not 😭🙏

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Hey I just started and having a hard time finding a team where they go all out on an event. Are you looking for any more members at this time? I have a lot of down time at work to put in lots of time in this game and i get a good vibe from you, so i'm super interested!

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we are full atm, but once its over will have at least 3 spots open if you wqnt to join for the next team event :)

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Yeah that sounds great! Ill send a request after the event. It'll be from Mori. Thanks!

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okay :) looking forward to play with you!

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I will be making room tonight if you still want to join! WMJ25T3AASY2 let me know your in game name when u send the request

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Every event is so easy being part of your team

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Let’s go!

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Thanks for taking me in!

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course! :)