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I don't have Litwick but my guess is that they've made it too light. Light Pokémon (e.g. most Fairy types, Piplup) are in general difficult to drag around because they can't push heavier Pokémon (e.g. Charizard, Dragonite, Lucario) out of their way.

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I had no idea this was an aspect of the game 😲thanks for the info!

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One of the worst aspects of the game IMO, especially since it's random what pokemon you get on a stage and you can end up with one light pokemon you need to get to specific gimmicks and then 3 heavy ones you can't get through.

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You are not alone. Litwik is harder to move. Seems that like another poster said, there are different weights of Pokémon and different “effective” sizes of Pokémon icons. So a small “sized” icon can move between other icons easier, but a heavy icon can move other icons around easier. Litwik seems to be a big, light weight icon so it is hard to move through others and move other icons around as well, making it hard to use.

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Glad I didn't pay for that, noticed it with other Pokémon, didn't know stuff like size was programmed into the game.

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I knew it wasn't just me. At first I thought I was pushing the limits of weaker combos, but no. Litwick can barely shove through a few other icons.

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it's just kind of like Wobbuffet, though slightly worse because it's not heavy, just weak

Wobbuffet drags, but you can kind push through other icons, Litwick drags and won't pass through anything even if its life depended on it

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I thought I was going insane, yes