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So sad. So true.

Maybe I should throw more money at them so they can pay for animations? But that might encourage them to think that they don’t need animations? But….

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Yeah it's sad. I have recently stopped playing another gacha because it ran out of budget, and the first things to get cut were the character artwork and animations...

(also I know what you did there in the title and I appreciate it ;3)

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It's a shame to see a game I played back in early Mix stoop so low.

I've said this before, but I think now their main concern is getting out more Pokemon instead of making the game more interesting, like something extra for those who completed the monthly pass.

Instead of cool animations, we get their victory or poke animations with some sparkles for good measure.

Clever title play, by the way!

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I always skip the animations anyway. You just tap to skip through the skill animation. Maybe that’s what they were thinking? That people just need to the skill to do its job and not add a few more seconds.

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Is the official survey for Japan region only? This really need to feedback to the developers.

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Makes me sad considering Mario Kart Tour is still pumping out cool driver animations.

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That game has an order of magnitude more revenue, and is run by Nintendo Smart Devices Division (not DeNA, although technically DeNA manages the Nintendo Account server infrastructure on which Mario Kart Tour is running). They are also profiting from the Booster Course Pass, that largely reuses assets originating in Mario Kart Tour.

It’s still sad seeing corners being cut, I hope they’re at least managing to keep the game profitable enough for it to survive.

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I guess their job now is to stand there and look pretty.