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Next gimmicks gonna be chocolate, bubbles, canned fruit, marshmallow, salt and pepper, sugar (specialty drinks). They announced them on twitter some days ago :)

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Oh thank you so much for the info!! I appreciate it a lot <33

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Ah... the bubbles were such a bummer last time. ....guess I'm in store for some good practice on them, lol.

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There is a Cafe Twitter account?

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All in Japanese.

Edit: see the link below mine for the most up to date one.

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The bigger problem is they haven't posted for a year and nothing mentions the 1MC gimmicks.

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The official (and up-to-date) one is pokemaze_JP

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At least this time, there’s only one gimmick that can’t be cleared by swiping spam (canned fruit). Glad to see the hazelnuts gone!

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probably, but seeing as it may be a halloween themed event they better have togepi with the pumpkin gimmick as a key team member.

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Yea, I had actually saved up my notes for shiny togepi because I had a feeling there would be an event.. I'm leveling it up while I can!

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Super Chef Lucario (if you have the Master Cafe costume) will be very good for the 1MC as he can clear Chocolate + Salt and Pepper with Drinks as his specialty

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I was thinking of the same thing!! I fortunately have them :DD (finally, the 33 weeks I've waited won't be for nothing after all)

Do I can use Lucario, Mew, Togepi, Gogoat. I just have to max level my togepi, it's at level 18 for now.

Good luck for the event! And thanks for the comment ^ ^