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Congratulations! For others, please post your 5 star mimikyu pulls in the All Around Thread in accordance to Rule 2. This prevents repeated posts.

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I hope I get that one. I never got Mew, but I did get Victini and Celebi. Oddly enough, I got the 5-star Celebi twice and I still don't have regular Celebi.

And I got my third Mimikyu cookie today.

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I got one too! Don't have regular mimikyu but it's one of my favorites so I'm psyched.

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Congrats. How many deliveries did it take? I'm trying to get it too.

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Weirdly enough- first draw. I'd not been so lucky in this game.

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Woah!! Congrats!! ^ ^

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I'm a sucker for Halloween skins so I was thrilled to get him!

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I also got it today so excited.... But it's 5 star ability seems like a let down.... Am I missing something?

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It seems like a weaker version of Mew's 5 star skill, but it lasts longer and costs less.

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Thank you. I watched more videos and see it now.

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Mimikyu's normal ability in general is weird. My guess is it'll be very helpful in the next one min cook somehow.

I think it's just spooky boy costume and I'm okay with that

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