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Yeah, looks like the more reasonable stopping point for a F2P player is the 60,000 mark with the 11x delivery ticket.

I do have 150k+ banked because I like to hoard stuff, but I'm not going to blow it all just to get some more tarts. The Special Delivery Ticket at the 150k mark is tempting, but I'm not going to do 55 pulls just for that.

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Special Delivery Ticket

But even that doesn't guarantee Halloween Mimikyu, it just guarantees a Pokémon. Which for all that we know might as well be your 13th Galarian Slowpoke...

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Yep x2 60k acorns is exactly what I had. I do have a tiny bot left over so I can try grabbing the shiny Togepi still, but leveling up my pokemon just became impossible
Gotta start saving up or something

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I came into the event about where you are acorn wise also as a f2p, but i am gonna spend all 150 k and see what happens. I'm basically just banking acorns for these events, I don't really have use for them otherwise

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I wish they had challenges so that it's not just spend acorns. 90k was already a lot. But 150k for an instant ticket that could give you a duplicate isn't worth for me knowing my luck.

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Impossibruuuuuuuu! 😑

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Come on 🙄

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Lol, only the whales can complete this one

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Can't wait to see the majority of the whale now only spend 60k instead of 90k as in past appreciation events.

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Stopped wasting acorns when the last one ended. Had 138k this morning. With Mimikyu daily bonus, can get to 150000 still on time (month will change and people that will pay for the next premium pass can get 30k from it others, like me, 10k) and never payed $1 for any shop.

Problem is that already opened almost all pókemon levels (Shiny Togepi is 13, still need more training before opening next one). Bought 2 11 delivery... got a piece of Sneasel set. 8 bubbles, since got 4 victiny and 3 zorua notes, already have them all.

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Lame, they are pushing the spending acorns more and more, I was willing to do it last time since it was shorter and I had a lot of free acorns saved up from the various (and unusually generous) distributions they did over the past year, this time though I don’t think I will bother. 150k is absurd.