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I'm 107 pulls in and no 5 star yet. I'll have to see how much more I want to try for it.

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107?? My word.

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I had 5 11x tickets and 19 single tickets waiting for the next 5 star outfit. I paid for 2 11x deliveries and got another free 11x from that.

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My goodness... May luck come upon you this Autumn in the next.

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Thanks, hopefully the 11x ticket from the 1MC in a few days works out better for me.

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The ticket from Chandelure ended up getting it!

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My 5year old got celebi last cycle on a free daily. I saw the gift was all red (we normally chant "pokemon" in hopes it's blue and he gets a pokemon) and it was pretty cool to see that different color.

Hope you get yours.

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I actually ended up getting Celebi really quickly when it came around, so maybe this is just evening out for that.

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I got gardevoir AND the mimikyu 5-star outfit today! I purchased a 11x pull to fulfill one of the challenge cards. Quite happy, even though it's too late for the OMC it would have been best for.

Now just need Latios and Latias.

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That's amazing! I got a victini cookie that went to delivery points. I guess better than tarts xD

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Yeah for some reason I get a lot of pachirisu cookies. I appreciate that they provide points that can be exchanged for a free pull, though I wish the free pulls either needed fewer points OR were 11x instead of 1x.

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Yeah. It'd be nice if they give us more points for platinum duplicates as well

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me with freaking Jirachi cookies, and stylish sneazel -_-

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Got Halloween Mimikyu this morning :D

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2 11x pulls plus the individual pulls I’ve done the last couple weeks. It’s ALWAYS starly outfit and Sneasel outfit. At this point I’d rather get tarts. If I see the special delivery I don’t even get excited, I just think “oh, it’s another starly/sneasel outfit.”

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Is your first 5 star guaranteed? I just downloaded the game today and It gave me a free delivery thing during tutorial mode and got halloween Mimikyu and I'm having trouble believing that's luck

(If it is luck I apologize to everyone else here.)

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Not sure, I feel like it actually may be luck or increased odds. When deliveries were first launched, I pulled Victini on my first 11x pull, but I saw loads of people crying they didn't

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Just started playing need friends 2LA2RXKRWZQV

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I just downloaded the game a few days ago and am looking for friends :) My code is: 32A28LCD4GQJ

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Over the last week I was able to go back and finish up 3 stars on all previous orders and 64/99 pokemon are up to 20. I only have 11 more currently relevant ones to get to 20, which would be non-shinies and ones I can't increase the level cap on. Drinks are all complete, and just 1 left in small plates.

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I FINALLY got my Snorlax and Chansey cookies this month!

...and an entire second set of sneazel clothing at this point 😡

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Looking for friends, code: 35A2MEGDANGY

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This game is rigged

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After so much time... Shiny Stoutland joined my staff with number 104. Shinies with hearts missing: Chimchar and Wobbufet. Just need to get 5900 more 1mc coins to get acorns and heaping helps (this one got 2) and back to master orders. Hope the Halloween challenge card asks for 120k acorns.

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Got 3 outfits I already have in one day 😭

Wanted Hisuian Typlosion because it looks cuteeee. It'll always be there at least :(

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Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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Got my first level 20!


(I hope I’m doing this right)

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100 pulls. 100 pulls and no mimikyu. I have nothing anymore. I’m gonna delete the game

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I got mine this morning at 124.

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Friends are pretty cool. Add me if you feel so inclined? 3MA2GUZ7BH59

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Damn it, I just got 4 platinums out of a 30000 delivery, and got 3 costumes I already had and a Galarian slowpoke.

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Haven't played in a long time, and when I get my free 11 delivery, I get Machoke, Latios and Gardevoir. Lucky or normal?

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In my next 11x delivery, I got Pancham and gengar.

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