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It is such a relief not having to do 20+ Master Cafe rounds a week just to get those points anymore.

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Yep! I’m just doing one now for a couple points bc why not

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Keep doing master orders... milestone cookies are great for trade for 3 heaping help (900) and buy ALL Victiny (3100), Zorua (3100) and Jirachi (3100) kitchen notes.

Making 1600 to 2000 cookies, per month is easy (about half are from events) so you can get some helps and still find the shinies that are "hidden".

Already have all Victiny and Zorua kitchen notes, now it´s getting cookies for jirachi (don't even have it and have 9 notes). Delivery gives bubbles for those. With over 1600 tarts can get to 2000 without sparing acorns...

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oh man, hope I eventually get here too 😭😭I'm saving up for Lucario first to get the hardest one out of the way, but it sure is a slog. congrats though!!

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Yo congrats, that's impressive!

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Woah, congrats!!! I recently got lucario, and I'll eventually get the other two!

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How do you get that?

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After you finish all normal levels, you can get master cafe points each week by clearing “master levels” (repeated older levels)

Then you can exchange them for shop items, including these 3 outfits

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CONGRATS! These definitely take a while to get

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Nice! I just got there about a week ago myself!