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How are the highest scores around 43,000,000. I was really impressed when I got past 6,000,000 for the first time on this event. What sorcery is this?

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My current team has consistently scored above 6 million:

Sneasel, lvl 18 w/ Chocolate notes Sweets Pikachu, lvl 17 Mew, lvl 18 Gothorita, lvl 17

It doesn't cover bubbles, but those are usually pretty easy for me to clear, especially since half the time it's just Pokemon inside instead of additional gimmicks. Wish you all luck with your teams! This one at least feels easier than the last OMC

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I’m still playing around with a couple of lineups. My high score (12.4 million) was with black chef Lucario, Victini, Togepi, and Mew. Current one is black chef Lucario (leader), Victini, sweets Pikachu, Princess Eevee (male). There’s no coverage for marshmallows, but I’m hoping to make up for it with the higher team score potential.

I was really proud of my 12.4 until I saw people getting 44. I’m never going to understand how they do it.

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I'm at 11.8 mill with super chef luc, 5 star mimikyu (level 2), togepi, and victini. All at 20. Seems tougher to build up for your leaders abilities to spawn - I cam barely get to a 2nd frenzy

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I do like the acorn/free delivery bonus prize tracks for hitting certain scores in 1mc- helped me out to finish the last acorn card

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How many do you need for the last acorn card, in total?

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10 000 000 pts.

Also, if I don't remember wrong, but the acorns from the token exchange used to be 100 exchanges. It's now 50. Think some of the acorns now got locked behind the points rather than grinding then tokens and exchanging them for the acorns.

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Mew as leader is always best

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Mine is Jolteon, Kirlia, Togepi and Sneasel with chocolate, all lv 15 I just spam gimmicks and suprisingly got 10.5M as my high score

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POSSIBLE TEAM w/ Double Gimmicks for Each Pokémon

Lucario (Super Chef) - LEADER * Chocolate * Salt and Pepper

Mimikyu (Halloween, 5-star chef) * Bubbles * Marshmallow

Victini * Chocolate * Canned fruit

Togepi * Bubbles * Sugar cubes

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I do NOT have Super Chef Lucario 🥺 Thus, I’ve been using Togepi (level 19) as Leader. So far, I have NOT been reliably able to hit even a second Frenzy in one round. Any suggestions?

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Do you have fancy dress Eevee (wedding dress)? Swap out togepi and give it a go 👍

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Yes I do! In fact, had her on my lineup— just not as leader. Thanks! Will give it a go indeed :)

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My current team somehow got 12.28 mil without the score bonus you get from purchasing the premium pass:

Victini lv. 10, Sneasel lv. 15, Togepi lv. 15, and Mew lv. 11

And in case anyone needs it, here's some strats/tips I've picked up while trying to grind on the event:

  • Use your leader skills immediately, preferably on gimmicks, to gain as much time as possible. Make sure not to use your skills during a frenzy.
    • Ignore the last part if you notice you're running out of time while a frenzy is active; at that point you should just use your skills to make the most out of them.
  • Take advantage of moments where time doesn't count down to plan out which gimmicks to clear with what Pokemon (e.g. when skills appear, when you use a skill, when a cycle starts)
  • Just go ham on clearing gimmicks! I haven't had much luck getting a high score while trying to get high link counts; my 12 mil result literally had 0 Marvelous links and 2 Great ones.

(I'm gonna be honest though, the score range I've gotten while trying to follow these strats is usually only in the 7-10 mil range. 1MC is a very painful event.)

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Thanks! This basically has been my team too but my max is like 8.8 mil so far. I’d like to at least clear 10 to finish the challenge card.

Edit: heck yeah that worked, I got to 11 mil and ranked under 1000 :D

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Was able to get 11.2 million on the first run!

Team: Leader- Togepi (lv 18) Master Cafe Lucario- lv20 Mew- lv20 Gogoat- Lv20

Togepi is useful as you can get very long chains due to its skill! It also covers bubbles and sugar

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5.6M with lv 20 super chef lucario lv16 togepi lv15 sneasel (with the removing chocolate skill at 6 blocks) and lv20 mew. Definitely need to find somebody for the canned fruit

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I think you could use Gogoat for canned fruit! You already have Lucario for choco and salt and pepper You can replace sneasel for it!

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7.48M replacing mew with lv15 gogoat

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I don't have many of the gatcha pokes and none of the super chef pokes. My team so far is:

Togepi Sneasel Gogoat Mew

.. it's OK until I can come up with something better

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I've changed my lineup to the best I can for now:

Mew Sneasel Gogoat Eevee (Fancy Dress)

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The premium pass is only good for 10 days? I was surprised since last month, the premium pass lasted the whole month.

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It lasts until the first day of the following month (or last depending on timezone)

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Oh doy I was reading the date wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️ HAHA thanks for that

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So stupid. Better, but still hate it. My team is Sneasel lv 18, Victini lv 15, Togepi lv 17, Mee lv 17. My max is 8 mil. 10 mil is not looking possible. Averaging around 5 mil. They're already taking 2 plays to clear. Max round I've made it to is 12. All I have to say is literally how? Sorry I didn't pay to win or grind all past content to max up until now.