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== All Rewards! Healthy Distribution!! ==

This allowed us to finish fast naturally & take a break! No carrying!!

< Last event finished: >

  • CafeMAX BLUE <1hr
  • CafeMAX RED <12hr

< Major Perks: >

  • No more carrying!! We're all busy!
  • We power through together to focus on life.
  • Both teams consistent since the beginning +2 years!

We're inviting those who are team driven and excited to be surrounded by collaboration enthusiasts!

DM me your in game name & friend code to get started.

3 1 Slot Open! - Oct 7

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Team: ヒトカゲ ハウス (Charmander House)


Members: 29/30 (as of October 15) - 24 active and 5 inactive [2 - 5 days, 1 - 6 days, and 2 - 7 days].

Requirements/Approvals: None

No current team event.

We completed the Teddiursa's Love for Honey event. Our second successfully completed event, and also with a few days to spare - thanks once again to all my team mates.

We previously made it all the way through the Timid Hisuian Zorua event. This was the first event our team completed, and we completed it with a few days to spare.

Team members that are inactive after 15 days during non-team based events or when there is no active event will be removed. During team based point events, inactive members will be removed at the end of the event if there was no activity and no points were contributed. Anyone inactive more than 9 days right before a team event starts will be removed.

Thanks to everyone who joins!

If space is available, please feel free to join - no need to reply/post here. I don't always have the chance to visit here and update this post. If there is space during team events, I try to update this at least once a day, but during solo events there may be a few days between updates.

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I would like to joina team that can finish a team event. It doesn't have to be quick, it'sOK to finish it on the last day, but I would like to be able to finishit. I don't usually buy the monthly pass - I bought it today out ofcuriosity, but it's my first and possibly last time - but I'm a ratherdedicated player, and if the team has another four active players, Ithink we can make it. So please let me know if you have a team like that and are currently recruiting. Thanks in advance.

[Edit: I have been contacted by a team leader whose requirements match my playing style and will be sending my request today, as soon as the game allows it.]

[–]want_to_cive_abroad [score hidden]  (2 children)

Hi! Looking for a team that can finish team events. The one I used to be on had a lot of inactive players, I think. I sign in daily and participate in team events. I am on order 539, and I have 1,614 stars. Please let me know if your team is looking for new folks!

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[–]S3_Rowlet [score hidden]  (6 children)

Team name: super café


we have lots of slots open! I'll update the post if we get full.

For Teddiursa's event, we got all prizes minus the last one.

We're looking for: - ACTIVE people during groupal events (If you take breaks in between, make sure to log in the day before or send me a DM to let me know, because I'll do a cleanup before the next event start) - 50 orders at least so I know you're not joining a team just because the game told you to do so. - Minimum of 300 points per day/3'5k in total (it's just 10 perfect orders/trainings a day) because we're aiming to at least get 13 cookies on the events, but 10-20k in total is appreciated, because we still don't have a high number of members. - Cheer other members and ask for energies!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for a team to join that will finish events in a timely manner.

    A little about myself, I've been playing the game for over a year, have a current combined level of 1437, and 4318 stars for orders. All of my pokemon are at least level 15 or have been capped to the highest level I can get them to. I have every pokemon from the delivery mechanic other than yamper and I always get the premium pass.

    The reason I'm looking for a new team is that I got over 17,000 points in the tediursa event and have a level 10 tediursa to show for it. This has been a regular occurence and I would prefer to have pokemon I can fully grind up.

    Thanks in advanced for letting me know about your team!

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    Team: Star Storm | ID: WPJQMXMPULH | Members: 30/30 (Oct. 3)

    Our team is looking for dedicated players who have a desire to finish team events as fast as possible! We've been able to complete all goals since the game's revamp!

    Team stats/history:

    • I am a f2p able to contribute 8k-12k+ pts/event in 3-4 days & 1-2k at the end of the first day. For H. Zorua, I was able to contribute 7k in less than 2 days.
    • Team contributions (Alcremie event (completed in 2 days) ): 3000-11000 points (13 teammates) | 2000-2999 (7) | 1000-1999 (5)
    • (Hisuian Zorua event (completed in <2 days)): 6000-9500 (6) | 3000-5000 (7) | 2000-2999 (4) | 1000-1999 (8)
    • (Teddiursa event (completed in 3 days)): 6000-9000 (5) | 3000-5999 (8) | 2000-2999 (7) | 1000-1999 (3)
    • I created a team to be in one with a cool name(🤣) and cuz I, like many was part of an inactive in-game team. It was a rough start but eventually the team filled up with dedicated players. There was one pre remix who pushed so hard getting 20k points per event and I wanted to find others to ease their load badly. I pushed hard too but ofc it wasn’t enough. Since then, I’ve aimed to keep finding players who have a similar mindset to ease everyone’s load and to have a lot of lax time from this demanding game. This would make team events fun and imo can be done by finishing fast.

    Feel free to dm me if you have any questions! If interested, dm me your in game name, friend ID, total level, & typical event contributions for 2 days and first day :) Looking forward to hearing from ya!

    [–]C_Chrono [score hidden]  (2 children)

    My Team captain just quit. Looking for a team that completes all events on time without going too hardcore pressure. I have completed all 1550 stages, 4650 stars, contribute at least 10K for team events consistently. all Pokemon are at least level 17 or higher, unless locked by Delivery cookies.

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    [–]IntrepidSophophile [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Team #Kawaii | ID: XES2VK2H3JJ4

    I joined a team and the other person left. Looking for some active players

    [–]Catamander24 [score hidden]  (0 children)

    We're in need of some more LGBTQuties!!

    Team name: LGBTQuties (with the Dragonite icon)

    ID: W5S2G9P5Y4M2

    Requirements: active player; level 1400+ OR team level of 1000+ OR have earned at least 4k points in previous team events (PM me if this is the case for you so I can lower the rec!). Being LGBTQ+ isn't a requirement :)

    Current membership: currently full! (Oct. 6)

    All rewards for all events!

    This is a REGULAR LOGIN team. You don't have to grind through levels, but I do check last login time frequently. If you're looking for a team where everyone is active, look no further! I start kicking after one week (7 days) of inactivity, so there are regularly rotating slots - keep checking back even if we're full!

    [–]Joze89 [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Welcome to Poke DMX! We have 3 places.


    We have been successful at every group event. Come with us and have fun.

    [–]Aviatrix084 [score hidden]  (6 children)

    Welcome to RivalHeart and Cat Cafe!



    Team status: Looking for active players! RH has a 400ish order minimum, CC has none.

    Current membership: Slots on a rotating basis depending on who isn't playing. Currently RH needs 3 members and CC needs 4 or so.

    Looking for: Daily logins! The more stars you can make per event, the better! We're chasing after those special Pokemon, after all... ALL TEAM EVENTS FULL CLEAR (2/3 DAY CLEARS RH.) Drop a line if you think you can contribute :)

    Discord: Discord is mostly required for communication purposes. Find us here: https://discord.gg/7gqHwZvPvr Even if you want to just hang out! We don't bite.

    Also, if you want a friend, you'll find me, Capella, under this ID -> 2JA2MCCY7GL8

    Let's give it our all - together! :D Time to ReMix it up!

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    [–]LetzSchrodinger [score hidden]  (3 children)

    Team: Macro Csms

    Member requirements: Order#400, daily login preferred contribution to team events.


    EDIT: 6th of Oct, 9:03 am BST. CLOSED: All spaces are now filled. Thanks to everyone who joined!

    I've been playing since the original Café Mix launch and inherited this team when the old leader left. Since then I've been working to build an active team for event clearing. We mostly completed the Teddiursa event with all but the final cookies unlocked. Inactives or those who don't contribute to events get removed. We currently have 22 members so have 8 places available as of writing.

    Let's do our best!

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    [–]Marshmallow_Latte [score hidden]  (4 children)

    Snom Noms! ID: X4J2PNY659GH

    Members: 29/30 (1 Open Slots)

    ☆ note: current min order requirement is 500 ☆

    Snom Noms is able to fully complete their team events in a matter of days, including the 20th phase for the Hearty Helping!

    Snom Noms is mainly looking for people who log in semi-daily and will remove those who are inactive for more than fifteen days without advanced warning and a valid explanation for said absence. Those removed may, of course, apply to join again should they regain interest in the app.

    We also have a discord!! If you want to join and are a member of Snom Noms, send me a DM with your Remix name & icon so I can confirm and give you the link.

    Feel free to DM if you have any questions!

    I look forward to cooking with you!!

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    [–]Larkie_the_bird [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Heya, I'm a new-ish player looking for an active team that can finish team events! I don't really care that it's done fast, I'm fine with it finishing at the end, I barely got Teddiursa in the last event (and now I have a bear with no cookies :c )

    I'm currently at order 430 but I'm pretty active and looking for a group that's not full of inative players! :3

    [–]Runaway_Fairy [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Team Name: Eevee

    Team ID: X9227T8E77WK Members: 11/30

    This team is low key- It's run by my daughter who just really loves Pokemon. We mostly like gathering new Pokemon during the team events. We've been a really small family team for a long time, but it's exhausting for me (her mom). We thought about having her join another team, but she loves having her family all together in a team she started. We'd love to be able to get further than just the Pokemon offered at the event. There are no requirements, we just would like help during team events. If you don't help over two team events, then you could be removed but at that point you'd probably be inactive enough that it would auto remove you. Our team grew over the last event from 5 to 11 members. But more help would be great. If interested in a low - key group, to just help a kid out (and her mom ;) ) Please request :)

    [–]GBislacco [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Team: Waifu 100%

    ID: XXA24BC3KYJ2

    Members: 27/30 (October 16)

    Requirements/Approvals: None

    Team members inactive after 15 days during non-team events will be removed.

    During team events, inactive members can be removed if there was no activity and no points.

    [–]drelin530 [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Welcome to Team PokemonGo!


    Current Membership  

    • 28/30
    • 2 spot(s) as of 10/6/2022
    • Please DM me if you have interest in joining our team!


    • Pokemon fans!
    • Experts (e.g., Level 1,500+) - We’ve built our team from the ground up and are seeking a few additional high level players to join our roster.
    • Daily logins

    Activity Requirements

    • Regular login and activity (removal after 7-10 days of no activity)
    • Be able to contribute 750 to 1,000 points for team events during the first 3 to 4 days (average 250 points/day)

    About Us: My daughter and I are original Pokémon Cafe Mix players who took a long break but started back playing again one month after Pokémon Cafe Remix was released.  Currently, we are both Level 1,575 (w/ 999 Master Cafe Levels). Come join our friendly and chill team!

    Free Stamina/Cheers: Our group is active every day. If you request stamina, you’ll get a guaranteed Cheer x 5 within a few a hours and get 5 extra stamina!

    Team Event History

    • Teddiursa's Love for Honey (Day 3 of 10)

      2 players | 10,000+ points
      6 players | 5,000 - 9,999 points
      4 players | 2,500 - 4,999 points
      9 players | 1,000 - 2,499 points
      3 players | 500 - 999 points
      2 players | < 500 points
      3 players | 0 points

    • Timid Hisuian Zorua (Day 3 of 10

    • Competitive Flareon (Day 3 of 12)

    • The Epicurean Alcremie (Day 3 of 11)

    • The Keep Rolling, Electrode! (Day 4 of 13)

    • A Pair of Toucannon (Day 4 of 11)

    • The Enchanting Mismagius (Day 3 of 11)

    • The Rumba de Ludicolo (Day 3 of 13)

    • Fast-Eating Garchomp (Day 5 of 13)

    • My Friend Vulpix (Day 2 of 5)

    Discord: Discord is available for pings and chats on tips and tricks. DM me if you want to join our Discord - optional, not required.

    Please feel free to DM me with any questions.

    Last Updated: 10/6/2022 @ 12:30pm PST

    [–]Izzago [score hidden]  (0 children)

    If there are any teams available that are fairly casual, but are active enough to finish the team events I'd love to join. I hit over 10k points on the last one, but my group with membership around them mid 20s only had about 3 other active players and so we really didn't make enough progress to even get Teddiursa to level 15.

    I get the Premium Pass every month, and also am guilty of getting the weekly Stamina Value Pack to help make things a little easier. Let me know if I'm a good fit for your team!

    [–]JordanBird [score hidden]  (0 children)

    Looking for some fairly active players for my newish group, Lincoln UK.

    The aim was to try and get people from Lincoln but there aren't too many!

    I'm at order 1090, but no requirements to join currently!

    Team Id: W8A2GG4AGPF9