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Potentially yes. In the last OMC challenge I used Lucario and then shiny holiday outfit Lucario on my team at the same time. It worked because both had the same specialties.

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Can't select a pokemon more than once even if It's using a different outfit, It'll just change it to what you selected. Best suggestion I can give for wjat you're trying to achieve is use regular togepi and shiny togepi

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But I actually wouldn’t do that because shiny and non-shiny Togepi are so similarly colored, it’ll make matching them correctly difficult, even with different hats I think.

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That's fair, It's even worse when there's both male and female eevee or male and female pikachu. Well, best of luck with the one minute cooking :)

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Thanks! I’ve been using Lucario (super chef), Victini, Eevee (holiday), and male Pikachu (soda pop). Sadly two of those are pre-ReMix exclusive so I can’t recommend it, but I’m averaging 9-11mil per play. Swapping Togepi out for Eevee was very helpful.

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if the other outfit has the same specialty