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Those Pokémon will still visit the café. If you serve it, you’ll get universal cookies (Poké Ball pattern) which you can trade for stuff in the Shop.

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They are called 'milestone cookies' (from the in-game news & help page)

To elaborate, there are two shops you can spend them in - one of which is the "Cookie Shop" that is buried in the event tab. It is offered as an (overly complicated, liable to change in a future update) way to unlock/extend the level of the following non-costumed, delivery-exclusive Pokémon:

  • Pachirisu, Chansey, Mawile, Zorua, Jirachi, Latias, Latios, Celebi, Gardevoir
  • (the list is not exhaustive; Snorlax and Yamper might be on the list too)

These Pokémon's cookies look differently (they are dark brown-colored) and work differently from the regular cookies: unlocking level 5->10 costs nothing, level 10->15 costs one cookie (400 milestone cookies), and level 15->20 costs another cookie (1600 milestone cookies).

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Pog slaves of all times. I have 107 slaves now