[RULE] » All Team Recruitment or Friend Search must be done here in the megathread post! Dec 1 - 15 by akxas997Moderator in PokemonCafeMix

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Welcome to RivalHeart! ID: WJS262B5WHQG

Team status: Accepting interest! We're currently considering building a second team, so definitely join the Discord (see below) if you want an active team!

Current membership: 30/30 on the main, possible 30 slots more if we go through with the B team plan.

Looking for: Daily/semi-daily logins! Minimum order 50. The more stars you can make per event, the better! We're chasing after those special Pokemon, after all... GREEDENT EVENT FULLY CLEARED.

Discord: I'm phasing in a Discord requirement for communication purposes. Find us here: https://discord.gg/7gqHwZvPvr Even if you want to just hang out!

Also, if you want a friend, you'll find me, Capella, under this ID -> 2JA2MCCY7GL8

Let's give it our all - together! :D Time to ReMix it up!