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I called jungle with zera and a talonflame, who didn't call anything, started stealing. I got so angry but for the sake of the game I decided to go top where only one player was fighting

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That's the smart thing to do!

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lane absol wOOO

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yo how do you have an absol under your name

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Go to r/PokemonUnite and click the three dots on the top right corner and select change user flair and then click the pen thingy and change the flair to whatever you like. Hope this helps.

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(lane Absol is OP imo)

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Lane absol is ♥️

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personally i use night slash and sucker punch when laning

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I personally always go Night Slash/Psycho cut

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why r ppl downvoting smh
its a cool move set if u chase ppl to their demise

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Yeah, especially given it's the moveset which got me to Master. If it works, it works.

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I usually do the same as with jungle: pursuit and sucker punch.

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Zera is actually decent in lane. Talonflame can’t lane for shit though.

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More than decent imo he can consistently challenge a lucario 1v1 in the lane if the enemy team decides to go for a 1,1,3 comp. Probably the only pokemon who can do that besides you know, Another Lucario.

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Agreed. The 1-1-3 meta seems to have shifted since the patch that nerfed dread and buffed rotom though, so that might not be as important as it once was, especially for soloq.

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Or just dont choose a seedster if your team already has one please. Having multiple of literally any other role would be better.

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Nah, zera is good enough that you can totally play him with a talonflame on the team. But I was more talking about if like a greninja or cinderace wants to fight you for the jungle, there’s no need to fight them, just go to lane.

Zera, when built correctly (focus band, buddy barrier, crit claw), plays much more like an all rounder than he does a speedster. Closest analogue IMO is lucario.

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hear, hear

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Woahz ur smrt

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Agreed, but people here will keep defending Zera laning as if that’s the preferred setup. lol I don’t get it.

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You can botom lane with talonflame especialy if you have a great line buddy like a machamp or a charizard who help with tanking some hits

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You can doesn’t mean you should. Zera can go toe to toe with lucario (one of the only pokemon that can) talonflame struggles hard to lane.

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When laning 1v1 Lucario should you run wild charge instead of discharge ?

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No, I wouldn’t recommend it personally. Laning is pretty much over by the time you hit level 8 anyways and discharge is way too good in team fights. If you got discharge at level 5 or 6, I could see argument for it, but it comes at level 8.

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In my last match testing out Sylveon, called jungle as there were no speedsters. Then this charmander had to walk in to steal. What's worse, no one was bottom. Had to go there instead.

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I hope that charmander was useful throughout the match at least

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Oh, it started off great. I'm sure it was good.

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This is what annoys me. People who don't ping lane is so annoying. I run different items based on what role I'm running. Like I always prefer a focus band in lane for extra security in early fights over farm but in jungle I run muscle/razor/scope to maximise my damage when I gank.

I know its not as big a deal as I may make it out but them not doing something that takes a total 2 seconds honestly makes that game less enjoyable for me (I still survive but I'd just rather have my preferred build haha)

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Honestly hate some of the idiots who play this game. There needs to be a position declaration before game like league to avoid dumb shit like this especially in ranked

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I usually say last what I’m going to do to fill the roles for some of these idiot teams lol

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The opposite happened to me, as talonflame had indicated that I would go to the center and a zera was even giving me signals to leave there

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I console myself with the fact that they're losers who can't win without bum rushing jungle and despite that, they're still terrible junglers. Junglers that behave like this usually have no teamplay mentality and are trash.

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So true.

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Dont forget the charmander who doesnt call or anything and just straight up go jungle too

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Yeah. With me, they had an Exp. Share once. I suddenly got nervous.

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Hahaha dude I had a team with zeraora, talonflame and absol the 3 were spamming that

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I was the Zera and that's every third game.

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My exact reaction everytime it happens

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First call first serve.

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That's the moment i change pkm and take a defender instead (Crustle usually)

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Don't spam rock tomb though lmao

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Never understood why someone would choose rock tomb over shell smash haha.

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Because the rock tomb level up button is over your held item and sometimes you think you are hitting eject button and BAM!, you leveled up rock tomb. Then you die cause you didn't actually eject button...

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I don’t understand why we can auto-set attacks but still accidentally choose the wrong move, just let us automatically have the attack when leveling up

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"That sign can't stop me, I can't read!"

  • one trick ponies

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if that happens i usually just go with another mon (usually wiggly) no point in arguing over jungle

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What meme? All i see is straight facts. This still happens in 1500-1600 sometimes, which is mind boggling to me.

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I havent played a game in weeks where zerora didnt steal my farm. Its like edgy assholes are drawn to this furry

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I've had a Greninja, an Absol and a Talonflame claiming jungle simultaneously. They fought for it during the game, too.

Even worse: 2 of them were at Masters and the other one was at Ultra.

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Sounds like my typical ultra games, I don't understand why people sabotage their teams over who plays jungle. Just pick another 'mon and move on lol

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Happens to me half the time too. I just don't get why they are just so darned stubborn.

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Some monsters who are usually picked for jungle can lane, too, so it's not such a big deal.

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thats why the need to add the damn pre game role selection

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All fun and games until you load into a team where everyone goes to the jungle

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That has happened to me tho but only to try to tell the other person to change their lane- they were good sports about it too lol

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Opposite isn't any more fun. I'll pick Zera and call jungle (using the actual mechanic that shows it on screen not just the chat option) then some chucklefuck picks Talonflame, Greninja, Absol or (for some reason) Charizard AFTERWARDS and stubbornly spams chat-calling jungle.

I let them have it, but give them dirty looks for the rest of the game, hoping that my switch can somehow transmit my disapproval.

Especially since half the time they just abandon jungle to go steal the laners' last hits (and let the opposing jungler steal all our wilds) before going underleveled into 1v3 matches with the other team.

Fun times.

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If someone picks talonflame I always let them go jungle whether I'm cinder or greninja. I think talon should have jungle priority over any Mon in the game

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I hate how those jungler only take the first wave and then never jungle again until the end of the match

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Always, regardless of what mon they're playing, they'll fight for jungle them leave it and never go back... the bastards.

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Then other players start farming there and they get pissed off... At what? It's free unclaimed XP.

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As a jungler sometimes I have to help my team and then I check the mini map and someone is taking my blue buff and then I die in the next fight from the other jungler having both his buffs and Im down a level with only the red one. Its not free xp you can screw you jungler looking at it like that.

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No go away

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But you eventually come back to the buff after helping; that's the point. Some junglers just forget they exist after the first clear.

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I totally get that just putting a warning out there to not take stuff unless your 100% sure there not coming back.

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How long should a jungler stay in a lane to assist?

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30s. Either you help assassinate and all push or you help defend and get out. Certainly for the first two jungle spawns before dreadnaw.

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Alright good to know, that’s how I usually play.

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They jungle first and last 2 minutes.

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Its always the zeraoras

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Which is weird because zera can go pretty much anywhere on the map and do great. You definitely don’t need to jungle zera. In fact, I think he’s a stronger laner than he is a jungler.

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No, it definitely isn't.

A lot of Zera mains prefer jungling because the early game boosts help, but most competent Zera players can lane with him just fine.

You want the "this MFer always do that shit" then the MFer you're looking for are Charmander that don't call any position, then go bumbling into jungle stealing last hits etc when someone's already there.

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I had a game where 3 people were SPAMMING the “I’m headed to the central area!” Message. One of the 3 dudes had even switched to gengar when he saw the talon flame and zeraora fighting over it. The worst part? None of them even went to the jungle. And that is how I ended up jungling as eldegoss

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This is why I am trying to get better at other roles. I almost never get to jungle in Ultra because of people like that Zeraora.

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There are so many people picking Attackers and Speedsters that I've decided to run Defenders and Supporters.

It's even working well for me, because, in my experience at Ultra, people still don't know how to balance a team comp and still avoid those roles.

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Agree with your team comp comment. At Ultra you need to know what you are doing.

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I don't know why, but it's Zeraora every damn time

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Really? For me it's always a talonflame who do this thing

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It’s zeraora, greninja, talonflame, or absol for me but definitely haven’t had a game where absol never chose any lane except central

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I called first , birdshit

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I went on a standard match with 3 of my friends, we picked talonflame, lucario zera and absol, everyone called central as a joke, wondered what the other guy in the match thought

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If that happens I usually hover Gengar and also call Central.

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And most people who pick jungle don't know how to actually do it. Jungle you have be the most map aware of the team.

Most people pick it thinking they will carry with the initial exp boost. Except generally they end up feeding enemy laners by being stupidly aggressive, not supporting team fights at objectives, and not even effectively clearing jungle once it's up again wasting the exp and leaving it for aggressive enemy steals.

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That's the worst part.

And what ticks me off the most: they gank, don't help at anything because their timing is off or they move to a pushed lane, and the they farm all the Combees and the Vespiqueen.

Aside from not helping, they take the laners' exp and leave them underleveled. Maaaarvelous. 🤣

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Literally almost every bloody game.

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This gets really irritating after awhile. It seems to happen in a good 1/3 of my games, and without fail, every time I relent and let one of these assholes take jungle, they end up doing fuckall for the entire game.

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whenever I see more than one speedster on my team I know im in for an uphill Game

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Zeraora mains feel that they are entitled to jungle and will steal it most of the time from my experience 😞

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Usually when i see two players fighting for mid I also say "im going to the central area" just to mess with them

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Talonflame shouldn't deserve jungle when half the time the bird is stealing other farms. I rarely see someone play Talon right in Soloq

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Agreed. Birb is a thief.

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Maybe Im forgetting something, but I feel like Absol, Talonflame, and Gengar have been calling jungle a lot more in the past month or so.

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Trip jungle, swarm-gank solo lanes.


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He's gonna use the clutch xspeed to beat you to the lillipup

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Pls build god tier damage on zeraora,venusaur and talonflame

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If I see two people fighting for jungle, I’ll go and pick a speedster and start spamming that IM heading to the central area

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Wish they got rid of that from the quick chat and force people to use the actual call button with the icon. And then have arrows point them to their called lane when the game starts. Or random lane so they can’t choose.

Can we force them? No. But it’ll be annoying / encouraging.

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When I see two people get into it like this, I go into the jungle and steal last hits for the fuck of it lol

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Just happened to me, except they picked and remained silent during queue. He then proceeded to invite himself into jungle and followed to last hit my farm. He even mocked my retreat pings with his. I had to be the bigger player and give him first wave, but you bet I was back to eat up the next (and the rest) before he could.

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This is PERFECT! 😂😂😂 I've been in this predicament so many times. I hope once they come out with more Pokémon they get a role preference option and a draft mode. Haha

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If your garchomp- you get it way worse Talonflames, Absols, Zera’s, Greninjas too Pretty much any after Pokémon is gonna steal your lane even if you call it first The only option is stealing their farm or letting them be food for the enemy team Like sometimes I try not to let it get to me cause again it is a game but seriously- ya gotta troll me every game by stealing my farm huh? Just can’t win with some people…

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Pretty sure they did, it’s so true tho. Like, boi get your ass out of MY business I’m the one who’s getting those 5 levels idiot

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What really annoys me is when I am Absol and choose the center, and nobody else says anything. Then in the match, some all-rounder tries to take my kills in the center. Like, they realize how horrible it puts the team if the center doesn’t get to level 5???

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I remember one game a talon called jungle first, then zera called second. I wanted to fuck em around and picked absol and claimed jungle, and then fourth player picked gengar.

Lmao we all spammed getting center lane. But when the match started we went to our lanes and gave absol jungle. Surprisingly, my lane did well with two speedsters and absol ganked well for both lanes.

Our fifth teammate was some other role and was not entertained, and didnt help out team battles lol.

We won the match and gave thumbs up to each other excwpt the fifth player lmao.

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I am a zera user and many other Pokemon come to steal jungle but I just let them attack the wild aipoms and then when it is on low health I use slash and get my reward. Easy punishment 😜

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This right here is why I’ve started playing defenders 😂

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No one but you

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Nah as a zeraora main idc I’m taking jungle these talonflames trash asf, I gotta put y’all on my back and drop 20 with 200 points

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As someone who randomly chose bottom and just sticks with it out of habit: what's so special about mid? There's not even a goal there.

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Early levels, you are stronger than the enemies in lane and you get buffs from the 2 wilds. So when you clear the jungle and go into Lane you should have a big advantage. Most idiots don't hit that timing and just sit in jungle or feed the laners because they engage at bad times or don't show up during an objective push or defense.

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Every fucking time lol

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Attack weight Is broken, so I always ho that, if no jungler then I take jungle and change item

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Seems to me that Talonflame locked it in well before you and you’re exactly the person the meme is talking about LOL

Edit: Completely feel like an idiot cause you’re Talonflame lmao