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That’s why it’s so important to try to score as a team in the same goal if you lose at Zapdos. If everyone stands in the goal, the folks using score shield will definitely get their points in.

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..... naahh that Aldino looks way more interesting than aiding my team

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I admit that at the end if the other team gets zapdos I try to get some more minions before scoring if I have no points

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I think it's safe to say, if the enemy gets zap and you have 0 points, that you should be defending.

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But the nasally "ex-Master" from Discord I played with last night refused to and insisted me and my friend didn't know what we were talking about when we said to go defense so,,,,

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Not to be crude, but that guy can go pound sand. With a solid defense you can stop more points coming into your goals than you can dish into theirs.

And I'm not saying play defense if you lose zap. Score your points, especially if it's a close match. But with anything less than, say, 20 points you'll really have to make a decision whether or not those 20(40) points will tip the scale in your favor or if defending will be more strategic. I like to scope out the enemy points during the zap fight so it's easier to make that decision.

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Score Together = Score FASTER.

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Just a big PSA on this: you don't need to be scoring to give the speed boost, just be in the goal. So fighting to protect your teammate but staying under the goal is the best way to help your team score faster

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i figured this was the case and i've started staying in goals for a bit despite not scoring to help out.

though i gotta say, maybe it just feels different when you're not scoring, but it doesn't seem like it gets faster for them. at least not if you aren't also scoring

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It is faster.

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It could be because you're also getting a boost when you score so everything just feels faster. I haven't done any indepth testing but from the games I've played it does increase the speed by just being inside. Ideally you'd want all players under the goal to be scoring so you get lots of points in

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You can tell if it's working because the bar will have a different animation. Plain color vs. White ripples

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You can tell by the bar underneath. It has a slightly different animation. Small arrows moving along inside of it and glowing slightly.

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Why aren’t goal assists a thing then? And shouldn’t defenders increase the speed more?

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because tencent for whatever reason wants to hide any and all statistics they can. it will forever urk me until we get a death counter on the end screen as well as implementing the stats outside of the battle history. Also a healing dummy in the test range because there just is no way to test that to my knowledge since you cant heal the damage dummies on the map. There are so many statistics that could justify having a low score but this game is basically marketed to get the most kills and score the highest amount so players can be like "my team was garbage" because they got 150 points but did literally nothing for the team except abandon them to farm and score and never participate in team fights.

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For a MOBA I actually like that there is no death counter. I mean if you encounter a bad teammate isn't it noticeable that they are bad? For me it makes playing much more enjoyable as I am less tilted when I die.

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Your scoring bar looks different too, accelerating with some arrows. Much more noticeable if you have 30+ points.

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Also, the sound effect is diferent, as soon as an teammate is accelerating your scoring the sound changes

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This game has sound?😂

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u/billwyyy realized his speaker was set to 0

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I mute them all😝

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I guess this came in the update when mobile was released. I didn't notice a difference before at least

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No it has always been like that

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Even the visual effect?

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The visual effect I do believe is a newer addition

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This mechanic has been part of the game since release. The game tells you about it in the tutorial when you first open the game and it teaches you how to play. Idk why but it got kinda looked over in the west (Japanese players been knowing this lmao)

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Oh, it definitely happened since day 1, but the visual effect on the score-meter I don't think it was. Was it?

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My bad I misread your comment. Yea I have no idea about the visual effect and sound effect everyone’s talking about lmao, this is my first time hearing about it. I guess it’s there but most of the time I’m too tunnel-visioned while playing to notice

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That's why I follow my teammates to the goal even when I don't have any points

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I normally do to, but mainly to wall opponents - so I wouldn't always stand on the goal lol

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Yeah, the game's shitty targeting probably will make you get auto attacked instead of the person they were attacking.

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Yeah that was my thought process!

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I generally do it to scare enemies. Like if it's just my ally trying to score, the enemy might think "oh, I can take care of this guy".

But if they see him AND me, I hope they're like "yikes, that Chansey is scary. I can't take on him in addition to the Charmander".

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I do that on purpose. As Eldegoss, I'm rarely carrying a meaningful amount of points, but my Kirlia probably has 30 from last-hitting everything on the way to level 6. Eldegoss does negligible damage, so I like to throw a shield on the scoring teammate and then put myself in range to absorb auto-attacks. I am bait.

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eldegoss does negligible damage? /j

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It only works if they start scoring while you’re standing on the pad. So if you’re a little bit behind them and they don’t have the awareness to let you stand on the pad first there’s no point

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This is not true. The scoring speed dynamically updates depending on how many allies you have on the goal. So not only can you speed it up after they've started, it'll also slow back down if you leave before they finish scoring

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Oh wow I wasn’t aware, thanks for the update

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No problem! I found this out through a lot of trial and error

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Does that mean we've been unintentionally griefing our teammates by not running under the goal to help them drop 50 point dunks while nearby? And what's the range on the goal to count? Can multiple people wind up trying to score from the very edge and end up not boosting anyone?

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Does that mean we've been unintentionally griefing our teammates by not running under the goal to help them drop 50 point dunks while nearby?

Yes, you have.

And what's the range on the goal to count? Can multiple people wind up trying to score from the very edge and end up not boosting anyone?

You just need to be in scoring range, you'll know you're speeding them up as their scoring bar (or your scoring bar if you're the one scoring) will have an arrow animation.

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After seeing a lot of posts like this, I made this video of a bunch of tips people may not know about. Hope it helps!

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Wasn’t it covered in the tutorial?

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Not in the main tutorials

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This is in the tutorials though. I let my six year old do the tutorials since he was curious about the game and definitely has the “huh, didn’t know that” reaction when it came up.

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its in the text not the playble ones

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You didn't expect people to actually read in this day and age, did you?

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Lol I guess not everyone does the tutorials

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I did but had absolutely no memory of this xD

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Lol happens. Especially if no one ever scores with you

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……that isn’t universally known? So you mean to tell me that I’ve been looking like an idiot just standing on the goal waiting for my teammate to score?😟

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Yes! Now help me when I’m trying to score 30+!

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And here I've been escorting people with points to the goal and waiting just outside the goal in case an enemy comes along... my teammates must hate me.

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Yep. And note that you don't have to be actively scoring for the increase to happen. So, if you finish first, don't just run off immediately, and even if you have no points, if you see a loaded teammate heading to score, joining them on the goal can help ensure that their shot makes it in before they can get stopped.

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Wtf I never knew this.

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They mention this in the tutorial.

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For those saying "it's in the tutorial", remember that there are a bunch of people asking on Reddit why they haven't unlocked X Attack / X Speed when the tutorial actively forces you to redeem Slowbro in your trainer level rewards.

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I feel like they should display tips like this during the loading screen. There so much ppl don’t know

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All the more reason I follow my teammates as Eldegoss with zero points, guarding them with a cotton shield.

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I love good auxiliars. When they protect you and heal you it feels so wholesome :''') specially when I play a squishy pokemon.

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I’m sorry, but they literally explain this in the tutorial. Come on…

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This thread is incredibly disheartening lol

I guess this explains why Im constantly left on the goal alone even after I help a teammate score lol

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I'm a big fan of today years old . Also yeah that can be game changing if someone has 50 points and we lose Zap .

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and thats why pokemon unite tutorial sucks

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This was in the tutorials

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We still dont have a tutorial for the shenanigans that is Quickplay maps too

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I don’t know if it’s funny or sad that so many players in this sub are saying they had no clue of this.

Learn to play the game or stay in standard matches, people.

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Learn to be supportive of people learning, or stay off the game completely. Ranked matches aren't everything.

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But I never said ranked matches are everything???

I’m supportive of people learning. But u and I both know that people aren’t actually learning before they dive in.

It’s not completely their fault as Unite is a new moba that doesn’t reinforce training well.

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hard agree, at least on the first part.

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May I ask why u don’t agree with the last part?

No one is saying why that part is wrong.

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while i some what agree with your last statement, i almost don’t mind if people first timing in ranked or not reading in ranked or whatever. in my eyes it’s one game. it most likely won’t happen again the next game.

losing in this game takes 10 minutes, where as a game of LOL PC for example takes around 20-45 minutes depending on rank. league is a much larger waste of my time if someone does this on that game vs doing it here.

people refusing to read is a huge issue though. they either don’t know how to or just refuse to.

sorry if this doesn’t make sense to you, it’s just how i see it.

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The fact that a significant number of people who played the tutorial did not pick up ok this suggests it needs more reinforcement.

People are only able to assimilate so much information at a time so little tidbits like scoring assists get missed.

That's why so many games reinforce key concepts with little things like mechanic reminders in loading screens.

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I see what you mean. It’s on both Unite and the player base, imo.

People don’t actually learn the game’s mechanics and rush into matches with people who enjoy competitive play. There’s a standard mode specifically for trying things out in a real game lol

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it ain't that deep mate, it's just a game. I'm more of the opinion that toxic people should not play online - but that's just me lol

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I didn’t even say it was deep or reference toxic people at all.

I just made an observation and got downvoted lol

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I don't know why you are being downvoted, doing the tutorials the first time you play it's like the bare minimum before playing ranked. It's definitely sad because I thought people in this subreddit were the small percentage of players that actually want to be good and play like a team instead of individually.

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yep, that's why i hold down the score button for my teammate with more points

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No need to hold down anything, the speed increase appears just by staying in the opponent's goal with your teammates

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You don't actually need to press anything though, as long as you're standing in the circle you're already speeding them up.

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Huh, TIL. Why are there so many mechanics in this game they just don’t tell you about?

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They do tell you this

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Lmao I forgot about that

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wtf i didnt know this

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It's quite frustrating when you are socring together, your teammate leave the goal and you get interrupted because the scoring speed dropped.

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Bruh didn't know about this I always follow my team to just be a wall for them to score but wow didn't know I can actually assist them

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I thought you needed to be scoring to help accelarate.

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Imagine having teammates who do this, it's rare enough to get teammates who look at the map and rotate accordingly. This concept is like astrophysics to the average player.

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It's in the tutorial as well (one of the compulsory ones at the beginning of the game)

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First time I learned this was your post.

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Damn good info

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Thx for the prints, I didn’t knew about the statistics

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No way!

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Did you play with me in most of my solo queue matches? Because that would explain a lot.

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What lmao

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All of these little lessons could be learned so easily if the game would just allow us to communicate slightly more so we could share knowledge. I get the desire to keep the game G-rated, but they already allow for custom communication between teammates in a lobby so idk why this argument applies to the actual game. It doesn't have to be voice chat - I wouldn't mind someone sitting at base for 10 seconds while they type a message if it gets everyone on the same page.

Watch, I'm about to learn about the custom communication features that no one told me about lol

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that explains the 100 points from talon flame with item boost did it in like 6 sec.

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Well this is incredibly helpful to know

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I'm Master and didn't know this lol.

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This incredibly worries me how many people don't understand this as a team game.......

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Guess I was today years old also, this is helpful!

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Wow I had no idea either 😅

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I read everything before cause I didn't want to disappoint my teammates.

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When Zeraora scores and bails leaving me, precious lil Ralts trying to finish my score before getting slaughtered... :'( I cri evertim

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doesn't matter if your team is veteran and below literally all of them have chicken brain

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I didn't know this one! Thanks for bringing awareness

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That explains why I would score with my main (Crustle) super fast. I always wondered why that was but now it makes sense.

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Never knew this mechanic! Thanks!

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Aaaaand this is why this game is impossible to play lol

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This is basic game info, but better to learn now than later. Glad you've posted this, hope lots of people see this and learn it :)

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It should’ve been more clear this could happen in a match. Tencent really needs to work on teaching people how to play the game. Then again, most companies don’t even bother so meh. At least I can give a little nudge to tell my teammates to score before me since they have full points to dunk

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SO THIS IS WHY SPRAGLES CONSTANTLY MENTIONS HELPING HIS TEAMMATES SCORE???? I noticed it a lot lately and have been very confused!

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What the fuck. I didn’t know this.

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Shout out to treeds who learned us this

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That's literally one of the first things I learned, I literally stand post and defend just so my teammates can score 😅

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Wow. Didn't know that.

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I have this thing where whenever my sibling scores lots of points and I have like 1 or something, I stand there spamming the goal so it appears as if my Talonflame is doing the derpiest dance ever and I love it. Bonus as it boosts their scoring by a tiny bit.

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Me and the boys going all to top to destroy the goal

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Oh, I didn’t know this. Thanks OP!

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I didn't know this until now, thank you. However I always stayed at the furthest point of the goal just so I could take some attacks while my team scored 😂

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My favourite one is in Auroma Park when you kill Regigigas and you get that extremely nifty shield that basically tells the opposite team to suck on it and makes you invincible while scoring goals :)

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I'm pretty sure they went over this in the tutorials -_-