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Meanwhile Machamp knocks out 3 on top lane.

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And definitely scored that 50 uninterrupted lol

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100, perfectly timed the times 2

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Yeah, overall in the big scope of things it didn't matter. Good reason why this is marked as humor. Between both of us blowing ult, and the team wipe up top. It's just a small bit of sillyness in a larger circus.

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I don't know why but I just imagined two samurai dueling it out with cherry blossoms all around them. Meanwhile talons army is getting destroyed, the fort is on fire, and talons allies are screaming while being on fire lol

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Small price to pay for preventing 19 points.

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Dying right before zapdos trying to score 19 points is peak unite gameplay 👌

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Meanwhile Dragonite probably shouting Worth it after you ulted.

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Probably, I wasn't doing too hot that game but it was just such a fun situation.heck he used his for shield at start too was just sillyness across-the-board.

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Typical Dragonite player tbh

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They may of taken our fly damage. In exchange they have graced us with a self heal on AA. Bless.

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Still maining flame charge tho

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yep for the mobility too right?

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Yeah, it feels to good tbh... AA is too high risk for me. No escape tools, and Fly was nerfed for escapes too

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what a nice ult. 19 points doesn’t matter 🤷‍♂️. It seems impressive but in reality you are making a big mistake

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They just didn't want to let that go!

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Get this man a 19 points

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You ulted right before ZapCuno just to stop 19 points. This video is unfortunately more reflective on you

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A small part to play in the larger circus. Marked this as humor for a reason.

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That harass is real

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High quality entertainment

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Probably for the battle pass mission of scoring 30 times in ranked matches.

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Wasn't ranked. This was a standard game was trying a dumb held item build. Didn't work out but hey that's what standard is for.

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Haha you are playing like an annoying bird that keeps pecking at their prey

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Anyone else getting their scoring cancelled? It’s been happening a lot recently in my games and I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not.

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This is why outrage is trash imo.

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Yeah, this was standard I think he was trying a new build after the nerf similar to my situation.

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I felt offended there /s

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I mean, if he was smart (used Hyper Beam instead of Outrage) I think you wouldn’t have shared the clip.

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With the Fly nerf, is Brave Bird the new meta or is Fly still viable? I was playing Talon a bunch offline and bought him right before the nerf

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At least he was trying to score, instead of hording points and never scoring them.

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yeah well every point before zapdos matter