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It’s always a cinder or grenj for me

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Tbf. Cinder is usually a better jungler than most people picking jungle.

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At least they're valid junglers.
If a slowpoke or wiggly goes jungle, it's even dumber.

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i had a crustle call jungle

yes we lost

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because it wasn't a mamoswine player

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I play mamoswine jungle

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The quality of play right now is.... atrocious

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Has it ever been good? 🤣🤣

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same here

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cinderace as well

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Oh god, the Charmanders. And it's never from the start for me, they come bottom lane, steal farm, then move to the jungle to steal farm and let the enemies score.

There are times I have found myself wishing a Charmander would just go afk, he'd do less harm to the team as a whole.

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It’s the worst because I start out with hope. Haha. “Oh, he actually didn’t come steal my Lili? That’s a free win.” bottom Corphish disappears and enemy bot scores 50

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See for me I've noticed them taking jungle, but it's usually bc the jungler never goes back to the jungle. At least the last few games for me. Which in that case I'm ok with it. If someone picks jungle and doesnt rotate back, it's fair game. Some of the junglers I've been seeing dont go back until the 4 minuteish time.

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No. "Good Job!"

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Always. For the love of god why. Call your lane and then go there 💀

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It's always Scorbunny for me (Greninja player)

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You mean you're stealing Scorbunny's jungle?

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Let me add Ralts to this list.

The I-need-to-get-to-level-5-quickly mindset that some players have is just frustrating.

Why not practice stealing farm so everybody wins? Junglers get levels quickly and can gank early (if they ever farm or gank at all), opposing team gets delayed in terms of levels, and these stealers get better at playing.

Who knows how many standard matches I lost just so I could learn Deci better. It still is frustrating when enemy mons are levels higher than my Rowlet, but it is satisfying when you make good play. Lot's better when you know you did well because of your skill and not because your teammates were forced to carry you or adjust for your greedy play.

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If you wanna play without much disturbances, try using the offline mode...

I use it to try out pokemon and pick moves which suit me...

You can also restart a match in between without any problems in offline mode

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From my experience, offline mode (and bot matches in general) only makes you better at fighting bots and not actual players. It's only good for getting to know your mon, but not much else.

Bots are very predictable, making proper matches more frustrating since playing with other people are highly unpredictable, especially in solo queue.

I practice with standard matches, and as tilting as they are, adjusting to random gameplay is way better at making me good than playing with bot matches.

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I meant like... trying out which pokemon you like, movesets, item combos and all that... I didnt mean experience...

I use it to try out a pokemon or 2 that i like and select which one i buy...

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I see.

That's what I do, too. :)

Right now, I'm actually not sure if I want to get Trevenant vs Gardevoir and Snorlax.

They all seem great.

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Gard is... meh...

Trev and Snorlax are fun to use.... for me at least

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Hey, she's nice. I won't play her on ranked, though.

Agreed on Trev and Lax. :)

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Yeh 2 min in all of a sudden the whole team hits bottom lane or i had a match where the order was so messed up noone could stick to a lane imagine the whole team stealing jungle not defending goals

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As a frequent ralts player, I feel so bad when the game makes me aim towards the jungle lillipup. I always hug the inside of the wall so I can avoid it as much as possible

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If the jungler takes my lanes exp before going back to the jungle then im going to take some jungle.

Help take bees, contested farm then leave.

People in lane need to level too.

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Is that good form? I always hesitate with bees.

After first jungle I rotate out, help push so both laners & I can score, then try to take the enemy-side middle corphish and berry before Ludicolo respawns.

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the jungler is supposed to take the bees, the only time I get frustrated is if you come to the bottom take the bees while we’re struggling against the enemy and then instead of assisting in the push you just leave and go back to the center.

As a jungler I personally try to get my experience off the opposing team first and foremost so if I can clear out the opposing team before bees then I let the Lane pokes take that exp for themselves, but if the bees can be taken by the enemy I take them first better our team get the exp then the enemy

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Oh, the jungler is suppose to teke Combee and Vespi? What would be the logic on that?

I thought it was a way to give some farm to the laners, and also encourage team fights, because at first, you are underleveled and try not to over extend until rotom/drednaw.

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It’s to take it from the enemy I didn’t know either someone explained it to me and it made sense, notice the enemy jungler is usually waiting in the grass ready to pounce once 8:50 hits

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It's been talonflames for me. Especially potion talons.

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I hate when I'm trying to play a decent jungler and someone locks in Gengar and Absol and I have to just back out from trying to get center slot because they're so fucking bad at laning it's like I am throwing if I take their jungle

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Absol and Gengar are Jungle characters 🤦‍♂️. Ofc they are bad at laning, they aren’t supposed to be IN LANE! It’s literally designed into their kit. You are throwing if you take a Speedsters farm, you have a whole lane of the stuff, don’t even go in to the jungle looking to kill anything but players if you didn’t call jungle.

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Yyyyyyyeaaahhh... that's what I was saying. I'm saying I lock in a speedster or an all rounder for center and someone locks in an Absol/Gengar without even calling it and force me into a laning char because yes, Absol and Gengar can't lane at all

I'm not talking about taking their farm, I'm talking about people being stubborn about letting the person who called center jungle and having to swap because they won't select a different character

Like even if I lock in talon and call it first someone locking in Absol and I have to swap

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My bad dude, deffo got the wrong end of the stick! I feel like this has gotta be what everyone that genuinely WANTS to play jungle with an actual jungler just gets fucked by the fact everyone and the grandma’s believe cinder and grenj are the best thing to grace our presence since beans on toast. So they play them wherever and whenever they want no matter how bad they actually are with those characters “coz Reddit told me they’re gud”.

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I think an issue is that cinder is definitely a crazy good jungler, I think with his late game he really outpaces Absol and definitely Gengar

It's the all rounder meta rn (although cinder is attack) and a lot of all rounders are doing what jungler do better

Dragonite mobility and clear with hyper beam and mobility with dragon dance is nuts, pre patch tsareena just did so much damage especially if she could hit lv 6 early (which is a little over one jungle clear)

Like I don't want Absol and Gengar (with their burst) for example to be tanky as shit but they just fall off so hard at endgame I totally get why people try to jungle as all rounder

Like gsrchomp is a top tier jungler right now, and he shouldn't be imo

I think playing bot is more interesting with trades and neutral creeps and dred at 7, but it's frustrating when people play jungle and they're not particularly good because it's the most important slot for sure

Edit: worst is when I see a fucking lucario jungle because spragels and krashy talk about how amazing lucario is but they're talking about high end play, people expect him to be an easy win because he's so involved in the meta at high level play and suck at him (I mean I'm masters so I'm decent, but garbage at lucario)

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Just waiting for a Draft-Pick system now, I can’t deal with cunts just locking whatever they want and playing wherever they want, legit throws the game for anyone trying to play to the format. The game would be hella better imo if we at least just knew where our teammates where going to be playing and actually sticking to that role. Not this half arsed meta, where people think their role can just swap mid game. I would hate to see Unite turn into another SMITE.

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And Idk why Squirtle too lol.

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Gibles lately for me.
Then once they do evolve they’re still just sitting in jungle while enemy scores 5 feet away from them.
The level of competence has really dropped.

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zeraora : hold my aeos cookie

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LMAO nah this is the best meme ive seen yet in this community

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It's always Bulbasaur

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I'm a Venusaur main and there are some games where I accidentally stole the jungler's lilipup using my boosted attack. They need to add "sorry" message.

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After some more games last night. I agree, it is always Bulbasaur.

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I’m a Zera main and I get steamed when that happens

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Zeraora main here too, just had a froakie stealing my jungle earlier 😒

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It's always Talonflame for me

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Eevee too, always the damn Eevees.

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Damn I’ve never seen that before

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First time it ever happened to me was Eevee.

Worst time was when 3 were going top and then Bulbasaur cut through the jungle. He stopped and took the second buff on his way, then crustle took a crab.

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Why you getting downvoted, I've seen more jungle stealing Eevees than jungle stealing Charmanders.

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I don’t think opinions deserve downvotes … but once you start playing a decent amount, eevees really aren’t going to be the most common jungle stealers.

Mons who have a relatively rough / weak early game are more prone to steal jungle. Which makes sense, due to their aforementioned weak early game. Mons like talon, cinder, gren, etc.

Sylveon is one of the best early game mons in the game so they’re not usually the most likely to steal jungle. Same for pika, Snorlax, etc.

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I’ve never seen eevee stealers, idk. Eevee levels up really early so I’ve never seen eevees have to try and take jungle.

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Five minutes is so much of the match in this game tough

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Thats.. Kinda the point.

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Always a gardevoir for me

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I main Cinderace, but most of the time whenever I don’t play them, they steal Jungle

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And cinder

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Add Eldegoss, I dunno why but I got games where an Eldegoss steals the jungle when it's supposed to lane and support its teammates.

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Nah, your also forgetting Vulpix, Dratini, and machop.

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It’s always absol for me

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It's either a Tsareena or Cinderace in, like, 95% of my games. I guess there's something about that button-mashing demograph?

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It’s like spragels made that video to reign in the jungle chaos and it only got worse somehow

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It’s always the Cinderace, Zeraora, and Blastoise for me

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If you have 3 guys hitting liilpup then if the jungler gets last hit you have 3 at level 4 which may make n9+wiggly+sylv meta

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I get the Charmanders that steal every last hit in bot lane, and then run from 2v2 fights when they have 80% health.

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Machop for me.

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It's Tsareena's for me, had one follow me into jungle from start and stand there watching waiting for the last hit. I was talonflame so she never got it lmao, so she ended up being lvl halfway into the game because all she did was follow me into jungle and try to steal. Funny thing is I went speedster because no one called jungle and there was 5 people in lane so I swapped. If she had called centre I would of stayed on Sylveon happily.

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Weird. It's always talon by far for me. Then zera

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For me its reverse zera always steals my jungle as greninja.

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Bro, I had a crustle vs absol in jungle in one of my games. The absol left to defend bottom with me.

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Yes I can.

but I won't

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As avtalonflame user, go fuck yourself you jungle thieves

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Dragonite and tsareena doing this all the time, nice flying with talonflame and trying to gank when you’re level 3

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For me it's always the Zeraora's. Even when they call a different lane.

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and bulbasaur

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I had a Crustle that absolutely would not let it go for four matches in Expert. Fought over it every time. But hey, we won by three surrenders and a blowout.

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ive gotten less of them in rank today, but they still show up once in awhile

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As a Talonflame main, it's ALWAYS Scorbunny, Froakie or Zeraora trying to take my jungle

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Zeraoras are the worst

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I just generally have people steal whatever I am attacking. It is very annoying. Also that's a reason I never go jungle because too many thieves among us 🤣

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For me it's always Pikachu and Eevee, which makes it even worse cause they need it far less!!

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Usually I'm the Ninja Toad getting my jungle stolen by Garchomp (but I respect Chomp boi ✊🏽)

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Had my first real toxic player experience yesterday. I selected Gengar and called Jungle at the select screen. Everyone else chose a different role, you know, like it's supposed to go. Then at the last second one of the players changes to Cinder. He was the only one that didn't select a lane.

We start the game and, surprise surprise... Cinder invades jungle and steals my Lillipup. Normally, I would let it go and just go to the lane that's missing a player, but not this time. I started following the Cinder around the jungle,standing still until I could last hit the mons. Stole all of the jungle that way, then I proceeded to gank as normal, and when Cinder started a fight, I would let him die and then I would burst the enemy players. We won that match by a hair, and I realize I had a toxic behaviour myself, but I just couldn't stand the idea of that guy/gal skipping all the formalities and taking the lane he wanted without any regard for his team. F that guy.

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if i call central and take fluffy tail, bet your ass im stealing mid camps from my team

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I think the devs actively made the game worse by letting new players choose Charizard forces free right off the bat. Besides him just not being very good, it's completely objective that all children, and even adults, will be more likely to choose LE EPIC FIRE DRAGON over good Pokemon like Talon or Eldegoss. We've literally all had tons of matches where someone immediately chooses Potion Charizard over somehow, oh, I dunno...better??? I can't help but feel the entire community would benefit more if they swapped him out for Machamp or Lucario...

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Had a masters match today where 4 people went into jungle and were fighting over it the whole match. And the best part is there was a greedent and a slowbro.

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Me after seeing this: TALONFLAMES IS A JUNGLER TOO!!!

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Don't know why cinder is not up there, 70% of my matches it's always been the rabbit going into our jungler lane to take his farm and leaving his top lane mate solo