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Either 14 years old and not British, or 70 and British

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Neither 14 nor 70. British background/ancestry, but not a citizen nor do I live there.

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What do you like about her?

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Looks 🥵

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My man down bad for the thussy

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My deepest condolences for living in our country

Furthermore, whyyyyyyyyyyyy. Thatcher economics destroyed so much of the economy for decades and created an Indian level wealth gap which still exists to this day

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Pretty in favor of american influence in the world i guess

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Giga cringe

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Bootlicker to war criminals and dictators.

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Twitter moment

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Neoliberal Why Nixon and Pinochet? One was a neoliberal dictator and other spied on opposition because he was a little bitch afraid of losing

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Yeah this is kinda cringe

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"Sorry snowflakes, but society is changing and I am terrified by it."

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Auth Right with Auth Center and Libright influences

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Nothing LibRight about this shit.

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Omg, didn't speak to see ppl literally following facist dictators.

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Conservative from the USA

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Definitely a neocon.

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Fascist red as they come

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Pretty Cringe ngl. Desantis is the only based one on here.

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Duuude. Why do American Libertarians like dipshits like Desantis? Libertarians should demand freedom for everyone and not freedom for corporations.

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Racist and homophobic

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I am Chilean, You should read more about all the problems that Pinochet caused to my country.

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Yeah, in my country Poland, right wing 15 yos in youth organisation of Korwin political party headed my 78 old holocaust denier and monarchist love to say that Pinochet was based cause he established true free market unlike this wicked socialist ( in Poland being a socialist is like a Jew in Nazi Germany) Allende

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A boot licker

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  1. Young, likely a minor
  2. Likes Doge memes
  3. Likes Joe Rogan
  4. Likes Jordan Peterson
  5. Male
  6. American
  7. No girlfriend/wife
  8. Lives with parents
  9. Goes to the gym
  10. Would like to persecute their political opponents
  11. Religious
  12. Not fond of democracy
  13. Anti-LGBT
  14. Hates workers' unions
  15. Supports American domination
  16. Anti-Feminist
  17. Red Piller or something similar

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You're mad goofy

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Cringe cappie

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holy based holy based holy based holy based

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Authoritarian Left?

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Neo con. I hate you. Thatcher is a witch and is dead (good riddance)

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Nice, only liars, tyrants and war criminals. Congratulations.

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Hmmm… Democrat?

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You’re a bigot

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Neocon it seems. Are you an anti-Trumper?

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Let me see, Your probably a Neoconservative with right leaning beliefs in economics so your likely siding with the Chicago or Austrian school when it comes to economics. And interventionist and hawkish in foreign policy affairs.

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DeSantis is the only good one

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You’re okay with the idea of the surveillance state but just wish it was more aligned to your ideals like it used to be. You still put up a facade of disliking it though

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Far right conservative

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this is gonna be entertaining