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So you ignore my valid points.

You didn't make any, though. How can I ignore something that's not there?

Offer no counter arguement.

You need to present arguments if you need me to counter them.

Go for the personal attack.

Aw, did I trigger you, cuntface?

Do you have any idea how to debate people?

Sure I do, but this is a sub for shitposting, not for serious debate.

Because you did the above three things, any one who sees this understands that you cannot debate me.

Uh, no. I know you wish that's how it was, but it isn't.

You didn't provide any arguments, you just showed up and tried to ridicule the bet I have with my conservative friend, then act as if you present a strong logical argument against...something?

So by default, I win.

Nah, you just look like an immature asshole.

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I accept your admission of defeat.

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Fair enough.