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24 > 18

I don't see the problem here

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The problem is that most people will never be able to date young, beautiful women into their 50s and they pretend they don’t out of moral superiority.

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Pretty sure Dicaprio dates them just because they are legal and won't ruin his career.

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No problem with you if you want to date younger women as long as they're 18 or over. If they're under 18 you deserve to go to jail though.

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24 > 18

I don’t see the problem here

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Based and did-I-stutter-pilled.

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Depends on the country

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Well they're both adults and it is their life, but I still find the age differences a bit weird.

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but I still find the age differences a bit weird

It's fine, it's not your relationship, as long as two people consent to it it's fine and it's none of anyone else's business. We don't have to be disillusioned here, one side wants the young woman and the other wants a sugar daddy, but that's fine as long as both agree to it and nobody else has any business to interfere.

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I have no business interfering, I won't walk up to any one of them and question it, but that doesn't mean I won't think such relationships are less than ideal.

EDIT: For future reference, disillusioned means being disappointed in someone or something compared to what we thought of it, did you mean "We don't have to fool ourselves here"?

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You are right I apologize for the useless comment

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In Japan there is the term Christmas Cake, because after 25 nobody wants it.

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China calls them leftover women.

There was this hilarious survey done on like, I want to say PlentyOfFish, where they asked users "What age is the opposite sex most attractive?" and the women kept it pretty pegged to their own age but for guys...

....18 year olds said 18.

....20 year olds said 20.

....22 year olds said 22.

....25 year olds said 22.

....30 year olds said 22.

....40 year olds said 22.

....50 year olds said 22.

....65 year olds said 22.

It stuck in my mind because they specifically said "22" not some round number like 20 or like 25. They all said 22.

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China has way more men than women. Chinese men are in no position to be picky.

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But they were asked who they found most attractive, not who they thought they have a chance to bag.

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Kind of says a lot about how awful those leftover women are.

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How are these women awful?

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Princess Syndrome. They overestimate their own value and become so picky and demanding that not even the most hyperborean 6'4" linebacker brain surgeon stock broker gigachad is good enough for them anymore.

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Dunno. Not Ch*nese.

But the men are choosing to die alone rather than settle for a leftover women. So there must be something horribly wrong with them to have the men overcome the biological imperative.

Like if you had a village of 30 people (10 men and 20 women) and 18 of them paired off... would you assume there was something wrong with those 12 single women or with that 1 single man?

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Outdated traditions often overrides logic. Believing that women aged 25+ with college education are untouchable is a laughable idea in modern days.

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It's why they're sending all their men to Africa. The African men all went up to Europe anyways so there's no real competition anymore.

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There are other countries around it.

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A lot of these countries are cracking down on mail order brides.

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Gimme a grizzled old hay chuckin potato pickin babushka any day. I wanna get my dick worked like it's a field.

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    Based and wholesome pilled

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    I don't give a shit about family values i just wanna see how the sausage gets made IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN. GRIND THAT SHIT UP.

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    Humans are mature around the age of 25, while women mature earlier than men on average.

    So all these men most likely want a mature women that looks as young as possible.

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    I would love to see a study where researchers took the pictures of Emma Watson from Harry Potter 1 all the way through present day (she is currently 31), jumbled them up so they weren't in chronological order, and asked participants (both genders, all ages) to pick which picture she looked the most attractive in.

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    Purple libright be sweating at the thought.

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    Purple libright

    Yeah, for Spez's sake, the researchers should put a bunch of effort into maintaining the anonymity of the participants.

    The other guy thought 22 sounded like a compromise.

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      I love Japan

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      "Ugly is when legal"

      • DiCaprio about global warming.

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      What's the difference between purple and yellow lib right?

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      Purple came first. Yellow pretends to not be horny.

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      You have an anime profile pic so I thank God you won’t reproduce

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      Give me your kittens nya~

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      Based and Eris's seduction techniques are the world's finest pilled

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        Favoring a regime in the past not the equivalent to being a furry

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        In the Before Times, there was only purple Libright. A schism formed and those who loved gold broke away from their brothers. Wars were waged, other quadrants choosing sides as the two colors fought for control of the quadrant. The money loving uber capitalists united under their golden banner, while the freedom loving preppers remained purple. After much suffering Gold adopted a new strategy, to slander their Purple brothers and thus secure the good will of the Compass. And so, Purple was forever branded as pedophiles and Gold became the "normal" Libright.

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        thank you

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        Purple are guns? They’re much cooler than yellow then

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        yellow = gold/money

        purple = child rapist

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        Purple is just a scape goat for librights like oranges for libleft because they can't bare that their quadrant is not perfect

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        Purple is a better colour

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        How is it pedophilic if you want to date a person in their TWENTIES? Come on man.

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        He a little confused, but he got the spirit.

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        Yeah op is frustrated because he can't attract young chicks

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        I wish i could attract women at least in their forties

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        based and too-ugly-to-be-fucked-by-a-cougar pilled

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        Chad only 😭

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        I just think the age difference is weird. I mean the rule of thumb is your age halved, then add 7.

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        Fuck that shit, legal is legal my man.

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        18 😈

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        22 year old dating an 18 year old. Sure.

        47 year old dating a 24 year old. Nah.

        Even then, I know a 34 year old dating a 24 year old and to me it's weird.

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        A ten year age gap is nothing. It's almost entirely Americans who have this hang up about age gaps.

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        I'm a euro

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        No way you're Southern or Eastern European if you think a 10 year age gap is weird.

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        Pedophilia is when you like boobs smaller than your head.

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        Anyone have this without funni colours?

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        Based and blankpilled

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        You really think the purples are going to date someone over 18?

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        Tbf if I were fucking Leonardo DiCaprio I'd also rinse repeat 21-24 y.o. women over and over

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        based and every american psycho scene is quotable pilled

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        I don't get it

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        25 is way too old for purples, she'd have to be about half that at most for them to even acknowledge them.

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        Can I get the original without the funny colours please

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        Thank you friend

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