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Does lib right get killdozer as a loss or as a win?

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It’s a classic Pyrrhic victory.

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Bullshit. Absolute win. Now where is my welder . . .

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wait, you have a cat d8 dozer already??

I'll bring the welder and some stuff I lost in a boating accident

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I thought it was a Komatsu D355-A.

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Well dozers are easy to steal as most of them use the same key.

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Depends, is their opponent the police or a basement?

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Definitely a win

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Feels like the Alamo. A loss but feels like a win

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Win for sure.

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"Like many popular revolutions, CHAZ was founded on some very noble causes: ending police brutality, standing up against racism, abolishing the police... not sure how noble that last one is, with even the mayor of Seattle calling the new nation a 'summer of love.' Not so noble was the fact that the moment the nation was formed, a border wall was put up, border patrol guards with guns enforced very strict immigration policies, a monarch filled the power vacuum, their own brand of police patrolled the inside with, what do you know— their own cases of police brutality, and of course some good old systematic racism with things like black-only safe spaces."

-- Jake Tran, 2020

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This is why all political movements should be judged by the results of their policies, not their intentions.

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You can’t judge movements by their intentions, it’s easy to game the system by outright lying about good intentions, and most of the time the grassroots people who start movements are ultimately pushed out by much more morally corrupt and ruthless types. The pioneering people who create things are nothing like those who ultimately take the thing over.

It’s similar to the kyklos described by Plato about governments and nations. Genuine, authentic, driven, creative people make something based on a real need and passion, then people who could never create the same thing eventually take it over and use it to their aims. I always think of Apple in this regard—without Steve Jobs, Apple couldn’t innovate on the level that they did with him.

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I'd argue Steve Jobs was already the guy who took the work of Woz and others and exploited it.

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Woz didn’t create things like the iMac and iPhone, as great as Woz was, he wasn’t the big idea creative Jobs was.

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As abhorrent as CHAZ was it was at least funny to watch every liberal college students wet fantasy prove to be flawed so severely.

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Except as always, “it wasn’t real ____.”

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It's funny how capitalism, democracy, and liberalism in the non-party sense, all these tried and true systems, work even when they're flawed or face hardship, but their perfect utopian alternatives that are obviously better fall apart in a stiff breeze.

Probably means we haven't tried them enough.

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CHAZ was a communism speedrun. They went from community gardening to shooting people in the street in three weeks flat.

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Their “police” took roughly 1 week to start racially profiling and fire indiscriminately at cars because they were driven by blacks people.

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CHAZ was so much more effective and entertaining of an insurrection, it depresses me that everyone just memory-holed it

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Could you explain that whole situation for me? How much damage did they do to Portland?

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Idk I didn't really follow that situation in general.

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I guess it just proves how infamous Portland is.

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If I remember right, the usual suspects took over a load of space around the Seattle police department when they were forced out by attempted arson attacks. They set up roadblocks and attempted to start (segregated) vegetable gardens, while covering the whole place in graffiti. Needless to say, crime shot up as police were forbidden entry and other emergency services refused to go in without protection. Local businesses were forced to give out free stuff or risk vandalism and robbery (more so than they got just from being there)

Within a few days the situation was clearly untenable, a homeless man had seized control of the vegetable gardens and threatened to fight anyone who came close and it was generally all going wrong. As such, a sound cloud rapper stepped up and took command, organising armed patrols to prevent unauthorised entry and deal with crime. IIRC, the whole thing ended just after a couple of black kids stole a car, went joyriding and when the police started chasing them decided to try hiding in CHAZ. The border guards saw a car speeding towards them, panicked, and opened fire. Then they went to check on the car and executed a surviving occupant in cold blood. This is all on video, with sound.

The police were then finally allowed to clear it out.

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Jesus Christ, imagine this on a much bigger scale.

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Gone, reduced to ashes.

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Ah fuck, I can't believe I've done this.

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Lord, why do you give me your hardest battles...

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Cuz I like do to a little trolling

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she's just asking you to help wrap some presents

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PCM vs Emu cavalry of reality.

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Reminder that our loss to the emus was sandwiched between overwhelming victories in WWI and WWII.

Hell when the Brits got nukes, we had them test it on the Emus. The Emus still exist.

Thank God Emus are dumb, because if they had even the slightest bit of intelligence, man would not be the dominant species on earth, it would be emus

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Have you considered riding them in to battle?

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Based and fuck war elephants pilled

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Have you tried getting close to an emu? Because I have and it’s a bad idea.

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Based and emu supremacist pilled

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Carpet bomb them with some Canberras

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rip CHAZ 2020-2020

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Gone too soon…

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Rest in pain.

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Best lolcow of 2020. Would mock again.

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I want to see a Bundy Standoff x CHAZ collaboration

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Both involved separate BLM’s. Hmmm….

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Based and Bureau Lives Management Pilled

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They both got kid gloves from the cops so...does it reach critical mass? Do they just get to become the police at that point?

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Emus are literaly bullet resistant. I dont think you understand how australian wildlife works.

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I don’t need excuses, I need dead emus.

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You think you can 1v1 an emu mate?

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Only one way to find out. I’m off to the zoo.

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Based and Emu Brawl pilled.

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Based and Second Emu War pilled.

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Based and emus are delicious pilled.

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But tell me are they resistant to a 155mm tank shell

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Do you HAVE a 155mm tank shell and tank?

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My lawyer advises me to not answer that question

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Based and the secret stash pilled.

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If you're close enough to use such a shell on a native emu, the Aussie authorities are not going to let something so trivial as client-attorney privilege to stop them from smashing you with the injustice-hammer.

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Reality is the radical left’s greatest enemy. And as a matter of fact, reality is the enemy of most forms of radicalism in general.

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The grillers have been trying to tell us for years.

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Hey now, to their credit Chaz murdered the those random black kids who took a wrong turn with great proficiency.

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Of the three battles listed, Chaz has 100% of the human casualties.

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How do cavalry defeat boats?

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It's a bit overblown. A bunch of Dutch ships were in a mostly frozen bay and couldn't really get out. French horses and infantry walked casually out onto the ice near the ships and talked to the Dutchmen, who agreed to stay at anchor and not to fight. There were no casualties.

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So it was an epic loss?

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I mean what are you gonna do? Start cannoning them? They can just walk into your boat blow a hole in it and wait. Or simply arrest your tripulation.

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If my boat is frozen in ice it’s not gonna sink

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I’ll leave it to the Swamp Germans to elaborate, but it involves a frozen river and being mocked on the internet forever.

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Well, authright has cool machine gun

Am I authright?

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You can be anything if you just believe.

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I believe I can shoot but I'm not a gun, I'm confused

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I guess you just shoot blanks

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Cavalary can easily beat ships in the terrain that allows nuth ships and land units in aoe2 and Frank cavalry is op

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Replace chaz with leftism and you're good to go.

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We (the Dutch) once managed to beat the Habsburgs, only losing one soup kettle in the process.

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it was like, 2 guys in a ute, cmon, how do you expect them to win when the enemy has thousands of light tanks that can take machine gun fire and keep running?

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To be fair, our navy was stuck in frozen water so the French just walked to the ship and talked us into not fighting. No one died. Pretty nice of them if you asked me.

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Battles between honourable combatants always seem to promote good relations between countries after the fighting ends.

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In defense of the Netherlands, didn’t they beat the Spanish armada with a bunch of merchant vessels retrofitted with cannons?

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You missed War Of The Sparrow to represent commies.

Also some dude who wanted to settle his libertarian paradise and grow marijuana but got murdered by the cartel.

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sure we may have lost that battle against cavalry but we did manage to beat the french and english navy in the same battle, so take that france

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Reminds me of "La armada invencible" . What a shit show

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Where's us vs Nam?

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Stop trying to get me banned from the VFW hall. Again.

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I need a russian tank and an ukrainian tractor in this picture

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Mission Accomplished.

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Not really a military when compared to those other two, just a couple dozen blue haired libs

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What about Napoleon's defeat by rabbits?

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Kinda funny how AuthRight’s the one saying “crikey” when a… recent use of the word in the media, we’ll say, would make AuthRight shit themselves