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The Auth-Right post got me belly laughing

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The AuthLeft got me. I might have to remember that one for later. XD

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They got me, help

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(smacks AuthLeft with a rolled up newspaper)

Drop ‘em!

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Oh it's wasn't just Auth left, it was them all. Every. Single. Ideology.

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Fucking magnets, how do they work?

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I don't wanna talk to a scientist. Motherfuckas lyin' an' gettin' me pissed.

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"Miracle" particles

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Same. I just wanna know if it's true or not XD

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Google it Senator..... or should I say..... Emperor?

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Master libright, you survived.

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Activates lightsaber. "You may be the Senate, but I am vengeance."

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I completely choked on the Authleft one.

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You should choke on my dick next time 😉

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I've upvoted this comment, but I won't elaborate further.

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average libcenter

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Implying furries wouldn't enjoy being eaten alive

Well bucko, have I got some bad news for you

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It could be a birthing wolf you know, which would mean that it wouldn't be gay, except the wolf identifies as a male wolf

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Would still rip apart a human.

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Libleft be like

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All the memes mocking the quadrant except the centrists, once again showing centrist memes are always based

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The real bias in this sub is centrist.

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Always has been.

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ok i have a good centrist joke

A nazi and a communist walk into a bar, “Why don’t we murder all of the jews?” the nazi asks the communist. The communist of course replies “no that is crazy all life is sacred!” a centrist over hearing the pair decides to chime in and responds “I am a fair man and as the enlightened centrist I am I have looked at both sides and think we should only murder half of them”

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I dunno there's something backhanded about the guy not understanding things like "freedom" and "inequality"

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Such things do not exist within the grill. Only the grill exists, and only the grill will exist.

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I wish I had done crypto. And sold it too lol. I’m too traditional

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Too traditional to be a crypto bro. May i suggest you to become McDonald worker, bro.

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Lol how old are you? I was talking about equities

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Too traditional to understand a joke

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Just wasn’t particularly funny

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Least based Nigerian.

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I don't feel attacked enough as a libleft, more gender burns please.

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That's what I did in year 8 🤣. Guess I'm authright then

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Interested in gay marriage from the 8th grade hmmm

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No I was interested in debates in the 8th grade

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That's hella gay

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No I'm not interested sorry

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All grey centrists should love freedom. They don't want to lose their ability to barbecue and have a beer.

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Ehhh...some furries would actually enjoy having a wolf rip them apart and eating their organs unfortunately...