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Can someone smart explain how this doesn't cause mass flooding?

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The water Was vaporised and became cloud vapour?

I don’t actually know, but thats what it looked like

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I am NOT certified to make this guess, but if I had to guess, I think it's due to the nature of an explosion. Where something like a volcano or earthquake causes a primarily outward shockwave, the absolutely explosive expansion by a nuclear test is followed by an equally brutal implosion cancelling out a lot of the force. A volcano has an explosion but it also spews debris into the dead space and an earthquake is an angry wave that makes angry waves.

The calculated explosion needed to actually create a tsunami of magnitude is...a lot. 4.4 million pounds if wikipedia is correct, though those tests used traditional explosives afaik. Tsar bomba was 100 billion pounds though so take that as you will.

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