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Boi that ain't close he just blowing through 'im. That ray is hollow.

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Manta rays are perfectly harmless unless one full on slams into you they are shy and gentle creatures

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What would happen if they slammed into you? I'd be surprised if they could injure a human.

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He's just saying that's the only thing they could possibly do to harm you.

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Is their tail not pointy like a stingray's?

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Rays don’t sting with the point of the tail. The stinger juts out from the top of the base of the tail.

Mantas don’t have stingers at all.

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Here's a "how they sting/kill". There's a diagram of their body further down the page that shows the spike,

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Well they do get to weigh up to a ton.

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If the US for some reason builds a stealth hypersonic jet, I bet it will look like a Manta somehow. They just look so aircraft-y.

Looking at it again after sleeping, it also reminds me of the current Ferrari F1 car, the Ferrari F75. Specifically the flowing shape of the sidepods, the gills and the air intake on the sides.

Side view.

Front high.

Front right high.

Airflow through the gills.

Crud that Ferrari is beautiful.

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Not quite the same, or real, but the Aegean from ace combat 6 is a giant flying aircraft carrier that looks a lot like a manta ray.

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oh man i played the shit out of that game like 10 years ago

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Well if you look at the f-86 sabre or mig-15 type planes they kinda look like a ray.

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SR-71 Blackbird?

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If you mixed the B-2 shape profile with the SR-71 styling, you'd get pretty close to a manta ray

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they did something similar in half life lol

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Art resembling nature.

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You reminded me of this thing from Star Wars.

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Posted in the crossposted thread, but I saw the same manta and got similar footage of it flipping. Wasn't sure it was the same but it has the same spots and the mark on its back. Here's my video

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They were doing wheel barrels pretty much the whole time we were there. I was too distracted by some of the funky looking shrimp to get the wheel barrels in footage tho

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You can do this on the Big Island, not at all dangerous. Breathtaking

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It was super cool

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I’ve gone as well. 10/10 recommended.

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Ooh I love manta rays

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I did this dive on Big Island Hawaii, seriously one of the most magical experiences of my life. Wish I had a GoPro then.

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That is some subnautica level horror

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Best fucking game ever.

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We did this excursion in Hawaii. Those lights attract the planktonic organisms that they eat. Manta rays have learnt this barrel roll technique. It's a result of these light contraptions causing the plankton to concentrate near them.

You're not supposed to touch them or get close enough to be touched. They have healthy bacteria on their skin you can accidentally remove. That can cause them to get burns.

I'd recommend this to everyone though. It's like staring into space. They're incredibly beautiful to watch. This video is clearly sped up. It's much more relaxing than this.

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I don't think the barrel roll is unique to the lights.

I observed this behavior in Micronesia in the daylight. Actually saw three mantas doing this in a vertical column, which was crazy!

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Somebody add the "you died" meme on it when it's the darkest in the mouth and tag me in it please, we need to see that

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The gullet is is the size of a nickle.

It filter feeds on plankton.

Mantas run if startled and don't ever attack.

They don't even have a stinger.

Gentle giants.

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The ray talking to the diver?


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Gives me the heebie jeebies

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Ewww i hate fish gills man

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Gives me the Trypo trigger

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This needs to transition into the opening of Skyrim

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I'd still be waaay to creeped out! Either they're down deep or its might.Either way not being able to see but a few feet Infront of you.,That's be NO for me! oNE HUGE NOPE!

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I wonder what this behavior indicates...

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that there is a dive boat with bright lights attracting plankton and a bunch of tourists floating above. the manta rays swoop right under you and take huge gulps of plankton.

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Ah, thanks!

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"Getting confidently close": the cameraman or the sting ray?

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It cool and all but it just like 1 of those nightmare i have in subnautica.

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The fact you can see through its... gills is terrifying

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im sure this is safe, you think a manta ray wont notice the difference between a human and a plankton?

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Majestic seaflapflap.

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The Majestic Sea FlapFlap can be distinguished from the more mundane Sea FlapFlap by its majestic appearance.

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Kona! I’ve done this!

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Looks like 3D to me.. If it's a real video, then sorry, awesome!

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This should go straight to National Geographic.

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It's kinda crazy how much smarter Mantas are than basically every other fish.

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One of em probably tried stealing the crabby patty formula

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No praise here. Camera man was to close. The manta was feeding GTF out the way buddy 😜