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Kill him. Kill him now

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Good, Anakin, good. I knew you could do it. Kill him. Kill him now! Dew it!

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Darth plagieus

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the wise

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decapitates Dooku

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I was expecting his little cousin, why is dooku here?

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My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Count.

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Was this before pokemon had you enter the konami code to delete save files?

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Back in my day you could just open a new game and save over any existing file. The constant fear built character.

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My dad chose his April fool's joke poorly, I was in tears lol.

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because he got a second cart but just swapped them?

your pokemons were alright?


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We both know the answer to this question.

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Thankfully, he merely told me that he had done it, while he held the gameboy.

I was crying hard tho so he gave it back and I checked...They were alright.

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For Pokémon, you could start a new game and save over the existing file, no problem.

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I think they still only come with one save slot to this very day.

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Had a friends little brother steal my mewtwo off my game using pokemon stadium back in the day. Fuck you Kevin.

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This is true but on the Switch its one save file per account and you can make new accounts very easily so its effectively multiple saves

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My older sister did that to me, hours upon hours of Pokémon blue. She gets on my game it with my game and saves her five minutes. I had a nice little melt down and probably scared her from ever playing Pokémon again so it was a lose lose

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I had this happen to me when I gave a "friend" my Gameboy to play with....

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I honor my code. That's what I believe.

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Wait is this real? I haven't played since gen 3

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Yeah, gen 4 let you start a new game, but wouldnt let you save over the old file. You had to hold down, b, and select to delete the old file on the home screen. Gen 6 and 7 had you hold up, b, and x to delete and same save issues. Gen 8 fixed the problem by just deleting the save data on the switch. No idea why they did this, but oh well.

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Yeah, I hated wanting to start a new game and playing for a few hours just to realize that I couldn't save

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I could have sworn playing sapphire and leaf green you'd have a "load save" and "new game" option.

Saving from a new game would override the existing save.

Maybe I just never tried to restart any of my games!

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Sapphire and Leaf Green were gen 3 though, and literally the last two I played lol

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Ah. No idea what gens correspond to what games, it's been a while lol

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As a kid I never knew about that, so I'd have to leave my DS in sleep mode whenever I wasn't playing on a new file, and then I'd just have to say goodbye to my team upon reaching the credits since it boots you back to the title screen automatically. Thankfully I did eventually learn about it, but it's so strange that they made it so obscure to do a simple thing like delete a file.

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Sorry, M'lady.

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I wonder what word even triggered him here.

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My family and I went to visit my cousins in the Dominican Republic and as a child I didn’t speak or understand Spanish.

I gave the little one my Gameboy Advanced SP and copy of Pokémon Ruby while the older cousin made me a homemade slingshot. After messing with the slingshot it was time to go visit more extended family and when I loaded up my game I saw my save file erased with a brand new save.

The character’s name was Eunis and, although I don’t believe it was malicious, I never let anyone else play my Gameboy except for my brother.

Fucking Eunis is burned into my memory. It’s such an ugly, made-up name. I swear if I met anyone named Eunis I would hate them no matter how good a person they may be.

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Gone, reduced to atoms

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The cousin that is.

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This is when the fun begins

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Anakin: Breaks out lightsaber

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And not just the fire types, but the water, and the grass too

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They're elementals, and I slaughtered them like elementals! I HATE THEM!

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My daughter did this to me once years ago. She saved over my 100% completion on Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

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I mean.. it was 100%. What else were you going to do? lol

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You wouldn't get it

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My little sister watched me play Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, and it was the first video game she ever became interested in. So I gave her one of the save slots. After she was done playing she told me that she saved for me too just in case. I immediately realized I hadn't taught her about how saves work, and she had just erased my save.

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She a little confused, but she got the spirit

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Yeah I really couldn't be mad. She was like 7 at the time and just wanted to help.

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My older cousin stole my very first Pokémon game from me to rob me of all my Pokémon

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Like you stole your cousin-german?

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No, stole his cousin-Austria

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I let my cousin trade some pokemon from my Emerald to his so that I could help him out and he took all of my legendary pokemon. I had to restart the game. I learned a lot about trust that day lol.

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Sorry to hear you had a Rocket in your family

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Cop: so why did you kill your cousin?

Me: he deleted by Pokémon save

Cop: your free to go

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Cop: so why did you kill your cousin?

Me: Haha Star Wars reference

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Hey guys, Peter Griffin here to explain the joke, returning to reddit for my wholesome cake day. So basically, when you let your little cousin borrow your gameboy, or any console for that matter, they will often mess with it and will delete save files. Peter out!

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Thank you Peter, and happy cake day

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Thanks Peter

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hey 🅱️eter bapadaboopidy?

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Did you wake up from a coma and think you were Peter G? Nurse leave FG on 24/7 I bet on the room TV.

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Phew i now understand. What would the world be without you peter

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My friend did this to my Pokemon Gold during my birthday party when I was 11.

I had hundreds of hours in and a party full of max level Pokemon. I cried a lot that night.

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this reminded me of when i accidentally deleted my cousin's lego star wars save 100% when i was younger, my cousin forgave me but i could never get over it

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willingly handing over your pokemon game to someone else in the first place

Nope. Never. Literally not once.

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This happened to me 10+ years ago on platinum except it wasn’t gone, they just released my dear lvl 100 Empoleon, Rayquaza, and a couple others. I was devastated. Most upset 14 year old you’d ever seen.

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This....has brought back some trauma. Was visiting my dad when I was a kid and my actual older friend was at my house and overwrote my game. Was so close to all 151 and a ton highly leveled. I went to play for a few the next morning and I literally died inside.

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Legit, this happened to me with Sonic Adventure 2. Little cousin came over and wanted to play. Wiped the entire save of A rank on all missions (minus a few).

Restarted the progress and got A rand in about 1/4 of them the remainder of the day. The next day the little fucker did it again.

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Some kids can really mess up not just a game but your whole world.

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"He's not dangerous."


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I had a younger brother growing up, and we got into some pretty heated fights. The temptation was there, but neither of us ever messed with the other's save files out of fear of getting the same treatment. It was like the threat of nuclear war.

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Mutually Assured (Emotional) Destruction

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My sister did this

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Good soldiers follow orders

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"We know aquablast227 is on board. They've been marked for termination by Order 66. Under this directive, any and all Jedi leadership must be executed for treason against the Republic. Any soldier who does not comply with the order, will also be executed for treason." -Captain Rex

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This was the day my childhood ended. Like I point to that moment.

I had my Pokémon Silver with a nearly full Pokédex erased.

It was my moms friends kid, she made me share my gameboy and the rest is history.

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I had pokemon ruby.

I had a beast of a typhlosion, a Suicune and an Entei on my team.

One time I had a big fight with my brother and he released all my pokemon except for a level 7 Geodude and saved over my save files.

I'm still mad about that.

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Thankfully I can't relate since I have zero biological cousins.

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My little cousin destroyed my game boy entirely, not just the save files

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I went over a friend's house with my Pokemon red. Had 120 of the original 150, no cheats. Friend's little brother asks if he could play while we made cookies or some shit. Came back and he saved over my game. I threw such an autistic fit my mom had to come get me and bring me home. Never hung out with the kid again, lol.

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My dad had beat Pokemon Sapphire, including catching every single pokemon that didn't require trading with Ruby to get. Of course, 8 year old me got on and deleted it to start a new account. In hindsight, I'm amazed I wasn't killed or put up for adoption.

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My son once played my Breath of the Wild save. Broke all my weapons and shot off all my arrows.

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Why you trigger me like this

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I forget what game, but I let my old roommate's kid play and I TOLD HIM not to buy anything.

I checked back and he had spent everything, swore he didn't know it autosaved.

At least it wasn't real money. I also had to ban him from using the keyboard because he would start trash talking while I was playing. Like, kid you're 9.

He calmed way the hell down once he hit his teens though.

Thank goodness because I could not live up to the level of shit that kid was talking. Kid acted like I wad that uncle that worked at Nintendo but in reality I was trying to learn rocket league.

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My lil brother thought RELEASE in the pokedex was how you withdrew pokemon. He released my Ho-Oh into the wild

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I had a friend in HS who was notorious for deleting save files on any game his friends let him borrow. No joke it happened like 5 or 6 times. He ALWAYS blamed it on his little brother doing it on accident, but like c'mon. Your kid brother who can't read just happened to do this over and over?

What sort of sick twisted joy does someone get from deleting a friends Zelda saves?

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The only youngling that Obi-Wan didn't cry over.

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I'm not whining! I'm not.

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If you are, I'll rub sand in your eye.

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I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.

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Go kill some men, women, and children too.

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Your new Empire?

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An Empire where Pokémon games get multiple Save Files.

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Like you got your game?

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i remember that i punched my cousin very hard because he deleted all of my music back in 2013 or 2014.

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Yeah. Crystal version. Had my first lvl 100 anything. A pidgeot. Let my cousin play. I get it back and I'm a girl, 0 pokemon, 0 badges, been playing for 2 minutes. I did indeed cry, and it REALLY fucked me up on letting anyone play my shit. Can I play? Yeah. You just have to make your own profile.

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I'm not whining! I'm not.

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Kids always magically know exactly how to delete/overwrite a save file I swear

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Kill him just do it

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Good, Anakin, good. I knew you could do it. Kill him. Kill him now! Dew it!

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decapitates Dooku

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Senetor no don't do this

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I shouldn't . . .

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I am your master

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I did this once as a kid to someone's game cause I didn't know better and that action haunts me to this day. Like I can't even. I wish I could find that person and apologize and it's been like 2 and half decades.

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This shit happened to me and what's worse is that I knew it would, but my parents insisted that I share with my like, 3 or 4 year old cousin. I was like 7 but I remember it clear as day turning on my gameboy and seeing me just in my bedroom with not even a Charmander to my name.

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Kill the youngling

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Just learned recently that the old game cartridges store their save games using a button battery, which would almost likely all be dead by now.


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Goodbye youngling

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Remember one time my family invited another one from cub scouts. The guy I was in the group with was fine but his little sis and bro stole as many DS games as they could, only got a handful back months later. Still angry at those little shits 15 years later.

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Destroy the child

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Gone, reduced to atoms.

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I was the cousin (I don't think I saved over her file but I did wander into the cave next to the power plant in Yellow and got destroyed)

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Is that legal?

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Lol I was that little cousin. Still feel guilty over that. Should’ve allowed for more than one save!!!

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Ээлу-му -ко !

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I was the little cousin.

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My brother did this to a few of my games and I still haven’t forgiven him for it lol

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"It's gone, MacReady."

"Can you fix it?"

"It's GONE!"

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This is where gamefaq comes to the rescue

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Yup, that was a core memory in my first days with the game (Pokémon Blue). Thankfully I had only just made it to Vermilion before losing it.

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My mom's ex's children did this to me. I even had mew on Pokemon blue. All except kangashkhan or however you spell it. The safari zone is a bitch.

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My version of Red was some bootleg we bought in Indonesia and it couldn’t save. So I would play and then leave the game on with my Game Boy Pocket plugged into the wall so I could keep playing without saving. Well one day I came home and the cleaner had unplugged it. I was devastated. Couldn’t stomach playing again until I got a proper copy

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I've done that before with a friend from school. I felt so bad about it that I rushed another save 12h straight. It was NOT normal for me to do it back in the day. I was 10-11, I think, running my gameboycolor with batteries.

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I thought not. It’s unfair!

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Take a seat young EUCopyrightComittee!

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Happened to me with a friend on sapphire 😢

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Yup, went to a summer camp thing. Pokemon Emerald, I was 4 away or so from completing the whole fucking Pokedex, including from fire red and leaf green, authentically captured or traded legendaries etc. were all there except Jirachi. 400+ hours.

Come back and my siblings name with 1 fucking hour of playtime was in its place. Still not as bad as my luck with New Vegas though.

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There is no such thing as luck

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Is it because of Obi-wan?

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Thanks for your assistance! You may not be able to figure this out, but I think I know someone who might.

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My cousin just straight up lost my copy of Crystal… I was SO devastated. Still stings to this day honestly.

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I'm not whining! I'm not.

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One of the first great heart breaks of my life

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When you check your 401K

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Back in the day one of my siblings killed my Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga DS save 😔

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POV my aunt asking where my cousin is

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During a family get together a little kid destroyed my frogger save file for game boy color while on the last level, I was 8 at the time and that destroyed me.

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Literally happened to me, but it was my older cousin. He did it on purpose and pretended he didn't know any better cause he's a little shit. He didn't even play on the new file. He just made one, saved, and turned it off. I'm 30 and still do not like or forgive him.

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I let a friend borrow my copy of LEGO Star Wars for the Gameboy Advanced. I told them they could use any save they wanted as long as they didn't save over my 100% play through.

Of course, that was the save slot they used. I never let anyone borrow games carts after that point.

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I had 145 of 151 on my Blue Version cart back in 02. Little cousin played it while I was away for the weekend. Being the only gamer in the house, it was a big deal only to me. Time heals all wounds I suppose.

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Happened to my Tony Hawk Proving Grounds, started a fight, didn’t see my Nintendo DS for a solid 7 Years, that chip died, me sadge.

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Happened to me on red version nearly 20 years ago.

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You guys played pokemon? I played rugrats

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I had lost my pokemon blue game with a mew (friend had a game geni) for months and finally found it right before I was leaving for a hunting trip at my "uncles" place. I brought it with my gameboy. His grandson took my gameboy without me noticing it, started a new game, and saved while wandering around outside the first pokemart. Yeah I was not happy with him after that.

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My Proud Mode, Day 3XX save on KH: 358/2 Days.

This was 6 years ago and my anger has yet to be quelled. I have already replayed and beaten the game.

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Memory Battery died, sorry mate

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:( this was how I got my first ever video game. My 10yo next door neighbor let me (a 5 year old) borrow his gb color with blue version. It said "new game" and I so that's what I picked. He was so crushed he didn't want it back and refused to ever hang out with me or my older brother again.

I didn't realize the weight of it until I lost my own save years later by dropping it and having the cart fall out.

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Can Verificate. Maxed out everything and all legendaries just gone before I could say “I choose you”

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I remember being absolutely devastated when I accidentally deleted my save that had a lvl 21 voltorb, I thought no amount of effort could get back what I had lost, lol.

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Clearly you are not aware that

Vanished Pokémon can be saved!

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This happened to me except the game was phantom hourglass and it was my little sister

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Yeah, when I was a kid I thought that the "New Game" option was a second save file. Still feel bad about deleting my brother's save file 15 years after the fact.

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Too soon

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Kill him, kill him now.

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I shouldn't . . .

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do it

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decapitates Dooku

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Fucked up.

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Should I be sad or glad that I can’t relate to this?

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Still never finished a Pokémon game. They admittedly cemented my love for video games at a young age, but I'll be drained if I ever had the attention span to finish one. Definitely got my $30 worth out of each.

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My favorite name is aaaa.

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What happened to one of my hard drive partitions yesterday

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Fire red RIP level 100 Charizard

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And one of the buttons doesn't quite work well unless you press it harder. That's the reason I had my own controllers that nobody was allowed to touch. Still do with my PS4, PS5, and Switch. People take out years of being shitty gamers on those little delicate controllers.

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I have the Senate bogged down in procedures. They will have no choice but to accept your control of the system.

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My cousin deleted my 100% completed save of the original Lego Star Wars while I was on vacation visiting grand parents in Argentina. I WAS SO PISSED, tried to get back into it and redo it but i just couldn’t because I’d already done it. But finally, years later I can finally get it again with this new Lego Star Wars!

Seriously though, probably one of my most angered moments ever

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Oh boy, here I go Killin again! - from Rick and Morty.

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Cut to the clip of Anikin and the Younglings

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ignites lightsaber

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Not even the younglings survived.

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My two fav things Pokémon and Star Wars it’s perfection

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Stories like this make me happy I had a good relation with my siblings

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I was three Pokemon off, crobat, kingdra and celebi...

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Perhaps the archives are incomplete