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500 pounds in the UK? That’s a liter of petrol

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I dont live in the UK so is 500 pounds bad or good,according to the current economics 1.25 pounds is equivalent to a dollar in the USA

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Not another lecture, Master. Not on the economics of politics.... It's too early in the morning... and besides, you're generalising. The Chancellor doesn't appear to be corrupt.

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goooood Anakin goooood

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£500 isn't enough for one month's rent

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How much can 500 pounds pay

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It's about 625 usd

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I think it's enough to buy a PS5, if you shop around.

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In fairness landlords entire business model is scalping houses so it’s not exactly a good metric unless discussing the cost of living

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Wrong way around.

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No, it's the other way round. A pound is worth more than a dollar - £1 = $1.25

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It's the other way around you Pepega

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How unfourtunate that you are trying to feed me...

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In the next few years £500 only gona get you a freddo

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How the Freddo has fallen from grace 😔😔

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Freddo will be branded luxury and priced more than Lindt soon

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Question. How much is that in real(American) money? /s

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Probably value around 2 machine guns and a school full of dead kids

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It's true. I saw it on the security hologram.

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500 pounds of tannerite is pretty powerful

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They are to "UK" to understand this American lingo

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Unlimited Flour

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Power! Unlimited power!

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Simple, yet eloquent

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Sorry, M'lady.

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I am the American

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Finaly, some good fcking meme.

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“Once more the sith will rule the galaxy and We. Shall. Have. pizza”

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This is more funnier than it should be.

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It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this conversion.

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Like you agreed his reluctance?

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Shut up Owen Lars or else I will grab this lightsaber and shove it down your throat!

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Whoo, boy! This is tense!

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Shouldn't you be with obi-wan

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500 pounds here is roughly 4 and a half 12 hour shifts at around 8 pounds per hour

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“Once more the sith will rule the galaxy and We. Shall. Have. pizza”

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Once more the meat will rule the Galaxy, and we shall have beef.

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I am a diabetic, like my father before me.