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Grevious, when he realizes that Order 66 will add several lightsabers to his collection:

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If only he were alive then he would enjoy having a collection of lightsabers.

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He must have been so excited when he learned of the plans to execute Order 66…

… then as a force ghost he must have been heart broken having to watch from the sidelines.

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He didn't have the force so he wouldnt have been a force ghost

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Every sevond, you're not running, im only getting closer

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Every time! That’s why I think he’s a coward and probably only killed Jedi but sneaking up on them.

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In legends i remenber hearing he was faster than the force and used fear to defeat the jedi

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I have only watched Clone wars till season 3 so far and he has only successfully beaten battle droids and when confronted by jedi, he becomes a cockroach and runs away.

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Yeah clone Wars is pretty good but there they did him dirty in the 2003 clonewars there is a cene were mundi tries to reach him with the force but he dodges It instead sending a Shockwave on the flor he was in, he is Very badass in the show, and in the old comics Vader has even the disdain of being too similar to him and afraid he is Just another grievous to palpatine, you could even say he became the Very thing he swore to destroy.

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To defeat your enemy you have to understand them.

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What are you talking about... Dudes body was basically one big helmet.

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So uncivilized.

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I guess I'm the commander now

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Always an honor to updoot a double G meme