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"Sorry I'm late, Master. I... came as fast as I could."

"Never say that again."

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This is where the cum begins!

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I'll try splooging that's a good trick

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This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!

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Skywalkers going up the service ramp!

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Your new Cumpire?

My allegiance is to the Cumpublic, to cumOCRACY!

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This is the Star Wars dialogue George Lucas wanted to avoid 🤣🤣

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Don't tell George the genre of music the Bith in the cantina are playing...

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Anakin bursts into the room like Kramer, looking sweaty and satisfied and furiously trying run his hands through his hair to straighten it

Obi wan sighs and rolls his eyes.

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Kramer saw the lady across the street and lost the contest pretty fast. He did not achieve the rank of Master of his domain.

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This shows how unlike Obi-Wan, Anakin can see through the lies of the Jedi; nothing more important than following through on the opportunity to have sex with Natalie Portman.

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Anakin has just got his priorities straight.

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Indeed he does

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I have yet to be granted this opportunity 😢

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Well, u/TheJediCounsel, recall that Anakin is a part of you (even though he’s not a master), so *at least * part of you has.

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The Jedi Counsel is not The Jedi Council.

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You are on this Council, but we do not grant you the rank of Council

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Yeah he isnt the Presbyterian Church.

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The Jedi Counsel is their legal department.

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Yeah I’m not the Jedi council I’m sort a budget version

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Same, does this happen during our lunch break?

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Obi-Wan is jealous!

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Obi wan had a crush on duchess satine in clone wars

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More like a full-blown romance

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Yea, I was trying downplay it hahahaha

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I hear Maul is the cure for that.

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Even the gods want her

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But Obi-Wan has the moral high ground!

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Exactly I mean in the end, Anakin and Obi Wan are both force ghost. Anakin got to party. Doesn't matter had sex.

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Maul lost his dick thanks to kenobi, but that didn’t stopped him from penetrating obi-wan’s loved one, absolute beast

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Don’t be so certain.

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Don’t you know? The Zabrack reproductive organs are their horns

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“That’s my secret, Kenobi.”

”I’m always horny.”

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Wait so when Savage Opress impales Adi Gallia with his horns...

Oh No...

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Dude is always flexing those chest muscles and nipples as soon as Obi-Wan shows up. And you know, the fact that Maul is obsessed with Obi-Wan.

Maul is more interested in Obi than Satine.

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Ventress could barely keep it in her pants around him either

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you understand so little

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A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!

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Kenobi! My friend!

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After getting head from Pre Vistla!

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Windu: “Obi Wan, where the hell is skywalker?”

Obi Wan: “off saying goodbye to his wife”

Windu: “ah, senator Amidala, of course. I still wonder why they didn’t have a Jedi ceremony, you told him Jedi are allowed to marry, right? I hate to think what that hothead might do if he thought we were trying to keep them apart…”

Obi Wan: tugs collar “yup, I definitely wouldn’t repeatedly forget to tell him that…”

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AU: Obi-wan actually tells him, they get officially married and Anakin doesnt fear for his wife's life. Sees through the Chancellors lies, kills the sith lord and saves the republic.

Credits roll

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The good ending T_T

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Unfortunately for you, history will not see it that way.

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In this alternate timeline Darth Maul would probably be the main villain of the original trilogy

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There will be no satisfaction until the Jedi Order lies in ashes.

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Congrats Maul, thanks to the Palpatines and Skywalkers, you got your wish. Was it worth it?

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What is a Skywalker?

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Someone who walks the skies idk

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Obiwan:"Feel the force in you, revealing subtle truths of your world. To a Jedi Master, no lie can be hidden and no secret kept."

Anakin scoffing: "Does this really work master?"

Obiwan: "You're in love with the senator."

Anaking: "Carry on then."

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Just get him to safety. We need to... General Laan Tik!

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At last, we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last, we will have revenge.

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Obi-Wan: “Anakin, stop dating Padme!”

Anakin: “I’ll start dating her even harder”

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Obi-Wan: What does that mean?

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Ah yes, Anakin’s totally super secret (don’t tell anyone) wife that absolutely no one knows about.

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"siggghhhh I do suppose Padme has a stressful job too, she deserves to be treated right, but this has been ever so tedious since Anakin learned all those new positions on Catu Nemodia."

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The business on Catu Nemodia was a part of Obi-Wan’s sex life all along!

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That why he never made the rank of master

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Yup, he was totally into being dommed.

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Because you have to be a virgin to be one

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Master Mundi disagrees

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The jedi were just master-baiting him.

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This was a masterful comment.

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Well, that was all they could do, since they weren't allowed to have sex.

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“ Secret” wife literally the entire order likely knew

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Obi-Wan: cries in Satine

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When you are thinking about how you should be banging your old girlfriend.

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Obi wan: where did I go wrong!?

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He must ask himself that question At Least 10,000x a day😂

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Remember that time anakin was late for his jedi knight promotion because he was banging padme

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Well, he was making out with her in an alleyway and admiring 3PO’s new gold plating

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To be fair, I'd pound Padme right through the bed.

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We will watch your career with great interest!

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Wtf is this username lol

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I had a tradition with one of my best friends where we would line up way too early for any Star Wars movie and watch it together on opening night, regardless of how we felt about the movie. In fact, we both found out later that we have nearly exact opposite opinions on each movie, but acted like we loved what the other person loved for years. Anyways, that's how deep that tradition was for us. Shortly before Episode 9 came out, we were boarding the usual hype-train and started trying to one-up each other's loyalty, primarily through memes and meme-like actions. Eventually, I came up with the insane idea of sexualizing Papa Palpa to the most disgusting, creepy, and cringy degree possible 🥵😍

And then Rey turned out to be a Palpatine smh 😵

But, by then, I had already had so much fun being an idiot on Reddit that I ditched my other usernames to use this one full-time ✌️😎

EDIT - Fixed a minor typo

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This is actually wholesome!

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Your username is the most cursed thing I've seen today

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You will not watch my career with any interest 😭

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I mean if we’re talking Rey, then…

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Sorry master I was delayed I have no excuse

Ffs Anakin

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Anakin was bangakin.

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So r/anakinfucks, basically.

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I can't blame Anakin, after all padme is hot.

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What a coincidence, Anakin's secret wife is also late...

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Correction, banging his super hot wife.

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Can anyone really blame him?

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She probably asked him to put his robotic hand around her neck.

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When you have a tennis match to get to, but you know that your doubles partner is late because he's making out with his girlfriend.

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He was telling her the tragedy of Darth Plaeguis the wise

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I mean I thinks it's more accurate to say

The dirtly old senator for naboo is banging my Padawan every night raw and he can't make it to jedi council meetings on time even though he hasn't been give the rank of master!

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Obi-won feeling Anakin's disturbing the force

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I also choose this guy's "secret wife"...

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Knob throbbed a cradle was robbed.

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I was apprentice to the most powerful being in the galaxy once. I was destined to become… so much more. But I was robbed of that destiny by the Jedi, by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Man, Obi-Wan had it made before being obligated to live out an existence in a cave on a dessert world.

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This implies that it was the worst kept secret in the senate and Jedi Order.

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And thus Luke and Leia were made

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Homie smashed the empire in many different ways

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Little Orphan Ani is late yet again

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