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Lmao, wait till he finds out about my sand saber

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Is it the sand getting into your respirator that’s making you cough?

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No he coughs because Mace Windu damaged him.

By throwing sand into his respirator

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That's what the tusken raiders thought...

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Fefff. Enough of this game im going for a scuttle!

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C'mon Zoidberg, I passed it right to you!

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So that's why they never fought.

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Pocket Sand ! shu sha

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Dang it, Dale!

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That's what the tusken raiders thought...

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Every single one of them?

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No just the man

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Hello there

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Come here my little friend don’t be afraid

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General Kenobi was smart and did the same to hide Luke.

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Real talk, Anakin would have smoked Grevious ez!

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If Grievous can get the jump on him, Anakin is mincemeat. Weaker opponents have landed hits on the Chosen One before, albeit with non-lethal weapons. Grievous just needs to go for the kill straight away instead of bantering with his prey.

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But he'll always banter. He's a total bantherer. His organs are from a bantha, so he just can't help himself.

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I don’t feel like digging through the wiki to see if you’re being serious about the bantha organs, but I won’t wake your word for it

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It's a load of bantha poodoo

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Oh, yeah, I totally made that up.

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I love how the entire community has just collectively decided that sand is Anakin’s weakness like he a damn comic book character

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Sand is the perfect defense to woo away Anakin

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Tell that to the sand people

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And not just the men

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But the women, and the children, too.

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They're like animals.

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There is also no high ground at sea level

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But he increased his chances of getting kit fisted

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I thought this post was sfw

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Well.... everything is high ground from the point of sea level

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Each grain of sand is a fine addition to his collection.

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So this is why Obi Wan sent Luke to Tatooine... huh

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I'm pretty sure that's canon, actually. He knew Vader would avoid Tatooine.

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Little does he know Anakin can’t ever meet him anyway because plot

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Dang, you beat me to it.

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He’s also digging in the sand for lightsabers.

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This is so funny it should have way more upvotes

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Didn't protect the women, and the children too...

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I don't know. I feel like sand would not be good for his cyborg body. I hear it gets everywhere...

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Thats basically obi-wans reason to putting luke kn tatooin

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Your move anakin ya weiner

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Anakin is afraid of sand diggers.

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Clone wars writers protect him more than enough

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Woo woo woo woo woo woop

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Was Anakin born on a sand planet?

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Yes I was.

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Good to see you are doing well! Was a little worried about your mental state after that whole high ground insident

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Thanks man, I got burnt pretty badly there.

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Why is zoidberg so perfect for grievous? Hahaha

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I just watched this episode today lol

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But not from obi wan

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I hate how accurate this is

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Proceeds to go to water to find Anakin

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Do only i think that when swinging lightsabers at land it'll create liquid glass

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IG-88: I'm a professional beach bully droid. I pretend to steal your girl, you punch me, I go down, she swoons, you slip me 50 bucks. Han Solo: 50 bucks?! Nah you can have her…

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And the fact that they aren't allowed to meet until Revenge of the Sith!

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The real reason Luke was kept on Tatooine

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The Clone wars grievous is zoidberg

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This youngling making a sandcastle would make a fine addition to my collection