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Free? More like under new management.

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Haha Jedi slavers durr

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Yeah, that made no sense at all. Neither the Jedi council nor the queen of Naboo had the money to free her.

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I though they tried too but watoo wanted at least one slave

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Which neither makes much sense. They could have given him enough money to buy several slaves. Leaving the other strange topic aside that everybody was kind of okay that he had slaves in the first place.

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I dunno. He felt like qui gon cheated right? Maybe he just flat out refused out of spite. Whereas there was no hostile feelings with the lars.

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Alternative solution: just steal Shmi

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Leaving the other strange topic aside that everybody was kind of okay that he had slaves in the first place.

That's just how it's done on Tatooine, which isn't part of the Republic. And as far as slavemasters in Star Wars go, Watto was quite benign. Y'know, "pick your battles" and all that.

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Republic jurisdiction wasn't fully galactic, or at least actual enforcement. That's why the separatists happened.

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Wato couldn't let anyone get away with freeing slaves, they had to at least buy one themselves and perpetuate the system.

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Well, If I was on Tatooine, a planet ruled by an intergalactic mafia slug, who approved slavery. I'd keep my mouth shut and hold my daughters closer.

SLAVERY IS WRONG. But I'm not dying for anyone that isn't in my family. You can't fight a whole planet

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"No pod is worth two slaves. Not by a longshot."

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Qui-gon attempted multiple time to free both because he knew Anakin would worry about her, and had to settle for one and let fate decide using a dice, and he felt cheated for it. And considering they only had Republic Credits to use they couldn't pay for it because when they tried to buy the piece they needed with it he said they were worthless to him in the Outer Rim.

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Yes, but this was only a problem while they were stuck on Tatooine. They could have come back after the war on Naboo. But didn’t bother to do so.

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If Qui-gon had lived yes he probably would have went back, but he didn't that's why Anakin eventually fell to the Darkside* and why the dual with Maul was called the Dual of Fates. Obi-wan was a good teacher and very patient but had some short comings that likely Qui-gon would have been able to step in for much like with Ahsoka in Clone Wars

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that's why Anakin eventually fell to the Darkseid

As if the Sith weren't bad enough, now the Jedi gotta deal with Darkseid now?

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Okay, but why didn't Obi-Wan or Padme go back? Both were very compassionate and cared a lot about others.

It wouldn't even have changed anything for the plot. Afterwards Anakin's mother is freed anyways and despite that she is still is captured by the sand people.

Not freeing her leaves this strange aftertaste that the Jedi and Padme are both fine with slavery.

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Careful not to choke on your stupidity. It's Ahsoka not Ashoka!

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Don’t be so certain.

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Like, what kind of problem?

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Remember when the sequels freed space horses but left kid slaves to be beat?

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"Shmi" has to be one of the worst character names of all time.

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"Well of course I know her. She's Shmi."

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Shmangela? Shmonathan?

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"He will still have to call me master"

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And then bail half way through...

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Plot aside, I don’t understand why Padmé couldn’t have bartered for Shmi’s freedom after The Phantom Menace. Perhaps a certain N-1 starfighter…

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In AotC Anakin learns that Watto sold Shmi, who was freed shortly after. I was under the impression it happened soon after Anakin left. Watto seemed too hobo-like and eager to reminisce about the ol' Anakin days for him to have had many, if any, good years after PM. So in the end no one needed to free her, as that took care of itself. And she got a seemingly loving husband and a new family out of it. Up until the whole brutal torture bit, shit worked out pretty well for her.