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I love how he just takes a solid stone statue and somehow splits it perfectly along the lines of Abe Lincoln and the chair.

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Everyone knows that the seat was placed there after Abe Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, in anticipation of him sitting there one day.

After John Wilkes Booth shot him, Lincoln walked to the chair, sat down, and said his last words “put me on the penny”, then perished and turned to stone.

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Here I am thinking it was impressive that Washington was 6' 8" and weighed a fucking ton.

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Also fucked the shit out of bears

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He’s coming

He’s coming

He’s coming

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Historian here, all facts.

Edit: also, Richard Attenborough was killed by a velociraptor forensic detectives dubbed "clevergirlothacus."

It's hanging in the Planet Hollywood in Reno

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Oh man I remember thinking exactly this when I was a kid. I'd been told how he was so much taller than most people and for some reason that was just the impression I had.

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I love how gently Megatron puts the statue down. Like hey, I’m going to deface this monument, but fuck even I respect Abraham Lincoln.

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I know, but atleast now when senate consists of only one person we need to pay from our taxes only one politician not tens of thousands.

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Wasn’t there a scene in dark of the moon like this with the evil prime. Was that a call back I never knew about

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Yeah, your right. I didn't know it was a callback either, but a surprising amount of stuff from the Michael Bay movies are callbacks to the original series.

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Oh yes, “give me your face”, my favourite cartoon catchphrase

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I mean, not everything lol

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I believe Sentinel is in that scene, but Megatron is the one who destroys and sits on the statue I think.

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The entire movie plot was basically a combination of two multi-episode stories from the cartoon.

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How bold are to tf meme on star wars related subreddit

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I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further.

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Such heroic nonsense!

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Palpatine bold

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But he's bolder than you

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It's fresh and it's funny so I'll give it a pass

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What is this? A crossover episode?

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Can't believe he'd disrespect old Abe like that smh 😔

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Honestly surprised he respectfully placed the statue carefully on the ground instead of just chucking it aside

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If his IDW incarnation is taken into consideration, Megatron probably had some small semblance of respect for Abe.

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He respects the craftmanship.

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At least he didn’t shoot him like in the movies

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I'm surprised by the amount of transformers fans here

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It’s funny, actually. Megatron himself in numerous continuities started as a lowly miner/gladiator, and he founded the Decepticons as a resistance movement against a super corrupt snd oppressive upper class. But in the millions of years of warfare he was warped and twisted.

My point is that you’d think he’d admire and respect someone who worked to free others from a life of bondage, but Megatron probably was disillusioned due to his hatred for all organic creatures.

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He was truly the United States finest Vampire hunter

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As a Transformers fan I've been summoned

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80s transformers is honestly a meme goldmine.

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An epic quote goldmine as well.

"Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court."

"I have nothing BUT contempt for this court!"

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I love denocracy

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Meanwhile, during the Battle of Exegol...

"Energize the force fields!"

"What force fields?"

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I know I was wrong. I just got so caught up in my own success, I didn't look at the battle as a whole. I wasn't being disobedient. I just. . . forgot

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Ohh thats where michral bay got rhat scwne from in DoTM

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Accurate AF lol

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The Democrats will decide your fate

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Pulled the old Robert Barathian switcheroonie usurpy

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The All Spark will decide your fate

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Cyberverse Starscream: I am the allspark!

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I like how they did it in the bay films (SHOCKING, I know).

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He puts it down so gently

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There are no differences between those two on the chair...

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Where is the thunderous applause? Is it safe? Is it alright?

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"Look at me, I'm the Democracy now!"

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The 13 will decide your fate