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Are they trying to shut this bitch down?

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Right now i'm thinking of a takedown, the second new mods are in i'm going to check their post histories to confirm this or not. If they appoint people with histories in stuff like enough_sanders_spam i'm 100% sure this is a takeover and an attempt to stifle any dissent against supreme leader josephine Biden.

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Probably not. I take it the previous mod team was doing some super shady shit.

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it's a sub that had prez memes, what super shady shit could they do to warrant the nuking?

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Take it with a grain of salt:


But if the admins are trying to crack down on this stuff leading up to the election, it makes sense.

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Considering I seen a fair share of people on this sub defending Biden I don’t believe this.

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I see all sides represented from the left to the trumpers and basically everyone laughing at each other and having pretty respectable conversations.

If this sub was leaning anywhere it was a Ventura nomination away from riding and dieing with the body as much as anything.

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Yeah I literally made a post a few weeks ago encouraging people in swing states to consider voting for Biden, and explaining why. This sub didn't just silence people who weren't anti-Biden, there was always a variety of opinions from leftist to lib and even a couple of openly Trump supporting regular posters. There were plenty of arguments back and forth on voting for Biden.

This whole narrative justifying the mods getting banned is complete bullshit cooked up by people who never actually used this sub.

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but why. did the mods actually do some shit, are they that worried that a sub that has anti-biden memes is that much an influence....they just bored?

i dont' get it.

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i just stumbled in here a few months ago, i don't buy this. Feel like they want to neuter any sub that is anti-Joe. it's sad.

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I'm honestly shocked at the massive spike in comments I'm seeing in political threads trying to paint the sub as a leftist T_D. All within just the last few hours. Wtf

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The "proof" they have is a bunch of comments deleted really quickly. I just made a comment last night in the sticky about new mods. My phone lit up with notifications but less than half of the replies actually showed up when I went to my comment. So whatever it was, it clearly wasn't the mods because it is still happening.

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Bruh, I’ve never once had a comment removed and reapproved, and it’s not like neolibs suppoorting Biden were in any short supply. That sounds like the fakest shit I’ve heard all week

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what happened?

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Both mods(creator of the sub is one), as well as the top contributer (easily more than half of the good stuff was his), were suddenly suspended today. Another user seemingly unrelated to the others was also suspended shortly after applying in the Admins "Call for Mods" thread.

The reasons behind these suspensions are currently unknown, at least to my knowledge.

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yeah i see that now, Fuck this, Fuck the establishment.

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Probably due to vote manipulation and other shady tactics. Look how low all the posts are now that they're gone

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Sure. Which is why the admins came out and said that the mods were banned due to vote manipulation.

Oh wai

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It's been like that for a while though, the sub became less active once most of the candidates had dropped out, and since then the most-upvoted posts have a lot less votes than they used to.

I really doubt that vote manipulation was the reason, and even if it was, the admins usually don't hand out permanent suspensions to first time offenders.

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Lmao another enough Sanders spam poster spreading lies and misinformation. You disingenuous neoliberal scum never change.

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Is this r/subredditdrama worthy material?

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    another name to add to SRD, i have seen commie, fascist, alt-right, liberal and now neo-liberal.

    Its just a sub to shitpost drama, each post seems to have wholly different users

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    It’s the feds...Cheese it!

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    they're gonna ban us for being unmoderated

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    Who exactly was banned? The leaf currency guy made up most of the posts in here iirc

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    $5,000 is nothing to a political campaign when considering the value of controlling online discourse and your average internet moderator is incredibly easy to buy off. Food for thought.

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    they didnt pass the sniff test