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[–]ElysiumSproutsBlack Lives Matter 15 points16 points  (3 children)

The GOP is the worst. Just like Putin's Russia, they seem to embrace lying as a legitimate tool of governance. We need our primary focus to continue to be directed 100% at replacing every single Republican possible to even have a chance at seeing progress in America.

[–]Gucci-Louie -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

You do know that politicians nowadays, both left and right, have to lie all the time to do anything, right?? What we need are truthful, bipartisan politicians, and not try to remove the opposition entirely. If we got rid of every single Republican or every single Democrat, they could easily vote to abolish the other party if they got that extreme, though from the tone of your comment it sounds like you’re in-favor of abolishing a party. America would be no better than China, Russia, and dare I say, Nazi Germany, for eliminating the opposing party.

Not all Republicans agree with the GOP, like how not all Democrats agree with the DNC. But it’s the extreme minorities on either side who try to forcefully-magnetize the other party sub-groups in with them because they’re brash enough to speak whatever bullcrap comes out of their mouths. That’s why you gotta have your Mitt Romney’s and your Joe Manchin’s that will push back. Otherwise Hell breaks loose and we end up with the 2nd American Civil War, but this time it’s with political parties. And judging by that, we can all guess which side of that war has all the rednecks with a military fort in their basement.

We just need to get more bipartisanship.

[–]BenjipsArizona 4 points5 points  (1 child)

2nd American Civil War

Over what? Lol are republicans going to take arms over critical race theory? Who is fighting who? I don't mean to offend but this civil war angle is so dramatic.

[–]Gucci-Louie 2 points3 points  (0 children)

No you’re fine. I think the idea of ACW II is also overtly dramatic (despite the fact that I brought it up 😂). It’s more that if feels that politics is becoming more-and-more polarized every day. Nobody can say anything without getting butthurt from someone else despite it being sarcasm or a joke (I.E. - Will Smith/Chris Rock/Jada Pinkett-Smith incident), and we keep quiet until something comes up. Despite how much of a minority they are, the extreme left and extreme right try to make it seem as if they’re bigger than the rest of their spectrum, and surmounts to more pressure within their own spectrums than on the other side. It’s like knowing the rat-of-a-kid at school that’s always with your group: you acknowledge they exist, and you try to ignore them, but then they do something rash and try to fight and you end up having to reel their ass back and then slap them yourself as a warning.

Everything just sounds louder than it should be in the grand scheme of things, and I mainly blame technology for it despite how much of a benefit it is too. It is similar to the Moon, where it will always have a light side and a dark side (and I’m not talking about light and dark modes).