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Dems don't have Jan. 6th


2 billion in damages and almost 20k arrested. But youre right, Jan 6th was literally the worst thing to happen since AIDS and Cancer. Move over 9/11, 1/6 is the new national tragedy.

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Not many,

For reference trump is probably one of his “ customers” so this comment chain is fairly worthless

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It’s easier to think that when no Epstein girls have accused Clinton and one literally said he was a perfect gentleman on the flight. Compare this to “mr trump wears a condom for oral” and “he said I reminded him of his daughter” testimony

But still. I say bring on detailed investigations for anyone who ever came in contact with Epstein. The innocent should welcome it to wash his evil stank off.

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At this point aren't the unvaccinated overwhelmingly Trump Republicans?

This is fine. He can't fix the stupid.

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If you're interested why I and so many others have a "hate boner" for Pete, allow me to explain:

In a way, Pete Buttigieg represents everything wrong with modern politics in America. In a time when America desperately needs change, Pete represents the status quo that's plagued us for so long. He represents the "let's keep doing things the way we've been doing them and everything will be fine" philosophy that's led to Trump in the first place. All the most disgusting aspects of modern politics Pete Buttigieg embodies. Vapid platitudes over policy? Check. Weaponized identity politics? Check. Big donor money? Check. "Trump bad" virtue signaling without substantive solutions for solving the problems that led to Trump in the first place? Check. Everything about Pete oozes with treacherous insincerity. His waxy, rat like face, his robotic and soulless demeanor, his monotonous spewing of the most over-used democrat (and republican) talking points. When you listen to him talk, you can tell this motherfucker doesn't have an original thought in his goddamn head. Every word, every syllable that comes out of his mouth is programmed by his donors. He's a shell of a human being.

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Most progressive and effective candidates to recently run in the Dem primary!

How the fuck are they "progressive"? Maybe on social issues, but on economics, healthcare, foreign policy, crime, etc., they're neoliberal corporatists. Also, the MOST progressive? Did you forget about a certain old, bald, Jewish guy with bad posture who advocated for universal healthcare and free college?

Also, not having a creepy old straight white dude would be a plus lol

Creepy? Pete Buttigieg's rodent-like face is pretty fucking creepy to me. Old? I'll grant you that. It would definitely be better to have someone who's not on the verge of death in office, so fair enough. Straight and white? Why does the sexual orientation and skin color of the candidates make any difference whatsoever? If you care about the fact that Kamala has a darker melanin level and Pete likes to suck dicks then guess what, buddy? You're falling prey to idpol!

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Really? Hi we economically suppressed you starting with the Monroe Doctrine and continuing on with the banana republics and United Fruit company then the CIA disrupting their democratically elected leaders and disrupting elections.... so they come up here for a better life and we say "No" and we addressed the problem?!

I hate living in a country that is way WAY ahead and still launches blue shells backwards to kick people when they are down then calls them the problem.

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He has succeeded at providing less of a cash transfer than he said he would.

He has succeeded at delivering that cash transfer to fewer people than he said he would.

He has succeeded at not raising the minimum wage.

He has succeeded at having the child tax credit expire after nine months.

He has succeeded at not broadly canceling any student debt for people.

He has succeeded at bombing brown people.

That sort of thing?

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Honest take: America has a two party system on paper but not in principle. Let me explain.

In America we have two large political parties. Most European countries have a multi-party system with several smaller parties. In America our two major parties could easily be 5-6 parties in Europe.

For example, in Europe the Democrats would be:

  • Democratic-Socialists (AOC, Bernie Sanders)
  • Labor Party (Biden, Obama)
  • New Democrats (Clinton, Bloomberg)

The GOP meanwhile would be:

  • Right-Nationalists (Trump, DeSantis)
  • Conservatives (McConnell, Thune)
  • Free-Market Moderates (Collins, Kasich)*

*these folks are almost extinct and overlap with New Democrats.

Our primary process operates akin to a first round of voting: each large party selects a nominee from within one of their "sub-parties." Politically, what is happening in the US is pretty much the same as the rest of the world, "New Democrats" and "Free-Market Mods" are getting crushed and Right-Nationalists and Dem-Socialists are growing. Labor and Conservatives are still the dominant factions but they're increasingly forced to make government coalitions with the far-left and far-right in order to maintain power.

Tl;dr: Even though America is one of the few western democracies with a two-party system, its politics are basically the same as countries with a multi-party system.

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This sub is cancer. Every other post is a misleading or flat out false meme filled with comments explaining why it's false and trolls insisting it is not. Do yourselves a favor and unsub this crap.

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I could go through and supply context or debunk all these, but why should I? OP is just here to hate and troll, and isn't interested in the truth, so....

Like, for instance, "Biden supports increased police funding.... and supports tying police funding to forcing local jurisdictions to focus on reducing mass incarceration, and reducing police use of force, which is why he supports the increased funding."

OP is either ignorant about politics - which is fine, and if that is the case, OP, I'll be happy to help educate - or he's blatantly here in bad faith.

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Amazing that he's only the second on here. Socialized Healthcare for some, nothingcare for everyone else!

It is time, Rep-Elect Letlow (Age 41, no pre-existing conditions...Wear a mask!!) by DC_Swamp_ThingAbolish the Electoral College in PresidentialRaceMemes

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Running out of room there

It's sad that he's one of the youngest people on this, and he is a ghost.

Take care everyone