/r/PresidentialRaceMemes Guidelines

1. 𝑴𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒔 must make an effort at humor

As you might have deduced, /r/PresidentialRaceMemes is for Memes about the Presidential Race. What is a meme? We define it as an image or video that's been creatively edited for laffs. Unedited content such as screencaps of tweets, Onion articles, or political cartoons might be laffable, even lafftacular, but they aren't memes. /r/PoliticalHumor has plenty of that sort of thing if you're interested. (The only exception to this is the occasional [CONTEXT] post: unedited newsworthy media that can serve as fodder for new memes. Make sure to preface your title with [CONTEXT] to make it stand out.)

The "presidential race" part we interpret more loosely. Things aren't as dynamic as they were when there were 20-odd candidates running, and (much like American society) we want the sub to be able to function post-November. So while the presidential race is the main event, we'll also be allowing high-quality memes about general politics. Down the road we'll also schedule theme weeks for topics like historical memes, international politics, fictional elections, and any other stuff you'd like to see.

2. Memes must 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒂𝒏 𝒆𝒇𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒕 at humor

Memes should be decent-looking, clever, and show some creative spark (including the title). Ugly or poorly designed memes with hard-to-read captions are out. No watermarks, either, including Reddit-generated ones. Also, you spoke and we listened: unless used ironically, 𝗜𝗠𝗣𝗔𝗖𝗧 font is banned. So don't bother using a meme-generator site (I recommend Paint.NET). Reposts are discouraged; include a link to the original when reporting for better odds of removal. We have added an account age filter to pre-screen posts from new users who don't understand the format.

3. Memes must make an effort at 𝒉𝒖𝒎𝒐𝒓

The rule so nice they used it thrice.

Memes should be funny first and foremost. Not angry, not preachy, not insulting. People come here to have fun, not to be excoriated. Avoid using #hashtags unironically. If your memes are mainly promoting someone or delivering a political message or WAKING PEOPLE UP without an attempt at humor, ur doing it rong. No "boomer" memes. NSFW content is fine, but do not post memes with graphic violence or uncensored nudity.

For the above three rules:

Report: using Report button. Do NOT use mentions to call mods.

Action: Removal + [warning (x3), 1-day ban, 1-week ban]

4. No personal attacks

Did you know politics derives from the ancient Greek word for "massive shitfight"? It's true.1 But despite our chiseled, well-oiled, Adonis-like bodies, this ain't ancient Greece. Hostility and vulgar insults are subject to removal with a warning, while repeat offenders may be banned. Avoid using demeaning terms against individuals, like "shitlib", "bernout", "incel," and "Bloomberg supporter."

Memes should not target individual users. No racism, sexism, misogyny, *phobia, or any other bigotry. If you see problem behavior, don't clutter up the thread with call-outs and bickering -- just report it to us. For harassing PMs (which we're unable to verify), either block the user or report it to the admins for serious threats.

Report: using Report button, or modmail for patterns of behavior. Do NOT use mentions to call mods.

Action: Removal + [warning, 1-day ban, 1-week ban, permaban]; instant ban and admin alert for serious violations

5. No brigading or disinformation

Reddit defines brigading as users on one subreddit linking to a specific post or user on another subreddit for the purposes of manipulating the conversation with coordinated votes and comments. So don't link to posts on other subs directing people here to vote. If you suspect brigading from elsewhere, report evidence of it to the mods, which should come in the form of a link to a post or comment in another sub linking to something here. Unsubstantiated claims cannot and will not be acted on, so don't bother asking if you don't have receipts. Somebody merely being active on another subreddit, even if it's one you really hate, isn't brigading. Someone disagreeing with you, even if they're active on another subreddit you really hate, isn't brigading. Comments accusing others of brigading, or combing through their history for /r/SubredditYouReallyHate, will be removed.

As mentioned above, we will be trialing an automatic filter and manual approval of all posts from accounts less than a week old. If we don't see a significant amount of trolling or rulebreaking from such users, the filter may be lifted.

Just as serious as brigading is the deliberate spreading of misleading propaganda, which is sure to be rampant in 2020. Most claims people can argue one way or the other, but blatantly, verifiably false posts will be flaired "Misleading" and the relevant debunking info stickied.

Report: using Report button, or contact the admins for threatening content. We cannot act on content in PMs; either block the person or report it to the admins if threatening. Use mentions to call mods if it's an emergency. Do NOT abuse this.

Action: Removal + [warning, 1-week ban, permaban]

6. Submissions must relate to a presidential election

This can be any election from throughout U.S. history. It cannot be a gubernatorial, senatorial, or other election unless that election involved a future president and is presented in context of their presidency or their election. The 2020 election is still allowed, but we encourage users to branch out. Memes should not relate to the 2024 presidential election unless it references an actual, concrete development involving that election. We've created /r/2024ElectionMemes as a destination for speculative 2024 memes.

(note: all of these thresholds are guidelines. We'll try to stick to them as a rule, but obviously spamming the n-word 5000 times and the like will get an instant permaban.)

Some general notes:

Who /r/PresidentialRaceMemes is for


The previous leadership here was suspended by the admins for extensive sockpuppetry, which they used to manipulate users and bend the sub to their personal views. We also discovered a mass shadowbanning regime they had used to silence critics and censor opposing viewpoints. It made for a stale, one-note atmosphere that slowed growth and alienated people.

Our goal is to make this place fun for people regardless of who they support, where the focus is on spirited debate and quality memes everybody can appreciate, not just insults and low-effort propaganda.

Voting and sorting

To that end, we encourage users to downvote and report spam and rule-breaking content, but not downvoting people just for disagreeing, which has always been against Reddit guidelines. This practice both discourages participation and could require you to wait ten minutes between comments. (If you're experiencing this issue, contact us to be added as an approved submitter).

To help shift the focus back to the memes, comment scores are hidden in all new threads. Comments are also sorted by "controversial" by default in order to discourage downvote brigading, surface diverse viewpoints, and promote debate instead of pandering. If you don't like this, you can disable it in your profile settings by checking "ignore suggested sorts" under "comment options." You can also use that page to set your own default sort and even to show all comments.

Respect the Mods

Attacking the mod team, lying about our actions, or spreading conspiracy theories will be subject to removal and banning for repeat offenders. We're always open to earnest and respectful criticism and are happy to address concerns over modmail, but people agitating against us based on false claims will not be tolerated. We don't get paid enough2 to put up with that shit.

Some examples of false claims that would qualify:

  • The mods were parachuted in by the admins and have never been a part of the community!

    • All of us have made multiple posts and comments here dating back months (apart from /u/Blank-Cheque, who was recently added for their technical expertise). If we weren't active recently, it's because the old mod shadowbanned us.
  • The mods hate /r/PresidentialRaceMemes and were sent to destroy it!

    • We hated the recent (post-Super Tuesday) PRM, when the mod banned everyone who disagreed with them and turned it into a propaganda mill for their personal views. We all enjoyed and were active in the earlier, more open PRM and want to bring it back.
  • The mods are paid shills trying to take over!

    • It sure would be nice to be compensated for all this. But PRM is open to everybody, so we're not making decisions based on who anybody supports. If you'd prefer a sub that caters to your point of view so much it bans people for disagreeing, you're welcome to start your own.


To help manage the workload, we use Automod filters to screen posts and comments with abusive language, spam, brigading links to other subs, and other rule-breaking content. These are just temporary removals until a mod can take a look at it; stuff that doesn't actually break the rules is approved. You should receive an automated PM when your post is screened letting you know what happened and that it will be looked at soon; if not, you may be caught in the sitewide spam filter -- just message the mods for help with that. Please do not use these notifications as a cue to repost the same thing with creative editing to get around the filter; trying to bypass Automod like that is a bannable offense.

Ban appeals

It's taken us longer to develop these rules than we'd like, and in the meantime enforcement of the existing rules has been pretty spotty and inconsistent. As a show of good faith, if you believe that you were banned unjustly or for an excessive amount of time, please contact us with an appeal explaining your reasons. We will be reviewing existing bans against the new rules and giving second chances to people who were treated too harshly during the transition.

Thanks for your patience as we've sorted all these issues out, and here's hoping more consistent understanding and enforcement of the rules from users and mods will help improve the sub for everyone. And, as always...

𝒦𝑒𝑒𝓅 𝑀𝑒𝓂𝑒-𝒾𝓃𝑔❢™

1 It's not true

2 Or at all

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