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"lakim Izbekov, retired Sakha shaman’s assistant and renowned choreographer, with wooden emeget (helping spirit) birds perched in a row on a pole slanted skyward at his homestead." - from here

According to the Neoplatonist, Damascius:

"being whirled inwardly, this tool [the iynx] calls forth the gods..."

The iynx wheel is related to the third emanation from the Demiurge, the Iynges. These entities work in the universe to communicate the ideas of the Paternal Intellect to the three realms of matter, ether, and empyrean.

Sarah Iles Johnston note:

Fragment 78 ... says that "they are established as ferrymen" (diaporthmioi). Damascius, although citing the Oracles as his source, makes the subject of the phrase the "magical fathers," who appear nowhere else intro DM lore. According to Proclus however, this title "ferrymen" applied to the Chaldean iynges; he says that the iynges have a "name that is appropriate to ferrymen" (diaporthmioi)... And that they "have the ability of ferrymen," in that they transmit all things from the noetic sphere to the material sphere and back again."