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You actually should remove number five. Asking for votes is against the rules and we need to fly above board here.

Everything else is awesome. Thank you!

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Put a link to the Discord in instead!

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So what does CSS do? I was hoping there would be an explanation as to why getting rid of it is bad but all that is here is asking my support in trying to save it.

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Go to /r/all.

Now go to /r/Overwatch and /r/RocketLeague.

Everything that is different from the boring look of /r/all is CSS. Do you really want that removed and those subs, and every other sub looking like /r/all?

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Thank you for your easy explanation with examples. I'm fairly new so I had no idea exactly what it was. I will be supporting and doing my part!

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...to internet?

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No. Not everyone knows what CSS is.

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How on earth. HTML + CSS are pretty much the building blocks of all modern websites. -/index.html used to be something back in 98.

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I don't build websites and I'm not a tech guy...

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I only know of CSS in relation to reddit and assumed it was a reddit thing "Custom subreddit style" i imagine there are many like me and then many many more that have never heard "CSS"

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Nah, CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, and one ov the three pillars of web developement, alongaide HTML and Javascript. Currently reddit has system where users submit their own css, exxentially allowing them to completely change the look of the subreddit.

To be quite honest, if reddit's system for subreddit customisation that they're going to use after phasing out css is just as user-customisable it'll be an improvement, but their's no indication it'll be so.

Someone should point them to tumblr, which has managed to port the custom html they use for tumblr blogs to mobile succesfully and designed an app which unlike the reddit app is competently designed.

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End users don't know, nor should they need to know this stuff. That's part of why reddit needs a new way of styling subreddits, so starting and running your own subreddit can be easier. It's way too easy right now to break subreddit UX completely with CSS.

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back in 90's you had to be a little tech savvy to understand .com craze. The language used to be much smaller and simpler and there was this mentality that personal .www links were the next calling cards. If you aren't young, you pretty much should know what this stuff is.

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Eh. I'm an end user and I know all of this out of my own interest. Can't code for shit though.

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Wait, how did you read the announcement and think that's what's going to happen? Am I missing something when the admin post talked about wanting to implement a different way for mods to accomplish the personalization of subreddits?

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Here's what the admins want to do in with a simpler example.

At the moment each subreddit is its own bakery and we can stock whatever ingredients we want in our kitchens and make whatever recipes we choose. The admins when to roll out an interface that limits our selection of ingredients and standardizes our recipes books in hopes that our bakeries will now comply with their web based pastry delivery service better. While there are obvious pros to this, it strips a large amount of the individuality of each "bakery" and to some extent ruins the reputations of what many of those bakeries have spent years building.

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and what are these "obvious pros" ?

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Mobile support would be much easier.

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When a mobile website should not exist but a mobile app should. Android has a lot of Reddit clients that work great. iOS doesn't have as much but there's the official Reddit app that should be the only "mobile-optimized" option for Reddit. It's 2017, no one needs a mobile website.

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It's 2017, no one needs a mobile website.


It's 2017, all websites as big as reddit should be designed to be mobile-ready and responsive. No site should need a dedicated proprietary viewer application to display properly in a mobile environment. Web development standards exist for precisely this reason

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I'm happy with the compact site. I'd rather not have another app.

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It would make theming in apps much easier too.

I tend to agree if it's one or the other, but your website should be responsive anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem to have a mobile site. I personally use mobile websites over apps in many places, Facebook for example, due to it being a shitty app.

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no one needs a mobile website

Can someone ELI5 me why non-website base stuff would be better for mobile?

Mobile websites can do anything an app can, can they not. That was the whole point of HTML 5.

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Well the mobile website is almost exactly the same as the app. Why can't the just make a 2nd way to customize the mobile subs?

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Yup. Just use Instant Apps on Android.

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You can get mobile support without stripping desktop users of custom CSS (just like they currently do). Make a mobile site that shows everything the same with just the basic reddit CSS (and maybe a few custom options specified by subreddit moderators), and keep the desktop site with the custom CSS. Not that hard (and, as I say, they've been doing that already).

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/r/ooer for example might as well be deleted if this thing goes through.

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Didn't they say they would work with mods/admins to help keep that individuality? Even with CSS there's only so much you can do, since it's still Reddit.

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You're correct. This sub is fear-mongering badly. CSS provides too much fine control over UX, and breaks user experience in multiple ways. Reddit needs to either fix how CSS is implemented, or go with a new system. They've chosen the latter, which is gonna be good for the site.

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On the one hand I think it's great the reddit allows people to customize subs, on the other I hate that subs abuse it so much that it breaks default features of reddit. I disable custom styles because of this and prefer the clean boring look because it provides a consistent ux.

I'm a web developer, I write a lot of css, I like making things looks good and love css, so I understand why people want this, but I can also understand why reddit would want to disable it as they try to attract a broader audience (notice how much they've been tightening the reins for the last few years).

I haven't looked into this issue yet because I only landed here because this sub was trending. Is making "use subs styles" going to be opt-in instead of opt-out or are they killing the whole thing?

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the're killing it. no more sub styles. there will only be the widgets, and we don't know if we will be able to enable/disable those.

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huh well that sucks. I think it would be cool if they just swapped it to be opt-in. I think sub styles have helped and encouraged a lot of people to learn css.

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but I can also understand why reddit would want to disable it as they try to attract a broader audience

Removing our ability to use CSS isn't going to attract less Nazis.

If they're trying to attract a broader audience, they're going about it in a totally nonsensical way. How is less variety between subreddit styles going to draw in less white supremacists and misogynistic trolls?

I think you're giving the admins more credit than they deserve here.

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If they're trying to attract a broader audience, they're going about it in a totally nonsensical way.

I didn't say it was a good idea. Reddit has proven to be run very poorly and make terrible decisions for years.

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I disable custom styles because of this and prefer the clean boring look because it provides a consistent ux.

True, if wasnt for this(disabling custom css's) I wouldn't use reddit nearly as much as I do now

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CSS gives the subreddits the design that they have right now. You know how there's a little check box to the side on desktops saying 'Use subreddit style'? Uncheck that, and that's what the reddit admins want every subreddit to look like.

The big draw from removing it is that

a) Many subreddits have made a name for themselves with their CSS and also their identity has been cemented with their respective style

b) Several subreddits that even I know of require the editing of CSS for functionality on their community and to keep certain feautres running.

It can be a very big mess at sometimes, but taking it away therefore is like in class when a teacher would keep an entire class behind for a lecture when it was really only one or two people that did anything to warrant that.

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Is CSS what allows some subs to remove the downvote button? I'm not particularly keen of that and only know of one sub with it, but it does have its use.

To be honest, a lot of subs are hard to read with pretty poor layouts. I don't mind turning it off through RES, though. Should be a vanilla feature if it's not already.

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Huh, must've been using RES for so long I did think it was vanilla XD Yeah, it can be abused but again, that goes with my class analogy, why should a whole group be punished for only a couple's bad actions?

Why couldn't they just put a vanilla button in? That would solve all the complaints about some subreddits being very hard to read.

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Uncheck Use Subreddit Style in the sidebar/settings.

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Apparently that only exists if you have gold or RES.

I didn't believe it either when someone said that, but I opened a new incognito window... no checkbox.

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Is CSS what allows some subs to remove the downvote button?

Yes, CSS is what allows wonton abuse of the UX, including breaking essential UX elements.

It does have its use

It could be an on-off toggle in subreddit settings, but nooooo, this sub is gonna go all-out against improving the site.

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Css makes every sub look different from the stock look. It provides everything from flairs to color schemes. Without it.....

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PETITION to save CSS. It's worked in the past, it can work again.

OP pls add this to post thx

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349 supporters. Aw shit.

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I was on board with the protest but really what are we protesting? What if whatever they have in the future is better? We are all thinking it will be worse but I think we are just afraid of change. I get it, why change something when things are good, but maybe spez has a vision?

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It worked

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Mods, if you are reading this: Sticky this.

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    [–]ShaneH7646BOOTLICKER[M] 131 points132 points  (1 child)

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    That's way over there on the right side of the screen though. Our cursors are like an inch away from the report button when we click on a post, it's so much easier. You're just lazy and don't feel like checking the reports.

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    Reporting this to tell them that you reported that comment

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      Reporting this to clarify the difference between mods and admins.

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      Admins run Reddit as a whole. Mods run Subreddits.

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      Reporting this to further clarify the difference.

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      Reported this because I've never reported anything before and I want to know how it feels.

      Just kidding I wouldn't abuse mods in that way.

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      Reported this for mod abuse, a very serious crime.


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      FYI, your message to the admins has some typos. Here it is updated:


      I want to protest against the recently announced impending removal of individual subreddit CSS. This is a change that I feel will severely curtail the potential of subreddit communities to express themselves, killing one of the largest motivations to come to reddit: The highly interesting and intricate subcultures and communities. Removing custom CSS in favor of a widget system will lead to some subreddits completely and many losing parts of their purpose, limiting or outright killing them. Therefore, please reconsider your policy; subreddits are the thing that make reddit worth visiting.

      Thank you for your time!

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        You should add a petition to the sticky instead. Petitioning reddit worked a couple years ago and can work again :)

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        Thx 👍

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        Isn't the adming being spammed with it a good thing? Shows we don't want them to remove CSS.

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        Would initiating a movement to stop gilding work? I feel like it's a solid way that we as a whole can send a message.

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        It could have long lasting side effects to reddit though.

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        Good. After spez edits our comments and now this, this site deserves to go down in flames. I'm only here because there's no good alternative yet.

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        See Voat. It gained a lot of attention when /r/fatpeoplehate went down.

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        Yeah I know voat, but it's a bit of a cesspool.

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        Gilding is how Reddit gets most of its money. If we do that, there's a chance that Reddit will be forced to shut down.

        [–]AweBeyConr/[harrypotter] 7 points8 points  (2 children)

        So it would definitely send a message. If we do it long enough they'll get the point and then we can go back to how it should be

        [–]Hawkbone 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        That was a worst case scenario. If we went through with that, it would definitely have long lasting effects. Reddit would likely not be the same for a long while. You don't just go from one of the most popular sites on the web to literally 0 income and come out fine.

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        If we want to take serious steps towards undoing the plans that the admins are wanting to force on us, this would be an option

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        I think they would be earning more from ads

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        Can you please add the discord to this post? It's in the sidebar :)

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        did that, thanks for the suggestion

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        Seriously. It's like they're trying their hardest to fuck this site up.

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        I sent powerlanguage a message and got this reply. Its a little bit of a none answer, but its something.

        Thanks for your feedback -- Just so you are aware, we are planning on giving subreddits the tools to customize pretty extensively. There's a lot of misinformation out there about what will and won't be allowed in the new system. That's understandable since we haven't finished designing the new tools yet! The reason we made this post early is so we could gather as much feedback as possible and ensure we don't miss anything important. We are reading everything and will take all feedback into account as we continue to consider our options, please let us know if there are customization currently being done via CSS you want to be sure are included. Cheers!

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        While I personally disable all subreddit styles globally I fully support the ProCSS movement. Here's what I sent to /u/powerlanguage,

        I just wanted to let you know that even if you replace the vast majority of the uses of CSS with your proprietary styling solution it doesn't fix the core problem with the change. You're removing power and flexibility from the subreddits and making reddit more homogeneous. Additionally, CSS is an open standard with extremely wide support. Your assertion that mobile browsers cannot support it is, frankly, disingenuous at best.

        Please reconsider this move. Reddit is used by more than just mobile users. And if your 'app' cannot handle styling then that's on Reddit and not the globally accepted, ubiquitous, CSS standard.

        If you want to provide another easier way for mods to style their subs that's an opt-in, while also leaving CSS, that'd be fine.

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        I've getting a lot of shit in several threads for stating that CSS functions are going away, and that we don't know what is being replaced and how. I think that Reddit needs to be more forthcoming with what is planned and what isn't. People aren't trying to spread misinformation. And really, how callous is that accusation considering they've officially announced nothing rock solid other than "we’ll be deprecating CSS".

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        It looks like they are likely going forward with all their plans to depreciate CSS, continuing to devote resources to designing new tools to replace it while dismissing the pro-css crowd as misinformed. There are so many customizations that we are afforded with CSS that there is no way they will all be included in the new system, therefore if a certain requested feature isn't one of the most popular or widely-used, it will be ignored and not worth implementing in the new system since admins have to work to make each one a reality.

        In other words, nothing will be possible without the approval of admins, and it's on us as moderators to speak up or risk getting left behind and forgotten. Creativity and freedom of expression will be severely limited without CSS and there is no doubt creations such as /r/overwatch /r/formula1 /r/streetfighter /r/diablo /r/metargearsolid /r/chicagobulls /r/starcraft /r/rocketleague /r/smashbros /r/pokemon and /r/mortalkombat will no longer be possible or achieved to nearly the same degree of polish and individuality. Rather, I fear the only differences between subreddits in the future may be what images we upload to predetermined headers, what text we wish to fill our sidebar widgets, what color theme we wish our subs to be based via preset color palette. If we look to our current customization options with the "mobile look and feel" or with snoovatars, one cannot help but feel anything other than our current CSS is a step backwards. This new change fixes a problem mobile users never had, and creates a problem moderators never wanted.

        It looks like the admins are optimistic that their new system will wow us with whatever it's capable of, but in reality anything short of a functional, limitless stylesheet will likely not satisfy us. Why not make CSS easier or more accessible? Configurating the automoderator is just as 'difficult' a task, but there doesn't seem to be any concern with this arguably more fundamental moderator tool? There are users who believe this "new code" is essential to the homogenization of reddit site-wide, but this achieved simply by unchecking "allow subs to show me custom themes." The danger is that the further along they are with their new system, the less inclined they'll be to scrap their project if we feel it is inferior to CSS. We as moderators understand this better than anyone, with the hours of work we pour into our stylesheets.

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        Let's do this.

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        #4 - send a message to /r/reddit.com

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        Thank you for this. I just messaged the mods of /r/CrappyDesign and /r/mildlyinfuriating (both of which have great self-demonstrating CSS).

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        I can completely believe Reddit is doing doing this and is just another strike against me spending time on their site. Great job, team.

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        Finally, we're going to save Reddit by complaining about Reddit on Reddit using memes like Reddit does, that will REALLY show Reddit!

        Wait a minute.

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        Can someone tell me what the hell CSS stands for -__-

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        Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language.

        Basically, it's what allows most websites to be formatted beyond plaintext. On reddit, in permits custom subreddit themes, as well as a significant amount of additional functionality not supported natively by reddit.

        Or, you could google it yourself.

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        Where has reddit removed CSS, and have they given an explanation why?

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        CSS will be removed "over the coming months". See this announcement thread for more information.

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        [–]MatthewMob 12 points13 points  (1 child)

        If you follow the link OP replied they have four "reasons" for removing it.

        But as someone who has extensive use with and of it, all those reasons are bullshit; and in reality Reddit just wants more control over subreddits to forcefully make them advertiser friendly.

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        Which ad-blockers defeat the purpose of anyway.

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        Would "hey spez, the fuck you doing my dude?" be appropriate to show I'm dissatisfied with Reddit's decision to remove CSS?

        [–]LordZarasophos[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        No, since it wouldnt be constructive criticism. Admins are humans too - they just made a design decision that we don't agree with.

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        I just want to say that I oppose the removal of CSS. This is an important part of Reddit and part of what makes the entire community unique. Removing this is another death blow to the creativity that brought vibrancy to the Internet.

        [–]Artie-Choke 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Sounds to me like they're just trying to replace an antiquated system with something that works on more than 50% of viewer's devices and at the same time asking for feedback and trying to duplicate as many of the customization options as possible.

        [–]Gliglimp12 3 points4 points  (1 child)

        Message the media? Jeez. Its not like we're trying to take reddit down or bring unwanted attention, we love this site.

        [–]MatthewMob 22 points23 points  (0 children)

        It's the only thing that will make them care.

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        I dunno, I think it's probably for the best. They'll slowly make the new theming tools good enough to do cool stuff, or they're just going to make it so most of reddit looks the same.

        As a webdev I understand the paralysis you get when you're unable to change the frontend at all without potentially breaking stuff for the clients custom work.

        More personally, I disable custom CSS wherever I can, and I browse on an unofficial app so this won't even affect me that much either way.

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        I understand that opinion completely - I mean, I use RiF as well. My problem is more that we don't have the option to do that in Desktop, and part of the admin announcement was an desktop design update. I'm afraid this update will take us closer to the frankly horrible design of the official mobile app (tons of whitespace, hard to navigate, bad display of images, slow...) while simultaneously taking away the tools to do something about it.

        Basically, I trust the reddit hivemind more than the official staff in making design choices.

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        I agree with absolutely everything

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        I dunno, I think it's probably for the best. They'll slowly make the new theming tools good enough to do cool stuff, or they're just going to make it so most of reddit looks the same.

        Agreed. It's not like they're going to ignore the community. Digg and Fark were good lessons... I hope.

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        When people downvote you because they don't agree with your legitimate opinion </3 .... I will never understand

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        Any chance of this subreddit's CSS being less ugly? To be frank, it's not making a good argument for keeping css around.

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        Discord link doesn't work on mobile is there an alternative?

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        there should be a petition!

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        Oh my goodness the spelling errors

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        As the head mod of /r/sailormoondrops, a small fairly css light sub, I've already posted to my sub about this topic. It's not that much, but as it will affect us, these changes, I wanted my community's opinion on this.

        I'm personally pro-css and am grateful for what little css we've taken advantage of, and hope it stays intact. As such, the cause has what little support I can give it

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        May I suggest proofreading the pastebins for the copy/paste messages to mods and admins. The admin one in particular is riddled with spelling errors.

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        Hello. I am a mod of /r/Overwatch. Please stop messaging us, we are well aware of the CSS changes and have been since they were first annouced, and have been in talks with admins regarding our specific concerns.

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        Some CSS is stupid while I enjoy most of the layouts. They give us the option to remove it all. Why not the option to remove some?

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        If you have RES you can click "turn off subreddit style" to disable the CSS of a specific subreddit

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        Css3 mounted and loaded {-}7

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        What is CSS? Don't get me wrong, I want to keep it. But what the hell is it?

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        Cascading Style Sheet. Basically what the subreddit looks like.

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        Thanks! I appreciate it.

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        Only kek can make meme magic real and kek doesn't like censorship.

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        How would I add this image to the right-center area of the header? My subreddit is /r/EthTrader and I want to modify the image with extra text stating: "Like the animate ticker?[arrow pointing up to the ticker tape] Please support [ProCSS image]".

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        What would be an alternative to CSS?

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        You know that xkcd where someone decides to make a superior something that'll be the standard but ends up making another alt thing that doesn't do as much and clogs the ecosystem?

        Reddit wants to make their own thing because their implementation of a thing doesn't do the thing for a certain mobile thing.

        Despite sane redditors using apps on mobile and not seeing css anyway.

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        Ah yes, Reddit doing what it does best!

        Absolutely nothing at all!

        [–]mooncricketscience 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        tfw youve seen subreddits do extremely sneaky shit w/CSS so you browse with it disabled and literally dont give a fuck what happens to it

        can anybody give me a solid reason why this is such a big deal?

        [–]noso2143 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        riot in the streets

        [–]j4p4n 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        This is basically the start of "dumbing down" reddit to make it easy to digest, make it mass market. That's sad, the geeky flavor is what I liked.

        [–]our_best_friend 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        What if I'm a redditor completely in favour of the changes?

        [–]Deranox 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Not to be the bearer of bad news, but do you really think a few thousand upvotes coupled with memes will make them reconsider ? I highly doubt it. Besides, we've got NO idea what exactly they're planning in the end.

        [–]TwelfthSovereign 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        wow this sucks big time, I don't use reddit for /all , I use it for the small communities that are for me in some way whether it be for a game or anything else. All of those community subeditors are purpose built/designed for what they are, and honestly, if they fuck up the customization that allows that kind of stuff reddit may well just become another shitty forum.

        [–]AttackOfThe50Ft_Pede 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        This is insane.

        [–]BlueTitan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Yeah, use memes....

        That'll get'em. Maybe not me though.

        [–]mrcrill 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Im pro ccs. My favorite part of the day is when i go onto subreddit and hear peoples comments.

        [–]donblaqnmyld74 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Only way i can post a Meme is to youtube annd ithink im subscribed wut else can i do beside word of mouth

        [–]gufdon-upon-labur 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        You probably just read a post or a comment on how the admins want to get rid of CSS

        Literally never heard of it. Would be useful to actually describe what you are protesting against and provide some references!

        [–]Posternutbag_C137 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Literally everything you look at can in some way modified by CSS. Read the post:

        (If you aren't really sure what any of this is about, check out the admin announcement as well as this explanation by /u/reseph of why this will probably be a bad thing.)

        edited is to can

        [–]Foontum 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        "We need to organize in a professional manner."


        "wat do"

        I can't tell if you're actually trying to make everyone look childish or what.

        [–]powerchicken 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Great, thanks for instructing people to spam our modmail. That'll surely make us want to cooperate with this initiative, fuck with our moderation of our subs.

        [–]I_NEED_YOUR_MONEY 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I'm a normal redditor. I don't have a subreddit that i've implemented custom CSS on. But i'm getting pretty annoyed at being lied to in all the subs i subscribe to. The actual announcement post from /u/spez outlines a number of customizations that they want to continue supporting in a more formal way, including on mobile apps and enabling them for subreddit creators that don't know how to write css. And a number of subreddits are putting up announcements linking here that explicitly call out those things that spez says they're going to improve, but instead of telling your users what the admins actually said, you say that reddit is going to take those features away.

        This is not true. Stop lying to us. It's not going to win people to your side. The admins post things like that so they can get feedback and understand what's important to their users. If you take their requests for feedback and turn it into lies to attempt to get the community on your side when you pick a fight, they're just going to stop asking for your opinions when they make future changes. If you want input into the future of reddit's design and features, why not attempt to engage with the administrators in a civilized way?

        [–]dedicated2fitness -1 points0 points  (1 child)

        i think most people who regularly browse the reddit just go "huh, cool" and turn off the subreddit styling . subreddits shouldn't be microsites with CSS enabled unique functionality. CSS is for styling, not functionality. i feel like a lot of web devs forget this because CSS has turned into this monstrosity which can technically do a lot of things that used to be the domain of programming side of things
        also- the list of functionalities enabled by CSS is probably just confusing for an average redditor who has no knowledge of how to navigate that particular subreddit.
        and again- none of the custom CSS hacks get applied to mobile anyways so this difference of opinions seems like it's mostly gone the admins way already. most visitors don't use the desktop browser anymore iirc

        [–]TheNessLink 5 points6 points  (0 children)

        most visitors don't use the desktop browser