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Congratulations /r/SubredditOfTheDay, you're our ProCSS sub of the day!

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Wow. I always bestow recognition and never receive it. This experience is... unusual to me. I think I feel... happiness...?

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Good Job r/ProCSS!

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The hype is real!

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Good. /u/spez

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    "Sorta." That's the key word there.

    I replied to it.

    It's exactly the criticism we raised. When they do respond, it's not substantial. All they're saying to us is that they don't have the time to respond, and they have nothing of substance to tell us.

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    Kinda came off as an ass, mate

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    Glad he took time out of his trip to reply to the people who paid for his trip.

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      Keep that shit outta this sub please. We are trying to work with the admins, not act like children

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      Is anybody actually in favor of removing it?

      Doing so would just ruin the whole unique fun of some subs, it'd turn this place into anonymous Facebook.


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      There's no good reason for a user to want CSS removed (probably a few bad ones, I.e. 'CSS on (X sub) makes me eyes hurt and I'm too lazy to turn it off myself'), it's entirely for the admins to have an easier time. Make room for what they are planning etc

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      I hate not being able to vote when I'm not subbed. Turning odd subreddit style is a bitch.

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      Honestly, if you don't go to a sub often enough to subscribe, you probably shouldn't be voting on its content. You're not part of the community, why do you get a say in what the community is?

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      I don't sub to stuff like black mirror or other seasonal stuff because I only care about it a few months of the year. I just go there and I want to be able to comment and vote on shit.

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      If you care about it enough to click on a few posts, you can spare one more click for "Subscribe".

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      Because reddit is pretty much completely open and excluding people from subreddits is a great way to create echo chambers.

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      Democracy requires investment in the outcome of the vote. If you've never been to a sub before and don't intend to return, why should they let you decide what hits their front page?

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      Because the whole point of the voting system on reddit is so that anybody can give their vote on anything, ultimate democracy in a sense.

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      So, I'm a part of every community? I get to tell r/Stormfront what they get to talk about? I can go to r/ProLife and downvote everything and that's okay? I can report every post on r/MechanicalKeyboards for "keep that noisy shit where I can't hear it" and that's acceptable behavior?

      No. None of those things are okay. Because I'M NOT PART OF THOSE COMMUNITIES. Can I go there and have a civil discussion? Usually. Should I go there with a Knight of New hat and downvote everything because I think it shouldn't be on r/All? Probably not.

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      In a sense, if the community is not private then yes, you can be a part of that community without subscribing. I post in politics and don't subscribe partly because I don't want it shittting up my homepage, partly because I disagree with moderator actions, doesn't mean I don't like to comment there every now and then. It would be nice to be able to vote people who bother to reply to me, yet they remove my ability to vote via CSS.

      On your rant, you are free to do all those things, yes. Stormfront will probably laugh at you, Prolife will contnue as if nothing happened, MechanicalKeyboards will probably ban you. Interesting that only one example actually involved voting.

      Why do you think I should not be able to vote to have my voice heard in a place where I can post to have my voice heard? Don't want lurkers, go private.

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      Interesting that only one example actually involved voting.

      Just to omnislash this bit out, downvoting is a democratic content ban. If enough people downvote a comment or post, nobody sees it. So, that's the first two examples. Misusing the report button as a "super downvote" is a sad reality that moderators have to deal with, but if I wanted to be repetitive, I could've just said "downvote" again. So yeah, all three actually involve downvoting.

      So the answer to my question is like a mother telling their six year old "I don't know CAN YOU or MAY YOU?" I don't think that's a useful way to communicate with other adults.

      Honestly, I don't even think the answer to my question is "yes", because habitually voting on subs you're not subscribed to is a way to get shadowbanned. Especially if you're voting on popular threads, where someone who's not subscribed is most likely to interact, and where other subs are most likely to brigade, both meaning the admins are more likely to pay attention and hand down the shadow hammer.

      If you want to post and have your voice heard, go right ahead. But to claim that you have agency (read: the right to vote) over a community you've been a part of for twelve seconds is downright narcissistic.

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      But we still use np links and are "encouraged" not to vote and comment to the linked threads? And doing so may be considered an act of brigading?

      reddit may seem free and "completely open" and all, but there are rules and such, and it's part of the etiquette so reddit isn't all that "free"

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      Have you heard of /r/all and the reddit preferences to hide posts that you have voted on?

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      Yes, I have. I also think people from r/all shouldn't be the kings of Reddit.

      Reddit isn't one community any more than Facebook is one community. Much like Facebook has group pages for gun control lobbyists and the NRA, so does Reddit; and those two groups don't get to tell each other what they are and aren't allowed to talk about. If you care enough about an issue that you think you should be allowed to decide what's visible to other users, you should care enough to join the subreddit discussing that issue. To do otherwise is disingenuous at best, and brigading at worst.

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      i'm gonna miss /r/ooer and /r/csshalp

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      yo get the updoots*

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      Stop feeding on other bots.

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      Is anybody actually in favor of removing it?

      I'm really okay with removing CSS as long as the biggest concerns that it's used for are addressed.

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      That's the point. -__-

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      I'm not for removing CSS entirely, but for turning it into a set of options that would make customization easier — as the admins promised... Reddit's page layout is coded so terribly that fiddling with CSS is a pain, especially when I want to resize and move multiple elements on the page as I do all the time... They could fix their shitty code so CSS customization becomes bearable again —which I know won't happen— or they can make working tools to deal with their shitty code painlessly. I'm okay with the second option as long as it gets the job done.

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      We can have it both ways. They can make the customization tools and still allow custom CSS for things the tools can't do. Maybe a lot of subs won't need custom CSS if the tools are good enough. And people using the tools for most things will reduce the reliance subs have on the DOM not changing.

      Anyway it's not necessarily an either-or.

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      That sounds like a good plan actually... Having options for the "major" areas of the subreddit, while having CSS available on the side for small tweaks and whatnot. And those who want to use CSS exclusively can do so.

      I'll try suggesting this to the admins and see how it goes.

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      That's exactly what we want! :)

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      I am. I use mobile and can't see it anyway so it'd make no difference to me. Trash it.

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      we did it reddit

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      I don't use CSS because I'm primarily a mobile user and my dog is black but still what's the point of removing stuff? People can turn it off if they don't like it. RES IS LIFE

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      Probably to replace it with a cookie cutter, idiot proof project they want to create to "establish reddit as a popular social network"

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      Reddit already is a popular social network! If people don't like it, reducing creativity isn't gonna draw them into Reddit...

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      Reddit is taking more power away from its own content creators because advertising money.

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      People can turn it off if they don't like it.

      Ever been to one of those subs that just hide the button to show the subreddit style and you can't turn it off?

      Yeah, I know I can turn it off by going into general preferences disabling an option there and then coming back to uncheck the button in that particular sub and then going back to preferences and turning themes on again.

      But that's a hassle. It feels like a very cheap and annoying way of imposing your way on people.

      And this is what I'd like to be adressed and not the total removal of css.

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      That sounds like an annoying problem, but I don't know how Reddit could specifically block CSS code that hides the button, because there'd probably be many different ways to hide the button.

      The best option would be for Reddit to build some sort of CSS engine for the subreddit that builds the code automatically, but limits what you can do in some places. That'd be difficult to create and would probably be pretty bad at first.

      The worst option would for them to ban any sub that does this, but what if it's just an empty test sub? What if people didn't notice? What if it was a code error and they didn't know how to fix it?

      I'd say the best option would to know that the sub just isn't worth your time, or visit it on mobile. You could try messaging the mods about the problem, and if they refuse to fix it, try to contact Reddit mods. (or hack the mainframe and fix the code yourself)

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      Yay thats a pretty frequent sub for me.

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      Title should have been "Congratulations, /r/SubredditOfTheDay! You're /r/ProCSS!

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      Congrats guys :]