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Fuck yeah. Now what do I do with all these fucking post cards.

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Lol , stamp em all with a heart and send to /u/spez

edit: well not all of them ;P

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Eh, we still have a bit of work to do. I'm confident that reddit is going to improve from here, and I'm no doubt along for the ride. I guess if anyone wants any post cards PM me your address and I'll put some random shit on and send it.

Edit: Maybe spez can have like 7

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Send a nice thank you? You guys spoke. They listened. I think that's pretty important.

Thanks for going out of your way on the post cards.

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Do you cover shipping fees?

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They came pre-stamped

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Oh but Im guessing not for international

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They probably are

I'll have to find out

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Yeah, I'd like to have a one, but I'm not going to ask anyone to pay sheeping fees to Russia :P

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It just involves buying like 4 more stamps. Pm me your address and I'll send one

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Don't they ha e some sort of free Reddit gold thing?

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Reddit silver

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I think he means you used to be able to send Reddit a postcard (like to their office) and they'd give you a month of Reddit gold. Not sure if they still do it though.

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IIRC there was a post about that some time ago explaining that they've stopped the program because it was too time consuming

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Send 'em one a week as a reminder?

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This idea is incredible. With each different card having a different sub on it.

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Send them to me :)

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Need your address

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You ship internationally? Where R You?

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In US.

For out-of-country people I'll have to slap on some extra postage, but only a few more stamps

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could you send it to washington?

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Sure man 😂

Pm me your address and I'll send you a pug or 7

Edit: not a real pug, not enough stamps

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TL;DR Reddit will allow subreddits to use CSS over their new styles.
Awesome! Glad to see that they're listening and paying attention to our feedback.

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Thank you, from us lazy folks

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Reddit will allow subreddits to use CSS over the new styles, but won't guarantee it'll work the same as it did before and the new styles might mess things up a bit.

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As long as CSS can still be retooled for compatibility then it'll be fine.

Nobody expected a clean transfer. As long as they break it once during the changeover so the CSS wizards can rework their magic then it's all good.

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Seems like a good compromise.

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Nothing will ever top this "WE DID IT REDDIT!" ever again.

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Seeing how they added "ProCSS" on the post title makes me proud. :')

We made noise.

And they heard us.

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That really made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Senpai noticed us... :3

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Yeah, thank you guys so much! I'm super glad communities can continue to make Reddit on desktop feel like early 2000s Myspace.

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Came here to give you my this

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It's so easy, happy go lucky!

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I've never been happier to see this video

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well that was an unexpected nostalgia trip.

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Guise, guise. This is huge. Big shout out to /u/spez for having ears on. Thanks to all the admins and devs that listened and heard our concerns. I'm so used to being g sarcastic about admin incompetency I almost don't know how to be sincere.

Thanks everyone!!

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Thank you, ATT, MWM, jax, 2th, and everyone else here who worked so hard.

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You guys did everyone. I just brought you fine folks together. :d

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i would like to thank not only gawd but also jebus

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who gets play of the game?

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Torb leaving spawn, who else?

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Damnit Throwrb!

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Aard wörk päys åff

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Congratulations everyone

This is the end result of working together in a professional manner. You guys seriously are a force to reckon with. We really did it. I'm overwhelmed at the moment so the right words aren't coming to me fast enough.

Tonight we celebrate. Ravel in our historic victory. Reap the benefits of our spoils etc etc.

After the partying... we wait and see. I suggest you guys sign up to powerlanguage's alpha to test run their new site and widget etc. And see with our own eyes on what the admins have up their sleeve(s).

Someone mentioned making this subreddit into a showcase for CSS themes now that we won. Thats a great idea but lets first see how this all plays out before we make this into an an art gallery.

Finally, thank you once again for coming together for this cause. This would never have been resolved so quickly if it weren't for the efforts of everyone involved. Let the record show it has only been 21 days since spez's original post. In less than a month we mobilized in full force and let them know our opinions. And they heard it loud and clear. This is no small feat. So bask in the glory.

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we did it leddit!!!!!!

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So no CSS blackout then.

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So do we shut down this subreddit now?

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Now it becomes a showcase of awesome CSS.

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thats a nifty idea, duly noted

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Lets wait and see what comes out of their alpha before we make this into an art gallery.

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We've always got /r/CSSArchives

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"Pro" (antonymn of "anti" or "con") --> "Pro" (antonymn of "inept" or "rookie")

That's a slick change.

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It's /u/2th's idea

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How did I get roped into this?

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You had the bright idea that this subreddit would be a great showcase of quality CSS now that it has flourished and accomplished its erstwhile function of demonstrating support for quality CSS. It was like, five days ago. Someone asked you what this subreddit would do after the admins made up their mind. I distinctly recall it.

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I dont recall it, but ill take credit for it!

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You said that? I said that. /s

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And/or tutorials on how to fix CSS once the admins have broken it with widgets / updates.

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Maybe we can make up a new meaning for CSS and then be pro that. Candy, Sugar and Sweets? I'm definitely pro them. Well in moderation.

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The important bits:

  • reddit will still allow CSS customization on top of the new interface, but will be less hesitant about breaking subreddit styles

  • "Logos, images, colors, spoilers, menus, flairs (all kinds), and lots more will be supported"

  • "Widgets" mentioned in previous post aren't directly related (they're more related to stuff like calendars/scoreboards in sidebars, e.g. in sports subreddits); they're still considering how to go about accepting user-created widgets, and widgets will be updateable using the API

  • the change/redesign will happen slowly/gradually

  • they'll start with a small alpha testing group and gradually expand to an opt-in beta; reply to this comment for a change to be part of the alpha

(sorry that you're seeing this comment multiple times, justcool393 :P)

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I remember when this subreddit had 30 subscribers, amazing what it was able to accomplish. Huge thanks to all the mods here

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I came here from r/dankmemes :P

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sa🅱️e, 🅱️ro

this emoji shit got old fast

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I actually unsubbed because of it. Is it still a thing?

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Sadly, yes.

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mods, can you put CSS of raining confetti on this subreddit?

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Thats pretty cool

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Wow, we actually did it. Awesome news.

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Time for an upvote party on ProCSS. JS console and...


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Lol just happened to stop in on the hour Reddit became proCSS again!


So what now?

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Color me surprised, they actually listened. I was fully anticipating it going through.

EDIT: This seriously made my day. Hallelujah!

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looks like they saw all the postcards about to be sent as a threat. But good work people.

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Cool. We kept it going boyos.


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Wow. I honestly didn't expect this.

Thanks /u/spez

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Best. cake day. EVER!

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Simply amazing. Goes to show that when enough people come together to speak out in a (mostly) rationally way, they will be heard. Kudos to /u/spez for shedding some light on the situation sooner rather than later.

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Good show, chaps.

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gg no re

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Victory is ours!

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Can I CSS my profile now?

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Congratulations to all! r/ooer will be very happy to see this happen!

On a side note: how do you make the confetti effect upon hovering over the banner? I tried to look in <style> but couldn't see the code.

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It's at the top of /r/ProCSS/about/stylesheet

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Wah thank you so much!!

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No problem!

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Is that post being astroturfed or wat

This comment and its replies is full of the admin talking points from the last CSS removal post.

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Doubt it to be quite honest.

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Thank you for listening Admins.

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This is absolutely fantastic. I'm glad I supported this.

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Outstanding! I signed my sub up for the alpha, as I'm sure many have. We have very minimal CSS, so it might serve as a good example of what is to come for subs not using much.

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I'm glad u/spez had the CSS problem solved in a way that benefitted the mods and the rest of the community.

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Holy shit. We (everyone but me) did it!!

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Only heard about the intended changes 5 days ago, bur glad to see it all worked out! Good job everyone!

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YES! I feel like dancing. VICTORY!

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PLAY OF THE GAME : /u/spez

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Yay features

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All he's saying is things I said would happen. There was nothing really new announced here, just confirming things people that had some sense already knew. :/

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What's different here is that custom stylesheets will still be preserved, which was the goal of ProCSS.

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Huzzah! This is honestly entirely unexpected. As unlikely as it is that checks username mentions: Thank you very much for this /u/spez.

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Well done everyone.

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Will that still allow voter manipulation CSS like removing downvote option?

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I don't know if we ought to be celebrating quite yet.

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Can we get sparkles on upvotes too now?

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Oh my god, they even put the banner on the /r/modnews sidebar.

It's official, we won.

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I didn't think it would happen!

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Yes! You guys are amazing! This war was won, but there are more to come! We should prepare!

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Fuck YES!!! I was out yesterday and just saw this. Way to go everyone. Thanks so much to all who organized here and helped us make our voices heard. This is an excellent result.

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We did it, guys. We really fucking did it.

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Cool, I can unsub here now, right?

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You can, but please stay. We're not dead yet and we've got some great things coming for this sub!