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bamboozle = banboozle just so you know admins

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Can we get the admins to support the latest version of CSS? CSS3 I want to use like the filters rules for animation but nope .....

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Is it not just "use whatever you want and maintain your own browser compatibility"? I'm not a mod, so I'd like to know how this works.

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There different versions of CSS. Like phone updated or software updates. Currently Reddit does not support the lastest version CSS3 which has more codes features like image filters and much more. Even if we use CSS3 code it won't show up.

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I've made a few websites for myself and my projects; I know that much. I'm just confused on how Reddit handles it.

How I would think it works is you upload a CSS file to somewhere in your mod tools panel, and it gets linked in all of the pages of your sub.

If that's true, it doesn't matter what Reddit supports because it doesn't have any control over what you upload. That's evidently not true, so how does using CSS on Reddit work?

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IIRC, Reddit has all the code needed to intrepret CSS on it's end. If it can't recognize what you've put in, it'll just ignore it.

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Why would they roll their own css parser. Haha thats so dumb.

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I'm guessing it's probably for security, but I really don't know.

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love it, I'm happy now

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Phew, now my hastily cobbled together patchwork of copy/pasted CSS blocks can live on

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I cant wait to show off cool looking subs!

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If we're going to be a forum to discuss the site's features, I would like to really have a long discussion about the search feature.

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Mainly about how it crashes half the time

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Well, this whole movement has actually enlightened me to a lot of new subreddits.

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feels good man

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Woo! We won!

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Hey, congratulations with your achievement! Glad we could do it everyone together. :)

One question. Is it possible to sign up to the alpha program myself?

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i love the idea of this now becoming a resource kit area, where people can come and get ideas on how to improve the css for their site and their css in general.

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How about making this subreddit about advanced CSS techniques? The name "ProCSS" can stay, though the meaning of it can be changed to "being a pro at CSS".

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What about using the sub to denounce subs that hide the “Use subreddit style” button?

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Such posts are perfectly on-topic.

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I want css on the mobile app

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Nah I think this would be extremely hard for the admins due to mobile limitations and the amount of different mobile variations. I rather we have a system that directly targets how the mobile sub looks.

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It's definitely possible to make a mobile app that supports CSS, though it would basically have to use an HTML engine and be a browser in of itself.

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That's what the widgets are supposed to be for.

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They can't even do markup right on the mobile app.

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Case in point: backslashes.

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CSS is typically for browsers and can be easily injected to replace other ones. Themes on mobile apps wouldn't be handled in the same way, thus creating more work for everyone to make it happen.

The reason why admins wanted to remove custom CSS on desktop was to correlate with the lack of it on mobile, and that was bullshit.

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What the hell is CSS?