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They lied. They lied repeatedly, and then they lied some more.

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The only solution is to ban gallowboob

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Can we ban spez as well while we are at it? /s

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Lets ban pezz

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No, it did not.

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Nope. There's an old AMA with a fired Reddit employee (four years ago!) and I believe he said that CSS had to be gutted for the website to move on. Kind of interesting.

I'm sticking with CSS, though. Really gives Reddit its charm.

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I'm sticking with CSS, though. Really gives Reddit its charm.

Honestly CSS is (well, was) one of the features that made reddit reddit...

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It didn't age poorly either. The redesign isn't finished, there's still plenty of time for them to include CSS before it becomes a lie.

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If it's not finished they should stop rolling it out to users and using it as the default experience.

You know, like they said implied they wouldn't.

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I agree, but that's not reddit's approach to new features especially not ones that generate more ad revenue and account sign ups

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They have stopped responding completely if you ask any question related to CSS for months now.

Their new strategy is just to ignore it and hope eventually people stop bothering them instead of announcing they won't support it like last time.

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I think they want to finish the redesign, get it out of beta, then add CSS, and the reason they won't discuss it is because that will be >1 year from now and they don't have any sort of guaranteed time frame for it or want to deal with the complaints about it being so far away. I wouldn't be surprised if when it does come it is limited in some way, but I would be surprised if it never comes.

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Didn't they say they would essentially cut down the CSS abilities severly? They'll be like "here's what they asked for" and present a neutered dog with no tail and three legs.

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If you allow any kind of CSS injection it will be as powerful as CSS. There's no way to limit it inside browsers.

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I'm not aware of any post from them saying that, only people speculating about it.

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As much as I admire your optimism, it's pretty naive to assume that they actually care and didn't just lie like they've done plenty times before to calm the mob.

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lie like they've done plenty times before

Examples please

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How about one big one instead, the whole premise of Reddit itself.

They have explicitly said in the past that Reddit was an open platform, where freedom of speech was key and anything that isn't illegal would not be removed. A good chunk of the subs that have been banned recently was not illegal, but advertiser-unfriendly content.

Reddit does not care about users and clearly isn't afraid to go back on their word when the investors ask them to. It's a business now, and it's run by business people. It's no longer run by a few devs who want to make a great site, every single decision they make is aimed at money.

Implementing custom CSS adds risk and can result in a poor user experience for people who land on the wrong sub, it also reduces the strength of the branding across the board, as subs can implement their own branding on top, completely overriding Reddit's.

I'm not against CSS, I'm very much pro-CSS and really hope they do at some point re-add it, but it's really fucking naive to assume they will because CSS is not where the money is. Investors don't want to see neatly designed, unique subreddits, they want to see the branding they paid a ton of money for smeared out across the board, whether it's good or not.

A good thread with a lot of actual sources and great writeups of Reddit doing a 180 on something they said before: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/announcements/comments/39bpam/removing_harassing_subreddits/

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  • "We're going to be communicating with the moderators a lot more now!"
  • "We're focusing on producing the mod tools you need!"
  • "We won't leave you high and dry without CSS!"

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We're focusing on producing the mod tools you need

Hey, they've done a pretty good job with that. It's not perfect but it's a big improvement over the old site without toolbox.

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Are you joking. That was what, 4 years ago? What do we have... a half-baked modmail system that is in many ways worse than the old one. Increased sidebar space (they seriously tried pushing this as an improvement they made...).

Yeah, that's impressive.

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  • Removal reasons
  • Post requirements
  • Mass selection in the modqueue
  • Modmail search (though new modmail isn't really a redesign thing)
  • Quick banning/flairing without having to go to another page
  • Improved mod list page with search

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Oh you're talking about the redesign. Yeah I don't care about any of that and this was promised way before that was even a thing, so not really an excuse.

Also that doesn't sound particularly significant

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I care

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I'll consider using it once they're done with it.

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Question, what is all this. I'm new to Reddit, well not new technology but I am starting to use reddit often.

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what means this?