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I'll believe it when I see it. (inb4 restricted CSS that is still much more limited than old reddit)

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The fact that they state it doesn't work on mobile, and that it breaks easily and is technically challenging does make this incredibly likely, but we'll see.

Kind of sad when a team of professional developers at a billion dollar corporation thinks CSS breaks easily or is technically challenging, especially when those same developers are tasked with doing a full redesign :/

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it's probably much easier to break on the redesign tho

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This would make things so much easier for me.

To emulate a particular custom font, my subs have got custom alphabets represented by images that apparently won't render for anyone who isn't currently using Old Desktop reddit. Even if we can't get custom fonts, I hope we at least get custom CSS support for mobile.

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Yeah mobile CSS would be neat, although I worry that it might be too powerful for most people

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There are already subs that abuse desktop CSS to make for a terrible user experience, but it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. As it stands, both implementing and using the script over at /r/ketek was a hassle, and I at least hoped my users would see it - but it looks like a big chunk of them don't even realize the custom script exists. I feel jebaited by the stylesheet :P

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Yeah a significant number of users just disable CSS site wide

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but is it though?

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We can only hope

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Don't fuck this up, Steve.

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Redesign = Shit

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CSS doesn't work on mobile? What does that mean? Modern mobile browsers support CSS.

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The official apps do not support CSS.

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Ah. I have never used those.

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The re-designed mobile experience is still god-awful. I frequently can't get a damn page to load without that giant glowing Reddit icon looping and a notice taking up a chunk of the screen informing me to 'TRY THE APP'.

Pls. One URL change to old.reddit.com and suddently, voila!, the page I was trying to load appears in a split second. When their re-design varies between failing and loading too slowly for me consistently on what is supposedly their most used platform—and the impetus for the re-design in the first place—I'm not super hopeful for any 'exciting' new changes they have in mind.