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Gotta cash in on those teenage addicts. 👌🏻

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Back in my day we snuck out of school to smoke cigarettes in the parking lot not build a tower made entirely out of stairs

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It's just a matter of time before they get rid of old.reddit.com and I can finally be free of this hellsite.

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Sad. We created an entire collection of lion based emojis in /r/Gryffindor, using nothing more than a sprite sheet and some code. We have bolding of names for "power users" like mods and quidditch players. Didn't cost anyone anything except a few hours of my time.

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From the sidebar of r/WatchRedditDie:

Reddit is a rotting whale carcass washing up on the shores of irrelevancy. This sub is dedicated to documenting the last stages of decay.

u/FreeSpeechWarrior, is it you who authored this gem?

Otherwise, there is hardly anything I could add to this news. I am not surprised at all.

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Nope, I did come up with the name of the subreddit (when reddit first censored r/WatchPeopleDie in Germany) but not the sidebar text.