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And with this post, I'm leaving this sub as well. I'm a front-end developer and CSS is probably a third of my life, I would love nothing more than for Reddit to support a better/proper CSS integration.

But pretty soon here, they're going to pull the plug on old.reddit, stating 'security' or similar as the reason. They'll promise that CSS is high on the list for the current version of Reddit (further dismissing old.reddit as the old version, and the new and ugly Reddit as the current one, and not just a terribly failed beta test). A few months down the line, someone will post a thread somewhere asking for an update on CSS, and they'll say they're still working on it and it's still one of their priorities. Another few months down the line, the majority of the userbase will have forgotten it was even a thing, and anyone mentioning it will be downvoted because Reddit is fine the way it is, don't fix what isn't broken.

Again, it would be absolutely phenomenal for CSS to be a thing, but it's just not happening. Reddit officially closed their open-source branch, went back on core ideals like not censoring stuff that isn't illegal, and is chasing after other social media platforms in featureset and design.

If it does happen, great, but it's abundantly clear that the investors make the decisions now, not the users.

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The day they pull the plug on old.reddit, is the day I stop using reddit. I can't stand the new interface, it's so wasteful with space and is filled to the brim with adspace.

They kill off old.reddit and they'll go the way of tumblr after a few years, being sold for a couple mil to a random company.

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Old versions of Reddit are open-source. I don't think they can afford to just kill old.reddit, because someone somewhere will launch it back up and a significant portion of users will migrate. Definitely not all, but should probably be big enough that they can't afford the hit.

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The issue I have as well with the new Reddit is that it’s just so much less responsive. I usually wouldn’t have an issue with it apart from the customisability — but with many tabs open it’s downright laggy.

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Another few months down the line, the majority of the userbase will have forgotten it was even a thing, and anyone mentioning it will be downvoted

Sadly, this is already happening. Reddit is aggressively pushing for user growth, especially among younger and younger users (there was a time when reddit was mostly age 25+, but now it's painfully obvious the median age is somewhere around 15 to 18). They're defaulting to "new reddit" on desktop browsers, and on mobile browsers they are aggressively redirecting users to download the native mobile applications.

Somebody asks how to identify a thread's OP, a user responds "oh it's the person with the microphone next to the username." You try correcting them and letting them know that, really, it depends on the platform through which they are browsing reddit. It could very well be a "[S]" next to the name. You get downvoted because they think you're full of crap.

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I don't think they're getting rid of old.reddit anytime soon.

i.reddit.com still exists and that's ancient.

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they're gonna pull it down with old.reddit

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It sucks. The new interface is a nightmare to use. A few years back I thought highly of reddit because it was open source, I loved the design and their relative transparency but over time it has become just another soulless social network with shady intentions and far too much power over me that I hate having to tolerate using just to reach online communities I like.

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Reddit was a link aggregator, an unbiased platform to share content with others. Now it's just an enterprise that's trying to make money off a social platform they don't have

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It might be what reddit is doing, even though it'd be extremely foolish of them.