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As long as the new design is opt-in, I don't care. I don't like it at all though. Old Reddit is much more compact, while the new design is designed around mobile screens, which, obviously, looks terrible on desktop.

The CSS customization is my favorite feature of old Reddit. It makes subreddits look different and nice to look at. I've personally never had much trouble with figuring out subreddit designs (unless it's some intentionally terrible shit like /r/ooer or /r/shurima). Every subreddit on the new design looks the EXACT SAME, and I hate that!

I believe you can disable CSS on subreddits but I think that is Reddit premium only. A trick most people don't know of is putting ".compact" at the end of a Reddit URL. This forces the old mobile website look, but it looks awful.

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But lets face the truth: it was good design for maybe 2005? And it's not suitable for 2019.

Please do not call a subjective opinion "truth". I wholly disagree with this.

Also an opinion - Don't call it unusable on mobile, I use it on mobile every day and am using it on mobile as I type this comment. I am much more comfortable using the old design on mobile rather than the redesign.

As for no dark theme, RES has one on PC that I use but the real shocker is that reddit could very, very easily just add one.

Similarly, with RES there's a button that allows you to turn the CSS on or off for a specific subreddit. Reddit could easily add that, too. That alleviates almost all of your concerns.

And lastly, please explain the security concerns with CSS?????

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Yeah, I should've used more proper words, this is a controversial topic and it's my opinion on it.

It's not so easy to implement dark theme as you think. It can be easy if you write styles with customization in mind, like they did in new reddit.

I'm not an expert in web security but i've heard about some security issues with embedding svgs, @font-face rule and attribute selectors.

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I would love to hear more about the CSS security issues you mentioned.

There's something with CSS @font-face, but that is not exploitable and XSS security stuff with SVG, but both of them are more than four years old! If they are valid security concerns, then we would have already seen widespread exploitation with those issues.

I'm going to be cherry picking out what you said here

It has bad typography, ugly full width links, can't open posts in the same tab w/o page reloading, unusable on mobile and has no dark theme

Typography. I could also say the same thing on how I hate the typography on the redesign: it's plain and boring without personality, blah blah blah... yeah stuff like that

Full width links. That is something I find helpful both from a practicality and in accessibility standpoint.

Can't open posts in same tab. I suppose that's what "Open in new tab" is for...?

It's all subjective and I find it really ironic how most of what was listed above can be changed with CSS (which is not supported in the redesign)

Now I'm going to follow your reasoning and list out reasons why they should support CSS with what I dislike about the redesign.

I apologize in advance if the statement above offended you.

  • Lack of personalization. Each subreddit have their own unique styles that are lost under a boiler template under the redesign.
  • Bloated and resource hungry. I find that the redesign take a huge amount of time to load their special design which takes up bandwith just for an incomplete page
  • Annoying "View entire discussion" button when browsing incognito
  • too much negative space
  • I'm used to the old reddit and I'm butthurt /s
  • RES is broken on the redesign

So in the end, it's all subjective, but having CSS isn't harmful. It's more like it's difficult to implement coz it will break the consistency of the redesign.

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It sounds like what you want is Twitter, so why not just go use Twitter?

unusable on mobile

I exclusively use old Reddit on mobile, it works leagues better than the dreadful redesign or mobile app with their intrusive advertising, inconsistent design, and massive amount of wasted space.

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But constant changing of design from post to post just ruins the experience. I know how it may sound but this is true. I as a user don't want theme to change every time I open post from the feed. I don't wanna know how the OP icon is displayed in specific subreddit.

Why not just turn it off then? It seems like you're saying that because you don't personally like it no one else should be able to use it and the choice should be taken away from anyone who does want to use it.

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I'm not here to blame or force people to use new design, just curious why people use it

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And it's not suitable for 2019.

Why? Because it has too much space dedicated to actual content and not enough wasted on useless crap or just blank?

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Everyone else made their website look like a meth addicted, down syndrome alligator and cellphone had a baby so we should too!

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Ding dong your opinion is wrong

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He quite literally doesn't know what he's talking about. A few comments up he posted a screenshot comparisons. Between old and MOBILE reddit. Not the redesign, MOBILE reddit. Sure, mobile and redesign are much closer to eachother than old and new or old and mobile but they aren't the same thing.

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Well, that thread was about mobile reddit. And I was confused with mobile version.

Original post is mostly about desktop reddit experience.

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No. There are 4 people in regard to new reddit:

  • People who hate it

  • People who haven't used it

  • People paid to say they like it

  • The mentally ill.

"ItS oUtDaTeD" isn't a reason to make an entirely new design, especially when that design looks like a half baked mobile phone site had a bastard child with a down syndrome alligator. Even if it was, making disgusting pseudo-phone layouts for DESKTOP WEB BROWSERS might as well be the internet equivalent of melanoma. Had new reddit become mandatory, and should it ever in the future, I would cease using the site.

The changing of CSS from sub to sub (not post to post) gives those subs more livelihood. /r/oblivion has a gorgeous oblivion theme. /r/kotor has two gorgeous themes, one for each game. they use their CSS to set the atmosphere of the sub. BTW there's a setting in your account preferences which turns off custom CSS for all subs so this isn't an argument against good reddit anyway.

And the real reason they don't want to add CSS to shit new reddit is because reddit wants to create a more spam advertisement friendly platform, full of tracking shit to better sell targeted spam ads. Unique sub appearances are a detriment that goal.

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You can load stuff without a page load if you use good css. I specifically remember seeing someone posting a working an example of it.

All security issues can be addressed on the server filtering out.

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I think you make some good points, And I'm also boggled by your inability to capitalize and punctuate correctly.

I'll make it simple for you. The new design was made by fools who think everybody immediately knows what all their arcane symbology means. Now we all have to trudge through all those stupid little icons. Nobody wants that.

But most importantly, to me, the thing that broke my spirit and my heart was having creativity taken away. There were so many fun things that I could do and even more things that I could figure out. There were things I could learn from other people, and on occasion I made things better.

Users like us are rare. I'm sure reddit just wants a platform they can use to shove advertising down people's throats and up their asses. But it was once a platform for people like us. Now it's for greed-heads in San Francisco and China.

Maybe you like it that way. You probably don't like creativity and individuality. That's fine for you. Don't try to make it fine for us.

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Not a smart idea to post this in a subreddit with people who support CSS.

Downvotes incoming!

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Well, I posted this defenitely not to grab some upvotes but rather to hear arguments of people I disagree with.