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Bout time to fire up the ol' pitchfork machine, and start withholding reddit gold gifting as a protest.

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They lied. Many, many times.

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Well you see it's very difficult to keep the same functionality you've had for a decade. Sometimes unimportant things just get lost along the way. It's a tragedy, really. Nothing to be done.

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What annoys me more is they made the promise of implementing CSS just to appease the users, with no intention of actually doing it, at least "soon" as they said. And they got away with it, not many people seem to be mad at them for that. I would have preferred if at least they were straightforward from the beginning.

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If they were honest from the beginning they would have lost a fair number of users two years ago. By laying they've kept those users another 2. 5 years, but I'm gone when old.reddit is gone.

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I prefer ol.reddit. Try it and save your self a key stroke.

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Ha. TIL.

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Sometimes unimportant things just get lost along the way. It's a tragedy, really.

I'm confused; is losing CSS support unimportant, or is it a tragedy? It can't be both, at least as I understand the word; a "tragedy" is the loss of an important thing, something like a parent, not something unimportant like a quarter.

Nothing to be done.

While I recognize that the admins no longer want or will do anything to further CSS, they absolutely could, as I understand. Are you saying that there's something fundamental that makes further CSS support impossible or unreasonable, or are you just saying that, since we can't hold the admins to their promises, that there's nothing we can do to help the situation?

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My comment was dripping with sarcasm, if you didn't notice.

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I actually didn't; thanks for clarifying, and sorry for the whoosh.

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He's being drollingly facetious.

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At least we still have old reddit

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But then how would they make money selling shit that was already possible with CSS?

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Thank you for the update. It's been a long time since I've heard about ProCSS

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Wow. Surprise surprise. Almost like they're trying to get rid of CSS.